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Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Red Wisp 39 18 70
Dark Eye 43 20 95
Zombie 49 22 100
Griffon 230 40 130

Ingus is the fourth and final member of your party!

As you arrive at Castle Sasune, you’ll meet up with Ingus. After a few scenes, you’ll be in the castle courtyard. Go north and into the main building. Since everyone’s a ghost, we’ll do some looting before we leave. Muahaha.

The beds are essentially a free inn, making this a wonderful place to grind for levels.

Here, to the west are some beds that you can freely use to take a nap and heal some HP/MP (though you shouldn’t be using MP at this point). Go north into the next area.

Cracked walls means there’s a walkway underneath.

Here, on the west side of the room, go west through the cracked wall and then north to find a Phoenix Down .

Then go through the southeastern wall and you’ll find two entrances. Use the southeastern one to reach two 1,000 Gil chests , then go back up; there’s nothing else down there. Use the other entrance nearby.

Let’s loot the castle!

Here, go along the path to find two chests, these containing a Leather Shield and the Blizzard Spell .

When in darkness, just go in a direction until you are forced to stop, then keep guessing from there.

Go northwest and through the wall, then go north and east to find a chest containing the Bronze Knuckles .

Now your party is officially complete.

Now, go back to the second floor room where you first began mysteriously going through walls, then upstairs through the center of the room twice to watch a scene. You’ll be sent along to the Sealed Cave to find Sarah , sent after the Djinn along with a Mythril Ring we need. Ingus, forever the chivalrous knight, comes along.

There’s some more treasure left to rob.

From the castle courtyard, go northwest and into the West Tower . Go up the stairs for a while here. On the way, you’ll find a chest with some Holy Arrow and Wooden Arrow items. Continue up to the top and you’ll find a chest. Open it to find a Wightslayer … and a battle!

Boss: Griffon

Attribute Stat
Level 6
Max Hp 230
Exp Earned 130
Gil Earned 40

Say hello to Castle Sasune’s boss! Miniboss?

The Griffon actually isn’t exceptionally difficult. Switching to the Wightslayer in the midst of the battle will help out a fair deal. You can switch equipment in the middle of battle without expending a turn in case you didn’t know, so use that to your advantage and just attack!

The other tower will have some more loot.

Go back downstairs after the battle and head into the eastern tower. There, go up along a monsterless path. You’ll find Wooden Arrow and Holy Arrow chests on the third floor. Continue up to the top and open the chests for a Bow , another Wooden Arrow , and a Potion . Take a free nap in the bed.

Finish up any other business you have here, then leave.

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