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Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Iron Claw 5,760 2,000 7,600
Greater Demon 10,750 4,800 11,400
Unei’s Clone 10,000 8,500 14,400
Thanatos 11,800 5,000 11,400
Bone Dragon 14,000 7,800 11,400
King Behemoth 45,000 10,800 15,200

When you enter the area, if you haven’t messed with the Earth Crystal yet, go due north to the next area. Go towards the Crystal, beat a boss, and get some jobs you should have gotten earlier. The boss is Titan; go to the earlier section for details on how to beat him.

This dungeon is again fairly short, but the next dungeons in the end-game will be very long.

After that, return to where you entered the dungeon. Go to the far east, then north to find an Elixir . Continue west, then along the first northbound path to reach the next area.

Here, when you enter, go west and grab the Crystal Shield and Lilith’s Kiss.

Then go east and along the path for a bit, picking up the Crystal Mail , White Musk , and Crystal Gloves as you continue to the next area.

So many treasure chests…

There, go east to find a Crystal Helm , then go south from the entrance and east to a south/east fork. Go south and grab the three treasures: a Break Blade , Chocobo’s Wrath , and a Phoenix Down .

Halfway there about.

Return north to the fork and go east and north. Go west to find the Dual Haken , then go east to the next area.

Here, simply go along the lengthy, but linear path to the next area, picking up a Phoenix Down and a Protect Ring on the way.

In this area, go north along either northbound path and grab the Holy Lance . Then head east or west along either path until you reach a set of two close-together northbound paths like the others from before. First go south to get the Hellish Claws , then go north to leave.

Back in the overworld, quickly save and go north into the Crystal Tower , then due north to the Forbidden Land

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