Item Shop

Item Name Cost
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 600
Gold Needle 100
Echo Herbs 100
Gysahl Greens 150
Eye Drops 40
Antidote 80

Weapon Shop

Armor Shop

Item Name Cost
Battleaxe 7,400
Maine Gauche 7,000
Thunder Spear 8,000
Selene Bow 16,000
Boomerang 9,000
Iron Arrow 8
Holy Arrow 10
Madhura Harp 10,000
Item Name Cost
Viking Helm 5,500
Viking Mail 8,000
Heroic Shield 3,500
Thief Gloves 2,500
Black Garb 5,000
Black Cowl 4,000
Black Belt Gi 6,000
Black Garb 5,000
Chakra Band 4,500

Once you awaken, you’ll be in a new town, Amur . And you know what new towns and new jobs mean? New items! You probably will be broke long before you can buy everything, so go ahead and find your favorite grinding spot to gather together the Gil you need. You’ll get EXP too.

Let’s begin with the weaponry. The Battleaxe is a must for Vikings and Warriors with its whopping 65 Attack! The Boomerang is your preferred weapon for the Thief and it should allow you to be in the back row, so get two per Thief. Rangers will need the Selene Bow plus some Iron or Holy Arrows if you lack some. Get a Thunder Spear for the Dragoon and the Madhura Harp for a spoony ol’ Bard. If you have none of these jobs right now and spare Gil (unlikely) then go ahead and invest in these items if you plan on using these jobs in the future.

As for armor, it’s time for a makeover. Get pretty much everything that applies for your current party right now. Note that you’ll get a Black Garb, Black Cowl, and Thief Gloves in mere moments, so buy one less than usual to save on the money.

After you’re done emptying your wallet, go ahead and Save outside of the village , then go speak with the person south of the armor shop to meet the “true” Warriors of Light.

They’re not useful, but we must make sure this game is as complete as possible right?

After this, go east and into the house east of the weapons shop. Speak with the elderly man to be able to reach the river around town. Once you reach the water, go north and into the garden. Pick up four Gysahl Greens there by zooming in with the camera, then return to the aquatic path.

These are much more useful!

Go west and past the weapon and armor shops, then go along the first northbound path. Walk up the waterfall and continue north to a small island. Pick up the Black Garb , Thief Gloves , and Black Cowl , also hidden like the Greens.

This is our next destination.

Now use the water to head to the southeastern corner of town to find the entrance to the sewers. Plug your nose and get in there.

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