Item Shop

Item Name Cost
Gysahl Greens 150
Hi-Potion 600
Gold Needle 100
Maiden’s Kiss 100
Echo Herbs 100
Mallet 100
Eye Drops 40
Antidote 80

Weapon Shop

Item Name Cost
Defender 28,000
Blood Lance 28,000
Medusa 300

Armor Shop

Item Name Cost
Diamond Shield 18,000
Diamond Helm 20,000
White Robe 27,000
Black Robe 27,000
Diamond Mail 32,000
Diamond Bracers 10,000
Diamond Gloves 10,000

Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Pyralis 6,550 1,760 14,400
Silenus 2,120 900 1,020
Gaap 1,800 623 1,020
Azarael 1,950 640 1,020
Eater 2,700 945 1,020
Zombie Dragon 11,000 2,880 15,000
Death Claw 3,800 680 7,500
Chronos 4,100 320 1,280
Valefor 4,240 320 1,280
Haniel 3,400 1,450 1,280

A lot of the enemies up there are actually ones that divide when physically hit but not killed. Magic will be preferred here, unless you somehow have a Dark Knight with a Dark Blade.

Good thing we didn’t have to destroy an airship for those boulders.

Go along the path for a bit and you’ll find it to be blocked by some boulders. Unei will remove them. Let’s continue south and west. There are two doorways here; go through the eastern one and along the path to find some Reflect Mail . Backtrack and go through the other door.

Two are booby trapped! …just kidding

Here, go north and you’ll find three doorways. From left to right, you’ll get weapons, an Inn and item shop, and an armor shop. You’ll want pretty much all you can get from the weapons and armor store, though be sure it actually improves upon what you’ve got. Good thing you got a lot of free Diamond gear earlier. Then go to the southeastern corner of the area and continue on.

If you see a fork in the road…take it!

Here, go south and east to find a fork. Go north to quickly reach another.

Halfway there!

Go through each one to find sweet items: the Rune Bell for the western door.

Fairies have claws?!

You’ll find Faerie Claws for the other one.

Yay more armor!

Backtrack to the four-way intersection between these two doors. Go south to a south/east fork. Go east and through the door to find a Chakra Band .

Okay we’re almost there.

Go back to the south/east fork, then go south, west, and through the door to find a Black Belt Gi .


Backtrack one more time to the south/east fork, then go due north to the wall, then east and south to the next area. Continue along a fairly lengthy, linear path to reach a ship … the Invincible !

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