Item Shop

Item Name Cost
Gysahl Greens 150
Magic Key 100

Magic Shop

Item Name Cost
Toad 1,000
Mini 1,000
Break 3,000
Shade 3,000
Libra 3,000
Confuse 3,000
Silence 3,000

Sparkly sparkles!

Let’s start off by finding all the freebies. Go to the southeastern corner of town and, as the land narrows near the water, zoom in the camera and look around for two Magic Keys and some Gysahl Greens .

So many greens…

Next, go to the Chocobo stable, which is the house accessible by the bridges. Inside, examine some pots by zooming in with your camera and you’ll find two more Gysahl Greens . That’s almost everything.

Just keep on going in different directions when you hit dead ends to get through.

Go into the house north of the Chocobo stable and you’ll be able to buy Magic Keys. Buy a few if you wish, as it prevents you from having to switch to a Thief to open locked doors. Use the secret path to get behind the counter and open the chest to find a Shuriken!

That Shuriken is a throwable weapon of massive value: it sells for over 30,000 Gil! But don’t let that make you think its lone purpose is like that of a Nugget in Pokemon. Rather, when Thrown, the Attack used is 200. That’s about 33% more power than the most powerful equippable weapon! The way damage is calculated will let you deal well over 6,000 damage at the lowest levels. But only Ninjas can Throw the Shruiken. So hold onto it for now until you get that job.

Beyond here is an old man.

Let’s head to the Inn next. In the entrance room, you’ll be able to find a hidden path. Go through the eastern wall to find a wise man. He knows lot of stuff, including the very Bestiary you’ve been reading in this guide. Use him to see how complete your Bestiary is.

That’s about it for this town. Let’s cover the items shops. At the locksmith’s, you’ll be able to buy Magic Keys, explained two paragraphs above. The main shop sells Gysahl Greens, which will bring about Fat Chocobos in certain areas for item storage. If you want to use the Fat Chocobo to store items, be sure to buy Gysahl Greens. But with the unlimited inventory, you don’t need to.

And Magic? The available spells for White Mages are Libra, Confuse, and Silence. The first one reveals enemy HP and weaknesses: stuff you’ll find here in this guide, so it’s not recommended. The second and third induce their respective statuses. Of course, Toad and Mini are also White Magic you’re well acquainted with. Black Magic consists of Break and Shade. The former petrifies, and the latter paralyzes. Neither are really worth the 3,000 Gil, but that is your call.

Let’s leave.

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