Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Werewolf 24 14 14
Berserker 28 22 14
Basilisk 100 44 150
Bugbear 110 46 180
Mandrake 120 48 180

Enter this patch for some healing springs.

Back here on the world map, you’ll be in a different area. You’ll first want to go south and into the center of the small forest. Here, you can get another Mini spell from the guy here. Also examine the nearby springs: one heals your HP/MP, one heals your statuses, and one will heal the KO status.

Now to proceed, you’ll need someone to be at Level 8 or higher to learn Mini as a White Mage (or Red Mage) ; if you’re not higher than that, shame on you, go back and grind some more until you are. You will need to have someone know Mini. Without the Mini spell, you cannot proceed to Tozus, our next area.

A word of warning: When you are Minimized, your physical stats will be so low that they will essentially be worthless. You will want to have everyone become some type of Mage. I would either go for four Red Mages or three Black Mages with one White Mage. Take your pick. Put everyone in the back row as well, to lessen damage taken.

Finally, remember when I recommended that you buy one of each spell when we went on our shopping spree? These mostly include Cure, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Poison if you felt like it. Everybody will need one of each, job permitting. All Black Mages need the latter four, and White Mages only really get Cure. That’s why Red Mages are better for right now. You have versatility! The one doing the highest damage with magic should use Aero, so swap your spells around if needed.

Once you have Minimized everyone, and then have changed their jobs to ones of magic, and also put everyone in the back row, go to the HP/MP healing spring to give them their full MP to be able to cast spells in battle.

Here is where Tozus is, invisible in the forest.

Desch has joined your party as a guest and will for a fair while, being an amnesiac and all. He will be very helpful: he can attack an enemy physically, or he can blast all enemies with Thundara, both usually resulting in kills.

Are you finally fully prepared? If so, go into the southern large forest. Go further south to the forest-mountain border. Run north along the western mountains and you should reach Tozus!

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