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Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Goblin 7 10 1
Carbuncle 10 5 2
Eye Fang 11 7 3
Blue Wisp 14 10 4

Say hello to Luneth, your first progatonist of this game.

As your new adventure begins, you’ll begin by watching a young boy, Luneth, fall into a hole. He lands in an underground cave that is filled with treasure … and monsters! Being the beginning of the game, these monsters are fairly weak. For once, these monsters ARE something to sneeze at - the Blue Wisp would probably break apart.

Ohs nos, monsters!

You’ll begin your quest with a quick fight versus some Goblins. You should simply Attack them, as they’re nothing special.

Almost all the dungeons in this game are riddled with chests containing precious items.

Afterwards, go north and you’ll reach two treasure chests. Open one for a Potion , and another for a Leather Shield . Equip the latter to raise your Defense a bit. Obviously save the Potion for now, use it in a pinch.

By zooming in with the camera you can inspect your surroundings to unlock new paths.

Continue north and notice the strange looking rock that stands out from the background. Hold L to zoom in with the camera , revealing sparklies. Sparklies means that there’s a secret to this object, so press A to examine . Once you examine the rock, some of the surrounding wall will fall away, revealing a path!

Here’s how you can equip different weapons/armor. Mix and match to your whims!

Continue along the path to find a chest containing a Long Sword. If you’re following our preferences, swap out your Leather Shield for your Longsword and you’ll easily decimate every enemy in this dungeon because you’re dual-wielding (it’s your decision to make, however).

Left is the Potion chest, right is the Antarctic Wind chest.

Continue through to the next area.

Here, go east and snatch the Potion , then west and grab the Antarctic Wind . The Antarctic Wind is a useful item that casts Blizzara, a middle-level Black Magic spell you won’t be using for quite some time. It is quite powerful, so save this for later.

Left is the Potion chest, right is the Antarctic Wind chest again!

Let’s continue! Go north to another Potion chest, then go east to find another chest. Open it for another Antarctic Wind.

Healing pools like these are scattered throughout the world of FFIII.

Further east, you’ll find some water. Examine it and you’ll fully restore your HP/MP. Because this pool is here to offer you guaranteed healing right in-dungeon, you are free to grind and level up your job and character levels without fear of death. Not required but strongly recommended, and can easily set you up for success for the rest of early game (especially because your job level will go up which makes a huge difference).

Backtrack west to the intersection and go further west and you’ll soon find some stairs. Use them.

In the next area, go north and you’ll find a shrine of some sort. Go north and, suddenly, an enemy will pop down from above to attack you! This is your first boss!

Most every dungeon in Final Fantasy ends with a boss fight!

Boss: Land Turtle

Attribute Stat
Level 4
Max Hp 111
Exp Earned 20
Gil Earned 600

Not much to say attack-wise. The boss will just do basic physical attacks that hit moderately hard. You can just use your regular Attack and do just fine (like you have a choice!). If you get in low HP, feel free to use a Potion. If things get tough, use the Antarctic Winds you picked up. Just keep in mind that they’re better off used elsewhere and saving them is the best idea.

After the boss, you’ll watch a scene with the Wind Crystal before exiting to the overworld.

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