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Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Goblin 7 10 1

Item Shop

Item Name Cost
Potion 50
Antidote 80
Eyedrops 40

Weapon Shop

Item Name Cost
Dagger 60
Staff 40
Wooden Arrow 4
Long Sword 100
Bow 100

Armor Shop

Item Name Cost
Leather Armor 90
Leather Cap 15
Leather Shield 40
Bronze Bracers 80

Magic Shop

Item Name Cost
Poisona 100

Here is where you can heal up from battle.

Firstly, we’ll begin by advancing the story some. Go into the house on the left with the blue roof . There, you’ll find two wellsprings of water. One will fully restore your HP and MP; the other revives your party members from KO.

Here you’ll see a scene advancing the story.

Go further into the building. You can speak with Luneth’s foster mother on the left, then speak with Elder Topapa nearby.

Outside this building, you can speak with the old man nearby and you’ll be able to use a Potion on him to receive a Phoenix Down. You can’t buy Phoenix Downs in this game so every one counts, save them for important boss fights.

In the well you can find treasure!

Go east to the Inn, then pass it (we’ll come back to it later) and go further east into the woods. Near the woman is a well. Go inside to find three Potions in three chests . Sweet.

This building is the inn!

Remember the Inn we passed? Go inside. You’ll find an Item Shop, a free bed to sleep in to heal HP/MP/status (only here is it free), and there’s a pub in the back. There, you’ll be able to watch someone dance and play the piano.

Note this, though. There is no need to go to the pub aside from some easter eggs. There is no effect on the game itself if you watch the girl dance or the boy play piano. Sorry to disappoint you! It’s still funny to watch the crowd boo you off though.

Time to watch more scenes!

Leave the Inn and go northeast and into the forest. There, you’ll watch three kids bullying another older kid. This is Arc , another Light Warrior. He’s your rather timid, shy person, but also a very knowledgeable one and Luneth’s best friend. And also an orphan. Once Luneth comes up, the kids flee, followed by Arc, who wants to prove himself.

Remember the sparkle spot in Altair Cave? All around the towns are sparklies hiding treasure!

After the scene, go back to that spot and go to the top of the flower patch. Hold L until something shiny pops up and examine there for a Potion .

Then go north of the weapon shop (northwest of this forest path, and north of the Inn) and go along the path. At the end of the path, look around the water for another Potion (zoom in for the sparkly like in the flower patch), then go into the storehouse.

There’s a plethora of treasure here.

Inside, you’ll want to speak to the old man about zooming in the camera to see various sparkles that can show you hidden things (you got a small demo of this in Altair Cave and various places in Ur), which can be examined for various effects. Examine the pots to the west to find two Antidotes , then examine the camera the man pointed out.

Go along to the secret area you now uncovered and you’ll find some stuff there: a Dagger, some Eye Drops , a Cure spell, a Phoenix Down , and a Longsword . That’s about it for now; return to the main town.

Heal and shop to your heart’s desire, then it’s time to go to our next destination.

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