Item Shop

Item Name Cost
Gysahl Greens 150
Hi-Potion 600
Gold Needle 100
Maiden’s Kiss 100
Echo Herbs 100
Mallet 100
Eye Drops 40
Antidote 80

Magic Shop

Item Name Cost
Firaga 10,000
Bio 10,000
Warp 10,000
Aeroga 10,000
Stona 10,000
Haste 10,000
Curaga 5,000
Raise 5,000

Well hello there Doga.

Once inside, go along the path within and you’ll eventually watch a scene in which Doga will join your party, asking you to bring him to the Cave of the Circle .

Continue and you’ll find a room filled with Moogles. Use the two shops as you will. Firaga is a powerful spell, and Bio is barely weaker than that. Firaga is definitely worth your Gil.

Warp is a low-accuracy Death attempt, though it brings you back to the previous floor out-of-battle so it’s good for that.

Aeroga is the most powerful spell thus far and well worth it, so invest in it as soon as you can!

Haste doubles your number of Hits per attack, which effectively doubles your power for the most part.

Stona cures Petrification, but you could buy 99 Gold Needles, usable by all, for the price of Stona and have change left over! So just buy Gold Needles.

East of the magic shop, you’ll also find yourselves a Fat Chocobo . Use its magical belly as you will. Then go north between the shops to the next area.

Use Mini to pass through.

In this junk room, go to the northeastern corner and examine the candle nearby to open up the path. Continue along and you’ll end up having to be Minimized to continue . Use Mini, there is no excuse for you to not have this spell by now! Let’s head to that cave.

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Four young orphans, born around the village of Ur, find a Crystal of Light after an earthquake in a cave nearby. The Crystal, after infusing them with its power, implores them to go forth and restore the balance of light and dark. Not knowing the magnitude of their task but nonetheless realising its importance, the group set out to stop the World's destruction. Our guide covers the Nintendo remake and the recent release on Steam, iOS and Android.

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