Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Ouroboros 2,660 1,300 7,200
Plancti 2,260 1,223 7,200
Sea Lion 2,275 1,325 7,600
Remora 2,720 1,354 7,600

Treasure treasure treasure!

Once you enter, go south and east. You’ll quickly arrive at a fork: you can go northeast or south out of the room. Go south to find four chests; open them for a Phoenix Down , a Heavenly Wrath (free Thundaga), Earthen Drums (free Quake), and an Arctic Wind (free Blizzaga).

Useful for healing!

Go back to the previous room and head northeast. Open the chests here and you will get three Hi-Potions and one Elixir . Go south and you’ll reach the next area.

The goodies don’t stop coming!

Here, go west, north, and east into another room. At the room’s southwest corner, you’ll find a White Musk (free Holy). Leave the room via the northern wall to find four more chests, these containing an Aegis Shield , a Platinum Hammer , Bacchus’s Wine , and a Turtle Shell . Return to the previous room and exit it via the southeastern path.

This “X” shaped area branches to a few different treasure chests.

Here, go along the path to a larger area where there are three other paths. Go southwest to find yourself a Raven’s Yawn and a Lilith’s Kiss.

After this we’ll go take down the boss.

Go northeast to find a Black Hole , Platinum Hammer , Reflect Mail , and a Black Musk (free Death). Go back to the center of this “X” and go northwest and along the short path to the next area.

Just follow this short path.

There, go west, south, east, and north to find…the boss, Leviathan!

Boss: Leviathan

Attribute Stat
Level 43
Max HP 32,000
EXP Earned 20,000
Gil Earned 17,100

Hey look it’s pink!

Leviathan can attack twice per turn, usually sticking to basic physicals, which are just a little more powerful than the enemies around here. Leviathan will also use Protect early on, and later will favor water-based attacks that can hit the whole party.

Here, your various spellcasters are pretty helpful. Thundara and Thundaga are great spells to use. The various Hammers, being of the Thunder/Lightning element, should be able to deal 4,500~9,999 damage when Thrown by a Ninja. And you got a Platinum Hammer or two in that dungeon, so use them! Ninja is a useful class, you should have invested in it for at least one member. Spark Daggers, Serpent Swords, Books/Tomes of Light , and Thunder Spears are other great Throwing options. With an accuracy exceeding 95%, you’re basically guaranteed to hit every time.

The use of Zeus’s Wrath and Heavenly Wrath (free Thundara and Thundaga, respectively) are also useful, especially when used by a Scholar . The Spark Summon, when used by a Summoner, is also very powerful. Protect will be a helpful defense all around, and physical hitters should get a dose of Haste. Dragoons should stick to Jumping, though, to avoid damage. Also be sure to have someone on-hand for Curaga/Curaja , because damage can rack up with two moves per turn from Leviathan. Having someone with Erase, or making a Scholar use Study will also help remove Protect from Leviathan itself if that is annoying you.

And your reward is the Leviathan him(her?)self!

After the battle, you’ll receive the Leviathan summoning spell ! Congratulations!

As you leave Lake Dohr, remember to make sure that you’ve fought one of each monster for the Bestiary and gotten all of the items here. You can’t come back after leaving!!

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