Magic Shop

Item Name Cost
Flare 60,000
Death 60,000
Meteors 60,000
Tornado 60,000
Arise 60,000
Holy 60,000
Item Name Cost
Catastro 40,000
Leviath 50,000
Bahamur 60,000

Hidden Shop

Item Name Cost
Shuriken 65,500
Crystal Shield 50,000
Crystal Mail 50,000
Crystal Gloves 50,000
Crystal Helm 50,000
Apollo Harp 60,000

Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Abaia 6,970 2,700 8,000
Sleipnir 7,000 2,800 8,000
Haokah 7,200 2,900 8,000
Acheron 13,600 6,600 12,000
Oceanus 13,200 6,800 12,600

This area is technically optional, but gives you some of the most powerful end-game gear. So get to it!

To find Eureka, enter Crystal Tower. You’ll unlock the locked door with the key from Doga and Unei. Be sure to save first! Eureka is a long dungeon with many bosses.

This is only the start of the many treasures hidden here…

Once you enter this forbidden land, go south to find a fork. Go along the southwestern path, then go east when first possible to get a Chocobo’s Wrath and Fuma Garb .

Hey look it’s like, symmetrical or something.

Backtrack to the entrance and go along the southeastern path, then west when first possible to find an Elixir and a White Musk. Go east and south to the next area.


There, go south to find another fork. Go southwest, then north when first possible to reach another area with another White Musk chest.

Oooooooh shiny

Backtrack to the fork in the previous area and go southeast, then north when first possible. In the next area, you’ll find another Chocobo’s Wrath , a Phoenix Down , and yet another White Musk .

Back in the previous area, once you re-enter, go south and you’ll soon find an unused westbound path. Go along it to reach a Ribbon guarded by a Ninja.

Boss: Ninja

Attribute Stat
Level 47
Max HP 24,000
EXP Earned 28,400
Gil Earned 14,400

Hey look a stereotypical ninja!

The Ninja is a tough boss, but just like Odin, there are the same three strategies you can use that will be the most effective: Using a well-rounded team, using four Dragoons, or using four Dark Knights.

One boss down, a lot left more to go.

After the battle, return east into the southgoing hall, then go south and west to find the fork.

First, go along the western branch to go to another area where you’ll find a Shuriken in a chest! Then backtrack to the fork and use the eastern branch to reach the next area.

Here, go south until you run into a larger area. There, go northwest to find an Elixir .

Almost to the next boss, so heal up.

Then go south and along what remains of the linear path, finding a Shuriken and a Phoenix Down in chests in alcoves to the north along the way. In the next area, go along the path until you find a chest in a room. Open it up. We want that Moonring Blade!

Boss: Amon

Attribute Stat
Level 48
Max HP 33,500
EXP Earned 26,800
Gil Earned 20,350

So many palette swaps!

Amon is like Hein. He has high Defense, made higher with a Protect spell he can use. He also has a subpar physical attack and can use Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga. And he also can change his weakness.

With this fight, you may want someone along to use Libra/Study to find out Amon’s weaknesses, then abuse them as you can.

After the fight, you’ll receive that Moonring Blade . Cool. go southwest out of this room and continue along the path to the next area.

This is strangely reminiscient of another dungeon in the past….

In this next area, go south until you reach a tri-branch fork. In this next area, go south until you reach a tri-branch fork. Go along the western branch to find the Omnirod in a chest, then go along the eastern path to find a pedestal. Examine it for a fight!

Boss: Kunoichi

Attribute Stat
Level 48
Max HP 29,000
EXP Earned 29,200
Gil Earned 14,500

Oh another ninja?

Kunoichi, being a ninja, moves fast, so she will be able to get three moves per turn in this fight. She will make generous use of Haste and Aera, and can also Poison you. Use Reflect if you want to evade some of those attacks, or use Reflect on Kunoichi if you don’t want her to get the buffs from Haste. Then proceed with your usual attack strategies.

After the battle, you’ll end up receiving a Masamune

Moving right along!

Go back to the four-way intersection and go south to the next area, picking up a Phoenix Down on the way.

In the next area, go along the linear path and you’ll eventually notice a northbound entranceway to the next area.

Here’s where the next boss is.

Go east past it and, at the end of this path, you’ll find something else to examine for yet another battle.

Boss: General

Attribute Stat
Level 48
Max HP 35,000
EXP Earned 30,000
Gil Earned 15,600

Not very much worth worry, offensively. This boss can use a basic physical attack that is barely more powerful than the other enemies in this dungeon. He can also use Drain, and if he’s feeling like intimidating you, he will attempt to use the very inaccurate Death spell. Brace yourself for the hit though, if you see him using it, rather than pray for luck (you probably won’t get hit, but always prepare for the worst).

Protect can help you take even less damage (it is not as necessary). But otherwise just do the usual and he will fall soon enough.

After the battle, you’ll receive the Excalibur ! Now, backtrack to that entranceway we passed by earlier.

In the next area, go north to the next room. Go through the hall on the east side of this room to find yet another boss. They just keep coming, don’t they?

Boss: Guardian

Attribute Stat
Level 49
Max HP 33,700
EXP Earned 31,600
Gil Earned 16,500

Make sure you’re healed!

This boss likes to use physical attacks and Quake, and also will cast Reflect on itself. Because it likes to use Reflect, stick to physical attacks. This can be a bit more complicated than previous fights. Three Dark Knights plus one Devout is a viable strategy. Spam Souleater with Dark Blades, and dedicate your Devout entirely to healing your Dark Knights.

If you’d like to use magic attacks, however, put Reflect on your sturdiest character (if you want to beef up the character’s defense even more, use Protect beforehand). Then, when you cast spells, aim at that character. The spells will bounce off and hit the Guardian. If you cast a spell that can hit an entire party, however, every single member of your party will need Reflect active.

After this battle, you’ll receive the Ragnarok ! Go back west into the room and use the western hallway to find another fight. Yay…

Boss: Scylla

Attribute Stat
Level 49
Max HP 35,000
EXP Earned 30,800
Gil Earned 16,200

She’s so lovely isn’t she?

Scylla will hit twice per turn, and will use, in addition to a basic physical attack, Firaga, Thundaga, and Blizzaga. Also, Scylla can Petrify you. Hope you brought your Gold Needles. And if not, hope you purchased the spell that will cure Petrify.

Using Dragoons to Jump will help you avoid some of Scylla’s attacks, as will casting Reflect.

After the battle, you’ll obtain the Elder Staff .

Don’t forget these hidden treasures!

Go east into the room, then north to the next area.

There, go north and you’ll find a few things. In this room’s northeast corner is an HP/MP recovering wellspring, and a KO-healing one is on the west side of the room. Make sure you heal (as if that weren’t obvious enough) Also open the four chests in this area for two Elixirs and two Shuriken !

You’ll also find magic shops selling the Lv. 8 Magic spells! Of all the spells, it’s recommended you grab Flare, and you’d better buy Holy and Arise.

This is the last attraction of Eureka.

After that, you can go through the wall south of the HP/MP wellspring to find a hidden item shop. From there, if you have invested in the Ninja job (you should have!), spend the rest of what Gil you have left on Shuriken. If you need to grind for Gil, the wellsprings are here.

Once you’re finally done here, you’ll need to backtrack out of here. Walking instead of Teleporting will allow you to get more Gil and EXP.

Let’s begin the Crystal Tower! Be sure to save in the Overworld first. After this, you won’t be able to save for a while.

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