Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Dark Legs 940 220 1,000
Gigantoad 838 230 1,000
Twin Liger 960 240 1,100
Stroger 1,100 250 1,100

It must stink.

Here, go south until you hit the eastbound path. Go along it until you bump into a wall, then go north and go east along the next eastbound path reaching out of the wall. Go east again, bump into the wall, and go south to the next area.

These claws must be for monks who wish to cosplay as cats.

Go south and west a bit to notice two nortbound paths. The eastern one is a mere dead end, so go along the other pathway. Once you see an opening to the south, ignore it (it’s another dead end) and continue west. Go south at the wall and you’ll notice the entrance to the next floor nearby. Bypass it going south, bump into the southern wall, and go east to find some Cat Claws . Then you may proceed down a floor.

They’re scared of frogs?!

Go along the linear path set here for a bit and you’ll eventually end up saving “the Light Warriors” from some enemies. Afterwards, go southeast to find the main path from that large room and go along to the next floor.

More loot. These contain the Hammer and the Diamond Bell mentioned below.

Here, go south and west to find yourself in a room with two different paths. Go along the eastern one and through a fake wall into another room. Continue east to find another; open the two chests here for a Hammer and a Diamond Bell .

This is 1/3 chests in the same area.

Cross the water for the other two.

Go back west to the previous fork, then go west. As you go along the hall, you will notice it turns north. Continue west through the wall at the bend and open the nearby three chests for Kaiser Knuckles , Power Bracers , and a Poison Dagger .

Get back into the hall and go along the path and you’ll eventually find the entrance to the next area.

Mission accomplished!

Go inside and walk on over to find Delilah. After a few scenes, you’ll receive the Levigrass Shoes ! Once back in Amur, just restock and leave to the overworld.

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Four young orphans, born around the village of Ur, find a Crystal of Light after an earthquake in a cave nearby. The Crystal, after infusing them with its power, implores them to go forth and restore the balance of light and dark. Not knowing the magnitude of their task but nonetheless realising its importance, the group set out to stop the World's destruction. Our guide covers the Nintendo remake and the recent release on Steam, iOS and Android.

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