This is the upgrade of the Black Mage.

Combat: Magic

Weapons: Staves, Rods, Lv. 1 – 8 black magic

The Magus is the naturally upgrade to the Black Mage, and is strictly superior in every way. The biggest addition is now you can use Level 8 black magic, which includes Flare , one of the most powerful ways to damage a single enemy in the game. Unlike Black Mages, the Magus has a very different MP setup, losing MP in the Level 1 department to have a more balanced MP distribution for more powerful spells. Unlike the Devout, where being able to use Cure so often is actually hard to give up, the Magus won’t be missing those Blizzard spells at all, and now you have more MP to spare on the spells like Blizzaga instead.

So why isn’t everyone jumping on the Magus bandwagon? Well, despite all the amazing things the Magus can bring to the table, the Summoner (discussed later) will be giving the Magus some severe competition. The Summoner has a great MP curve as well, and loses none of its power when attacking multiple targets. In addition, the end-game summons you can obtain by defeating the optional bosses are very much on par with Black Magic, particular summons obtained from Bahamut and Leviathan. And finally, the Magus still suffers from the same issues as the Black Mage, which can prove to be problematic when facing up against endgame bosses.

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