Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Petit 103 54 200
Poison Bat 98 56 220
Lilliputian 118 58 220
Wererat 130 60 220
Blood Worm 165 62 240

Yes, this temple dungeon is basically a fetch quest.

Once you enter the area, go north and examine the dragon statue, likely of the Nepto Dragon. Apparently, it is missing a jeweled eye. Guess that means you will need to find it.

Like with the town of Tozus, you’ll need to be Minimized for the mission. As usual, I would prefer that you use four back-row Red Mages or just four of any Mage because becoming Minimized greatly reduces your physical stats. Poison Bat is weak to Aero, but no other enemy has a weakness you can exploit.

Remember to use magic, as you are still Minimized.

Go along the linear path to a room that has two holes in it. Go down the western hole to find two chests, which contain Shell Armor and a Shell Helm , which are better than Mythril Armor. Then backtrack to the previous area and down the other hole.

Moving along…good thing this place is small and linear.

In here, go along the path to find a Serpent Sword in a northern alcove, then go south and east from there to find another hole. Enter and continue east and north in the next area to find a Giant Rat .

Boss: Giant Rat

Attribute Stat
Level 11
Max HP 900
EXP Earned 1,200
Gil Earned 1,500

Exterminate that beast!

The Giant Rat is unexceptional as far as its attacks go. Its offense is about 50% stronger than the other enemies here, but that’s about it.

This fight is pretty easy if you’re at a decent level and have the “-ra” spells, as you should. With each person casting one, you should be done in one or two turns, easily. Use Cure as needed. Not much else to it. Remember that you’re still Minimized, so a physical offense will not do nothing.

Congratulations, you have restored the eye!

After exterminating that minor infestation, you’ll obtain the Nepto Eye, likely belonging to the statue from before. Backtrack to the entrance and examine the statue to put the eye back. The Nepto Dragon will telepathically speak to you, thanking you for replacing its eye and quelling its mindless rage. You’ll be given the Fang of Water .

Time to leave.

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