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Final Fantasy III
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Keyblade999
First Published: 30-07-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 08-07-2020 / 07:47 GMT

Magic Shop

Item Name Cost
Firaga 10,000
Bio 10,000
Warp 10,000
Aeroga 10,000
Stona 10,000
Haste 10,000
Curaga 5,000
Raise 5,000
Item Name Cost
Thundaga 5,000
Raze 5,000
Erase 5,000
Curaga 5,000
Raise 5,000
Protect 5,000
Item Name Cost
Break 3,000
Blizzaga 3,000
Shade 3,000
Libra 3,000
Confuse 3,000
Silence 3,000
Item Name Cost
Fira 1,500
Blizzara 1,500
Thundara 1,500
Cura 1,500
Teleport 1,500
Blindna 1,500
Item Name Cost
Escape 100
Icen 7,000
Spark 7,000
Heatra 7,000
Hyper 7,000
Item Name Cost
Quake 20,000
Drain 20,000
Esuna 20,000
Breakga 20,000
Curaja 20,000
Reflect 20,000

Each table represents a different shop in this area, which explains the overlap in some of the spells.

You'll probably be grinding for a while for some of these new spells (this is the final time you'll get new spells at a shop). Quake hits all enemies with Earth-based damage; it gets useful versus multiple enemies because of the lack of a power split. Aeroga has a power of 200 but it will divide its power between enemies unlike Quake.

Breakga is an instant Petrification, but very inaccurate, so not really worth your Gil.

Drain provides an effect like that of the Blood Sword: it damages an enemy and heals the user somewhat. It is single-target and very powerful. It might be worth going for if it works with your strategy.

Curaja is the most powerful restorative spell out there, so it is definitely a must to own.

Esuna cures all negative statuses except KO. You should be easily able to buy all of the items for those. About 50 Antidotes, Gold Needles, Echo Herbs, and Eye Drops will sum that up. Items are also usable by all, unlike the Level 7 White Magic Esuna. So pass on Esuna.

Reflect will toss spells back at the caster. This can be useful because it is possible to bring it on an enemy to stop healing, and it can protect you from magic while also damaging the enemy. It's situational but when you need it, you really need it, and it proves its worth.

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