Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Kyklops 1,580 720 4,000
Boss Troll 1,600 740 4,000
Fachan 1,620 745 5,600
Cenchos 4,000 1,500 6,600
Balor 1,660 1,300 4,400
Ouroboros 2,660 1,300 7,200

Once you arrive, go due north into the next area.

There, follow the path to the next area.

Then, go north and you’ll reach a fork. Go east and along the path to another fork. There, go west to find the Golem Staff , then into the room to the east to find a Rune Bell and an Aegis Shield .

The Rune Bell for the Geomancer is actually the second most powerful Bell in the game. The Aegis Shield will protect from all status ailments and is one of the most resilient shields in the game. Equip both if necessary.

This is the Reflect Mail.

Go back to the entrance of this area, then go north and west at the fork. Go along the path to another fork. There, go east and grab the Reflect Mail.

Don’t trigger the boss fight yet. There’s more treasure to get.

Eventually, you’ll find the entrance to the next area to the north. Before going on through, first go east to find the Heavy Lance .

See? I told you.

Once you arrive, go due north and bump into the wall, then go east and you’ll go through some hidden walls. You’ll eventually end up finding a plethora of useful chests. Four have Elixirs , four have Phoenix Downs , and just so that you don’t get a heart attack, you will have to fight chest enemies to get your loot. They’re not very hard to defeat, don’t worry.

After opening them all, return west to the large room with the blue rug. There, go to the center of the room and warp to Saronia Castle, where you’ll have to fight Odin, the king of the Norse gods!

Boss: Odin

Attribute Stat
Level 40
Max HP 31,000
EXP Earned 20,000
Gil Earned 16,800


Odin is one hard hitter. One of his attacks is your basic physical attack, not worth much mention unless you have low Defense. The other is much more impressive: his signature Zantetsuken , hitting all allies for about 750+ damage. Odin will begin busting out Zantetsuken when he is around half-health.

There are a few strategies you can use to safely dismantle the boss. One would be your basic fighting strategy. It’s nothing special; your typical varied party made up almost-equally of physical and magical fighters, one being solely delegated to healing for the most part, and making good use of Aeroga when you can. Cura/Curaga should suffice for your main healing, though it may come to the point of using Curaja for your Zantetsuken-resultant healing. Haste and Protect are very helpful.

Another is a bit more elegant. Its healing relies solely on items alone, so you’ll need to be very careful and wary here, and come stocked with a fair amount of Hi-Potions. You’ll need four Dragoons , each at a decent Job Level. Lv. 15 ~ 20 should be fair at this point. The idea is pretty simple: Jump . Since this move prevents you from being damaged while in the air, you’ll be taking less than half of the normal amount of damage and still dealing 1.5x the normal amount of damage than had the Dragoon normally attacked. If you’re uneasy about this idea, you can prepare for this fight a properly geared White Mage (be sure to amp up their defense) and have them add to the healing, and even bring along Protect for more damage reduction and safety.

Finally, one more strategy. Dark Knights have the ability Souleater , which deals damage based on their Job Level and HP and weapon Attack. With a Job Level of 1, you should be able to be dealing about 500~750 damage per attack with two Main Gauches at the least. The Blood Sword/Royal Sword combo allows closer to 1,000. Had you gone ahead and bought Defenders, you will be dealing around 1,500 damage if you’re at a decent level. Of course, since you will be losing 20% of your HP per Souleater, I recommend having one White Mage so we can have Curaga/Curaja when needed. Make sure your other three Dark Nights do nothing but Souleater.

Also worth noting is this boss’s Gungnir . You obtain this as a rare drop (less than 1%) or as a Steal for your Thief at Job level 70 minimum . If you can get this, you should. Gungnir is the second most powerful Spear in the game. Dragoons with this can rip through almost everything. There are three potential opportunities for Gungnir in this battle: two are Steals, and one is that rare drop. Good luck!

After the powerful enemy is sent to Valhalla, you’ll end up receiving the Catastro Summon spell . This Level 6 spell, for Sages and Evokers, can cast a magical barriar around your allies or attack all enemies. With Summoners, it can execute the legendary Zantetsuken and kill all enemies (if it hits). Very powerful.

Now leave so we can go somewhere else.

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