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Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Cockatrice 890 185 800
Poison Toad 800 190 900
Twin Heads 910 195 900
Roper 815 200 900
Agaliarept 930 210 1,000

More cutscenes

Once you arrive, go along the path to the end. Aria will open up the pathway ahead. Continue to the next area.

The area is actually quite linear for a bit. At one point, there will be a fork where you can go either north or east from the northeastern corner of a room.


Go along the north path for a quite decent while and you’ll eventually get to the Blizzaga chest. Backtrack to the fork and continue along the straight path.

This part of the dungeon can be a bit confusing.

Backtrack to the fork and continue along the straight path.

Eventually, you’ll find another fork. One path is rather wide and goes east, while the other is northbound and narrow. Use that narrow path and continue along to the next area.

As you can now tell, we’re almost to the end.

This watery area is the last area of the dungeon. Just keep going along the path to the end.

After some scenes there with the Water Crystal, you’ll be attacked by the boss: the very unoriginal Kraken.

Boss: Kraken

Attribute Stat
Level 24
Max HP 8,000
EXP Earned 5,280
Gil Earned 5,500

He looks so typical.

Kraken can unleash a hard hitting physical attack, a Blizzara spell that will hit everybody, and a Blind spell. If you’re using Ice equipment, switch to something other equipment or Blizzara will kill you. Blind reduces accuracy, so bring along Blindna or Eye Drops.

The strategy is very simple. We finally have a use for all of those Zeus’s Wraths we’ve been building up for a while now. Since Zeus’s Wrath is an item, and Scholars double items’ potency, bring along a few leveled up Scholars (this is an eastern RPG, you should be familiar with the term “grinding”, yes?) and use all of those Wraths that you have been saving!

After the fight, you’ll end up with some more scenes to watch. As it ends, Aria will hand over the Water Crystal’s power … and pass away. Hold on while I’m getting my tissues…

Okay, back with my tissues. What new jobs do we get?

Vikings have an ability (Provoke) that draws enemy attacks onto the user while reducing the enemies Defense. This is a very much useless ability early on, only really provoking about 1% decreases, but it can make almost 50% cuts at Job Level 99, so if you invest in it, it will pay off.

The Dragoon comes with the Jump ability, tossing them into the air, avoiding all damage for a bit, and later coming down. The damage is up to 100% more powerful than a basic attack, and is doubled on enemies with a Wind/Aero weakness!

The Dark Knight is not Batman. Or Cecil from Final Fantasy IV. Their ability is Souleater. It cuts their HP by ~20% to deal higher damage than usual. They also have the ability to have their weapon do extra damage to dividing enemies, an inherent trait for some, if not all, of their weapons.

Evokers are like a summoners. They can use Summon Magics. Look in the back of this guide for information and listings.

And Bards are one of the more famous jobs, given Tellah’s comment of “You spoony bard!” to Edward in Final Fantasy IV. They have a few songs they can use to buff the rest of the party, making them excellent supporters. Some can increase Defense/Attack by10% ~ 20%, others can damage enemies, or heal, and so on and so forth.

Well, let’s continue, shall we?

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