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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 10-04-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 01-06-2020 / 12:04 GMT

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Empress Confidant

The Empress Confidant revolves around Haru Okumura, who is a fellow student and member of the Phantom Thieves. You won't be able to start this Confidant until October 31st, making it the final one you can actually begin in the game and probably one of the last you will max out (of the non-story Confidants). You can find her on the rooftop of the school, although she is not available when school is closed or on rainy days.

Rank Skill Effect
1 Cultivation Allows you to grow vegetables with Haru on the Shujin Academy rooftop.
2 Baton Pass Allows you to pass your turn over to other Baton Pass users after a 1 More.
3 Follow Up Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker's attack does not down the enemy.
4 Celeb Talk Chance to step in after Shadow negotiation fails, allowing a retry.
5 Bumper Crop Increases the total vegetable yield of a single harvest.
6 Harisen Recovery Chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members.
7 Soil Improvement Decreases the total amount of time it takes to cultivate vegetables.
8 Endure Chance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining.
9 Protect Chance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack.
10 Second Awakening Haru's Persona turns into Astarte.
Rank Event Responses Notes
1 -- --
2 Are you opening a cafe? OR Are you starting a farm?; He sounds suspicious; This is a complex issue Requires Rank 5 Proficiency (Transcendent)
3 They won't find out OR It'll be okay, I promise; I don't want to go with you; Not yet --
4 That's pricey OR It must be amazing; Any; Any; Let's ask him; I'm not really sure --
5 Somebody's telling the truth OR Trust no one; There has to be another way; That doesn't matter now OR I don't think so --
6 Any; I had no idea; That would be bad OR Black like coffee?; Any; Be strong, Haru --
7 Any; That sounds really tough... OR What do you want to do?; Any; Any --
8 The soil?; Any; Any --
9 Any; Any; You're very welcome OR You did amazing Can become romantic or remain friends (see below)
10 -- --
Romance/Friendship Choices
Romance I like you too, Haru
Friendship He saw us as good friends

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