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Persona 5

Hitting Up the Bank

Jarrod Garripoli

Upon arriving to the Palace for the first time after the initial incident, you will see a scene where you decide on Makoto’s codename, Queen. When you regain control, try to go through the main entrance only to find that it has been boarded up, thanks to Queen’s forceful escape earlier. That means you’ll need to find another way inside. Not far to the right from the main entrance is a pig statue and if you examine it, you will find a secret way inside of the bank. You will appear in a side area from the main entrance.

It looks like you have a number of ways to go, but you really don’t, as the stairs by where you entered lead to a big metal shutter and the reception area you visited earlier is now blocked off. That leaves the only way to progress through the main hall and to the west. Before you do that, however, go behind the counter of the reception area and look for a chest in the southwest corner ( Elysian Robe ). When you enter the western area, you will see a short scene with a guard going on some elevator.

While this elevator goes deeper into the bank, you won’t be able to use it due to no controls. The little side rooms here have nothing and there are two guards here, one patrolling a bit before the stairs and the other the corner with a treasure chest ( Balm of Life ). Climb the stairs and you’ll view a little scene at the top with what looks like a guard dog. As usual, this is a Shadow and is actually an Orthrus (dogs will always have at least one Orthrus). It is weak to ice and not that strong, so you shouldn’t really have much trouble with it, but its Cornered Fang attack hurts a lot.

There is another guard close to where the dog patrols, so be careful after the battle and look for the climbable objects with your Third Eye. This will lead to a vent you can climb through, where you can ambush an enemy below you. You will be fighting four Orobas Shadows here, who are ordinary enemies you might’ve seen in the Palace already. If you haven’t, then they are weak to Bless attacks, so something like Makouha will make this fight a breeze. After the battle is over, you will not only gain a keycard, but also one of the pieces of the map for this dungeon.

The Lower Floors

With that keycard, you can open the door in the same room you are in, as well as the metal shutter you might’ve seen blocking the stairs on the eastern side. Note that if you cleared all of the guards prior to the whole scene inside of the room, they will have respawned, including downstairs. To continue, go to where the first dog was located and look for a short hallway going south, which will have a locked door. The keycard will open this door and bring you to a small opening above the elevator. Jump through the opening to get on top of the elevator and ride it down below.

Once the elevator stops moving, go through the vent to find yourself on top of some rafters. Look for a spot where you can jump down (there’s no enemies below you), then go north to find your first Safe Room. As you continue down the other hallway, you will see the security measure that’s in this Palace. The cameras here will showcase where they are pointing, with their range shown if you use your Third Eye. Luckily, the Security Level will only increase if you, yourself, walk through their range. Pass by both cameras and destroy the electrical box at the end to shut down the cameras, making it much easier to return through the hallway, if needed.

In the next area, ignore the area to the west, as it leads to some stairs that have cameras on them whose range won’t allow you to pass without making some electric barrier come on. So, pass through the area riddled with enemies and look for the two small rooms, where you’ll find electrical boxes that’ll disable the cameras (and barriers if you made them appear). Also, the southern of the two rooms has a chest with a Snuff Soul in it. Destroying both boxes will now allow you to use those stairs.

The small room past those stairs just has a few treasures with some cameras on them, meaning you can’t get them. If you want them, go south and on the southern wall of that room on the map will be the electrical box. The keycard panel on the wall next to the door will create a shortcut back to the safe room. If you’ve been capturing a lot of Personas, use this opportunity to go back to the entrance and do some fusion. To continue, take the door going east just north of the safe room. Go east one more room and use the stairs to the south, where you can use the keycard to create a shortcut back to the ground floor.

Return back down and use the eastern doors to enter a large room. Use your Third Eye to see that there are a lot of cameras here, making it a bit risky to delve deeper, so ignore that path and continue east. Take out the guard patrolling here, then use the pipes and other stuff to drop down into the area below, where there’s another guard and a chest ( Balm of Life ). Around the bend will be a huge vault door, but you won’t be able to open it right now.

Opening the Vault

You will need to keys in order to open the vault, so it’s time to find them. There are some cameras covering the stairs to the south, so use the ones to the west to come to another door you can open with the keycard. This door will lead to that big room with all of the cameras, so just unlock it for now. On the southern end of this hallway is a chest with some Tarnished Gear in it (need to bring it to the laundromat). Enter the northern of the two doors here, then climb the cabinets to reach a vent, allowing you to enter the southern room.

There’s another chest here with a Black Kogatana (not useful right now), as well as two electrical boxes that when broken, will disable all of the cameras in that big room. Unlock the door from this side and return to the big room with the cameras, which is now freely explorable, although there is nothing to find. Approach the gated door at the top to overhear two special guards talking about some intruders. Rather than fight both of them at once, your party concocts a plan to separate them.

Your plan is to use the communication equipment in the monitoring room, and you have the option to head straight there, so do that. Your party will ambush the guard when he comes in, triggering a battle against a mini-boss, of sorts. The Tornado Devil is a very easy enemy, as it is weak to electricity, so you should have the ability to do two All-Out Attacks on it, assuming you brought Ryuji along. Note that this enemy is susceptible to confusion (Pulinpa), which makes it have a chance to toss money or an item at you during each turn it is confused. Confusion lasts for two turns and then the enemy will recover on the third turn. You could use this as an opportunity to get some nice money for doing practically nothing.

Once you defeat the Tornado Devil, you will receive one of the keys, but that leaves one more. Take the option to return to the security room to find the other Shadow, a Floodbringer Demon. You should already know this one’s weakness, since you fought one when you first came to this Palace. Use Makoto’s Nuclear skills to knock it down and do major damage for an easy win. With both keys now in your possession, and another map, return to the vault door and open it, then enter the Laundering Office.

Laundering Office

Run through the piles of money and into an east-to-west hallway. The eastern end is a dead end, while the western side has two doors, although the northern one is locked, leaving you to go south. You will start running into some stronger Shadows here, as well as a variant on the cameras. These cameras will turn off and on, so you will have to time your movements to get past them. Of course, things are a bit more complicated, as there are enemies along the way, so you want to try and ambush them whenever the cameras are off, then quickly move out of the cameras’ range after the battle is finished.

The room beyond may seem empty, but there’s a vent you can crawl through to appear on a walkway right outside of the hallway you were just in. Drop down to another walkway, then jump across the gaps to reach another vent, putting you right next to an elevator. However, don’t take this yet, as there is another hallway with on/off cameras that heads north. Once you pass this, you can go up the stairs to create another shortcut. Do that, then pass by the cameras going east to get a chest that contains an Ignis Ring . Now you can return to the elevator and take it down.

There will be another chest at the far end of the hall, guarded by a dog ( Revival Bead ). Go out on the balcony to see Kaneshiro talking with one of his guards below. Now, there are two sets of stairs here, one going east and the other west, on your map. Head down the western ones, making sure you be careful of the hard-to-ambush guards on your way down. Basically, just wait out of their range and when they turn around, chase after them (don’t sprint) to get an ambush. There will be a chest right before the second guard on this side, which contains a Bead .

Right before the guard with the red aura will be a locked chest, which contains a Heavy Pound (weapon for Makoto), Safe Dial and Old Coin . You can do one of two things here, either return to the top and go down the other set of stairs, knowing there’s nothing of value and just enemies, or go to the bottom to trigger a mini-boss fight. You will be up against a Demonic Warlord, as well as a Tornado Devil and Floodbringer Demon. The latter two are easy enough and you should know how to deal with them.

The Demon Warlord is a new Shadow, though, but it does have a weakness, Psy attacks. If you happen to have Leanan Sidhe, then she has Psio, which works splendidly. You might have all of the elements on your character, which if you do, then try to knock them all down to get an All-Out Attack. Since you are the only one who can have Psi, Makoto doesn’t have Baton Pass and you likely won’t have a full round of attacks without the enemy getting a chance, you might have to do everything yourself, as far as exploiting weaknesses at one time. If the Demon Warlord gets Tarukaja on it, then try to use Tarunda or Dekaja on it as soon as possible.

Underground Vault

Of course, Kaneshiro managed to run away during the battle, but he left behind some kind of journal, with “R=C=0, I=1, H=2” written inside. There will be another elevator in front of you, but head in the opposite direction to find another Safe Room. When you’re ready, take the elevator to find yourself in a large Vault area. There will be another Safe Room just off to the side, which is a little close to the previous one, all things considered. It can be a bit confusing on where to go next, but look for an input device to the left of the elevator that allows you to input a PIN.

Your only clue as to the correct PIN is the word “RICH” written above the number pad. If you remember the journal that Kaneshiro dropped, you notice that the letters from the previously mentioned word are all present, so you just need to match them with the numbers. For this PIN code, the numbers will be 0102 . This will open up a path that leads to some stairs and another area. As you descend the stairs, be careful of the dog Shadow right around the corner. Take care of the other Shadows here, then enter the small room in the rectangular hallway, where you’ll find a Torn Page (don’t forget the Wild Clogs from the chest).

This page is torn from Kaneshiro’s journal and depicts another clue for those PIN codes; the clue is that “P=I” which means that P=1. Continue by taking the path in the lower right corner of this area. Look in the northwest corner for what seems like a dead end, but there are some things you can jump up to here, with a small alcove that houses a treasure chest here ( Bead ). Clear out the Shadows and seek the middle path going east, where you’ll find another Torn Page in a pig statue. The clue says that “E=9 and A=3,” which is easy enough.

Take the stairs in the lower right to come to another PIN device, with the clue being “REAP.” Using all of the pages you have found, you can deduce that the code is 0931 , so put that in to create another path at the vaults above ground. You get the option to head back to the vault, so take that offer. Head through the new opening and down the stairs to the second area.

Vault: Second Floor

Follow the path ahead of you until you come to some cameras, which make their reappearance here. The green cameras will always stay on, while the blue ones will periodically go off and then back on. Make your way past the first set, kick the electrical box to disable them, then enter the door to find a bunch of electrical barriers in the next room. Go back through the door and look for the spot where you can climb up, where you will find a vent you can crawl through.

You’ll emerge on top of some containers in the barrier room and should spot a chest. Use Third Eye to find where you can jump and get to the locked chest, which contains a Peacemaker HP (firearm for Makoto) and Aquamarine . Look in the southwest corner of the room to see another vent. Crawl through and drop down, then enter the door nearby, which will bring you to the other side of the barrier room. You’re only in here to grab the Torn Page from the pig statue, with its clue being “U=A” meaning that U=3.

Now, follow the hallway outside of the room to some more cameras that have their electrical box just past them. Up the stairs, there will be another pig statue with a Torn Page, but as soon as you grab it, two dog Shadows will appear in the room. Take them out, then look at the page in your inventory to see the clue that “G=P.” Since P=1, then G also equals 1. There’s an electrical box in the hallway to the east, which shuts off the barriers in that one room, but there’s also another PIN device. Despite Ryuji’s inability to read, the code clue this time is “HUGE,” which translate into 2319 .

This will open up the next vault, but refuse the offer to travel there from your companions. Drop down nearby into the barrier room and loot the chest in there for a Midnight Ring . Return to the vault area and enter the third ring to find a golden guard blocking a PIN device. This will pit you against another mini-boss, a Defeated Avenger and two Oni. Obviously, the addition of the two Oni (no weaknesses) makes this fight a little more challenging than the others. Fortunately, the Defeated Avenger is weak to Psy, so if you have access to Mapsi, that will help with the Oni situation. The sooner you get rid of them, the easier this fight will be.

The PIN device behind the Shadow doesn’t need a password, but it does have right and left buttons. Press the left button first, then go through the opening to find another button you can push. Return to the first to press the button again and you will be able to go forward, only to be met by stairs going down into another area.

Vault: Third Floor

Be wary that there’ll be a dog in the first hallway, as soon as you descend. Once you get rid of that Shadow and the other one patrolling the rooms to your west, go into those rooms to find a locked chest, with a Revenge Mirror , Chewing Soul , and Amethyst inside. Head east now, bypassing the camera, and go down the stairs, to find another camera and a Shadow at the end of the hallway. Kick the electrical box to disable said cameras, then continue into the big room at the end.

This room has a lot of nooks and crannies, so you’ll need to be extra careful in navigating it, since there are quite a few guards patrolling its aisles. Make your way to the western side, where you can jump on top of the things. Once you’re on top, get to the western edge to find a chest ( Gold-tainted Armor , which is dirty and requires washing). Exit through the northeast corner of the room to find a hallway with more cameras and a locked door. Wait for the cameras to shut off before running past them, disabling them with the electrical box at the end.

The dead end to the north has another camera and beyond that will be another Torn Page. The clue says “L = U + G, D=G,” which is a bit more involved than the previous ones. You know U=3 and G=1, so L equals 4 and D will equal 1 (and yes, Ann, it’s just simple addition). Back in the main hallway, continue northwest, bypassing a tricky set of cameras and take out the dog patrolling here. There will be one final Shadow near the door to the central room, but it’s hard to ambush because of a camera on the one corner. Head into the room for one final Torn Page, as well as the electrical box powering the cameras.

The clue on the page reads “O+H=10” and is a simple problem once you know. H=2, so subtract that from the 10 to find out that O equals 8. That’ll be your final clue and your next destination is the small room off to the western side of the big room with all of the money. Unlock the door near the final clue to return to the big room and get back on top of the shelving units like earlier. There is a higher ledge you can climb up to here, which leads to a vent that goes into that side room. Unlock the metal gate with the keycard, then access the PIN device to see the final password clue is “GOLD.” Input 1841 as the code, unlocking the final set of vaults that leads into the center. Travel back when prompted and ride the elevator to find Kaneshiro’s Treasure. That’s all you can do for now, so head back to the safe room and return to the entrance.

June 30th

Today, you’re going to be sending out the calling card, but do a little shopping before that. Depending on how much money you grinded for in the Palace, update some of your characters’ equipment and buy some items like Revivadrin. Head to the hideout and send out the calling card, then you’ll be back at Leblanc during the night. Save your game and attempt to make some Lockpicks, hoping you get the luck of the draw with four of them (also get three points in Proficiency if you do).

July 1st

On your way to school, you will have a seat on the train, so take this opportunity to read The Illusory Popess. During class, you will be asked a question, with the correct answer being “Baozi,” earning you a point in Knowledge. Watch the scenes that come after class and you will automatically head straight to Kaneshiro’s Palace. If you’re ready, head straight to the final safe room and get yourselves to the Treasure, where you will be fighting the boss.

BOSS - Junya Bael Kaneshiro

This boss fight is fought in two phases, with you facing Kaneshiro alone in the first one. He has a normal attack, which only hits one person and is probably the most welcomed. Junya also has access to Curse-skills, mainly Eiga and Maeiga. The only other attack he has is called Evil Touch, which can inflict the Fear ailment on someone. This ailment makes it so there’s a high change the inflicted doesn’t act that turn, plus there’s a smaller chance that they will run away from battle. You can heal this with Energy Drop or Energy Shower (Makoto learns the latter).

Once you deplete Kaneshiro’s health to almost nothing, you will trigger a Hold Up and automatic All-Out Attack, triggering the second phase of the battle to begin. Things are getting serious now, as the Piggytron is a lot more dangerous than Kaneshiro alone. Metabolic Wave hits everyone for around 100 damage and Ocular Raven is a single-target for about the same damage. There’s also Missile Party, which hits the entire party for around the same, plus it is fire-elemental and can inflict Burn.

Lastly, there is something called Fear Gas, which tries to inflict Fear on everyone, instead of just one character. Of course, a boss like Kaneshiro isn’t really a boss without an ultimate attack. At some point, Kaneshiro will speak during the battle and the Piggytron will enter Super VIP Form. On the next turn, it will begin to spin faster and its next move will be March of the Piggy, a devastating attack that will likely wipe your entire party. However, there is a way to stop this, as Kaneshiro will actually appear outside of the machine.

Target Junya and attack with all of your might, depleting his HP and stopping the attack, making the battle resume as normal. Eventually, on the third time he does this maneuver, you have the option to send someone to throw an item at Kaneshiro to distract him (it has to be a nice item). Of course, if you can beat on Junya enough without any problems, then there’s no point in wasting an item. This is especially annoying, as you need to deplete the Piggytron to win the battle and the whole Super VIP Form maneuver doesn’t help with that.

For this battle, you will want to have two people in your party with Media, as both will be needed. Of course, this means Morgana is a welcome addition, and the other person will likely be you. If you managed to fuse Nigi Mitama, then it will have access to both Media and Divine Grace, a passive skill that makes healing skills do more healing. Makoto is another good choice, since she should have access to Energy Shower, which helps with the Fear ailment. As far as attacks go, you will probably want to use your strongest ones, especially whenever Piggytron enters Super VIP Form, although you will want to keep an eye on your SP during the other portions of the fight, just because it can drag on a bit too long.


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