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Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Gomory 19,976 7,000 12,600
Bluck 6,720 1,655 8,400
Doga’s Clone 18,500 5,000 16,000
Azer 17,560 7,400 13,200
Platinal 19,976 7,600 13,200
Kum Kum 9,600 3,600 8,000
Shinobi 11,000 3,700 8,800
Dark General 20,000 8,600 13,800
Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Yellow Dragon 79,999 12,000 30,000
Green Dragon 89,999 13,300 45,000
Red Dragon 99,999 14,666 60,000
Glasya Labolas 22,800 8,400 13,800
Thor 12,500 4,000 9,600

After approaching the mirror, you’ll watch some scenes and then proceed to another area. There, go north for another scene and another boss fight!

This is a long dungeon.

From the Eureka gateway, go northeast and along the path to a north/south fork. There, go north to find an Elven Bow in the northwestern corner of the room. Go around and you’ll find a Chocobo Wrath at the end of the path.

Here are the White Musk and Chocobo Wrath.

Go back now and use the southern branch and examine both branches of the next fork to find a White Musk and a Chocobo Wrath .

Backtrack to the Eureka entrance and go northwest. As before, you’ll find a north/south fork. Go south and along the first eastbound path to find a Fuma Garb . Backtrack to the north/south fork and go around the wall to the west to find another White Musk.

Now it’s time to really start this dungeon!!

Go to the north side of this area to the door shown above to reach the next area after a scene.

It’s like we’re looting another giant palace.

In this area, go around and south along the path.

When you first see a northbound path, go along it to find an Elixir. Go back to the main hall and continue along for a bit, finding a Phoenix Down on the way.

Feel free to burn through resources. This is what you have been saving your items for!

Once you hit the large room with a path to your west, go west, then north at the north/south fork. At the northern side of this area is an Elixir . Go back to the previous room and exit it via the southeastern corner. Go along the path into the next area.

More Elixirs for your MP!

Here, go north to find an east/west fork. Go east and along the winding path to soon reach a north/east fork. Go north to first find an Elixir , then go east and along that path to the next area.

And a Phoenix Down so you don’t have to exit and start over if you lose a teammate!

In this area, go north, west, south, then west to find a chest with a Phoenix Down . Go west when just south of the chest to go through the wall.

More Shuriken! Having a Ninja is basically free damage, you know.

Then, go west, south, west, north, and west to emerge on the other side. Travel north to find a Shuriken in the alcove, then go west, north, west, and south to the next area.

We’re about halfway through. Hang in there!

In this area, go south, east, and north along the path to reach a small room with two chests containing a Phoenix Down and an Elixir (the chest for the Elixir is in the screenshot below).

The chest on the left is the Elixir chest mentioned above.

Go east and around the south side of the central structure of this room to find a path heading southeast.

More Elixirs!!

Go along it to find an Elixir in a chest. Then go to the north side of the central structure to find the way to the next area.

In this U-shaped area, there is nothing of interest so just continue north to the next area.

Once you arrive in this new area, go around to the east and you’ll find a side path heading east from the wall. At the fork on the other side of the small passage, go south and along the long straight path until you find a narrow northbound path, which leads to the next area.

More gear for you.

Here, go north to find three paths: one north, one east, and one west. Go east to find some Crystal Mail at the end of the path, and go west to find a Phoenix Down at the end. Then go north to the next area.

We’re almost to the end.

Here, go east and grab the Phoenix Down , then continue east and north to find a Crystal Helm .

These are the last of the loot to grab!

Backtrack to the entrance of the area and go west to find some Crystal Gloves, then continue west and north to find a Crystal Shield . Backtrack to the entrance of the area and go north to the next area.

Remember: This is the point of no return.

After approaching the mirror, you’ll watch some scenes and then proceed to another area. There, go north for another scene and another boss fight!

Boss: Xande

Attribute Stat
Level 50
Max HP 49,999
EXP Earned 34,000
Gil Earned 25,000

Make sure you win!

Xande as usual has a basic physical attack that’s not too much more powerful than the attacks of the enemies in this dungeon. Xande can also cast elemental magic to hit the whole party, and boost himself with other spells. If you’d like, you can put Reflect on Xande and the ally, so that you can still cast magic and prevent Xande from boosting himself. Other than that, just stick to your usual status quo team strategy.

After the battle, you’ll learn that the Cloud of Darkness is already upon the world.

This is a designated hopeless boss fight.

You’ll fight it in vain, so don’t be afraid when you lose.

After the battle, you’ll regain control of yourself again. Speak with your friends, then go into the World of Darkness .

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