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Spaceport of Greed (2)

Jarrod Garripoli

October 2nd (Night)

After returning home from the Palace, call up Kawakami and ask for a massage, which will allow you to do something at night. For your nighttime activity, you will be hanging out with Chihaya (don’t forget the Fortune Persona), since you’ve done her Mementos request.

October 3rd

You will be asked a question during class today, with the correct answer being “Three watermelons in the sun,” netting you a point in Knowledge. After school, you will be hanging out with Takemi, maxing out the Death Confidant (responses don’t matter) and gaining access to Alice, the ultimate Persona of the Death Arcana. When you get home at night, you will receive your Donut-Worry items, if you happened to have ordered them from the TV shopping show. You will be hanging out with Hifumi here, noting that you need max Knowledge in order to do so. You will also receive the Upstaging the Stage Mother Mementos request and you won’t receive a rank up in the Confidant until you complete the request.

October 4th

The school day will fly by and once it’s over, you will be free to do your afternoon activity. Before that, though, head to the bookstore in Shibuya to find some new goods available, so purchase them and return to school. You will be reading a book in the library (Master Swordsman), but make sure you go to the Reading Table in the middle of the room and not the study desk in the corner. Your goods from Shady Commodities will come in the evening if you purchased them on the 1st. At night, you will be hanging out with Chihaya, but don’t use her IM to go there, as it will automatically start the rank up event. Instead, travel there manually and get an Affinity Reading for Shinya, then hang out with her.

October 5th

You will have some free time during class today, so use that opportunity to get your second reading of Master Swordsman (you need one more to finish). There aren’t really any Confidants you can hang out with during the afternoon and night, so you will be working on your Guts instead. Use both time slots to take the Big Bang Challenge at Big Bang Burger in Shibuya, netting you three points in Guts each time.

October 6th

You will have a seat on the train today, so use the opportunity to finish reading Master Swordsman, earning three points in Guts. During class, you will be asked a question, with the correct answer being “A guillotine,” netting you a point in Knowledge. For your after school activity, you will be hanging out with Shinya.

During the evening, you will be finishing up the Fortune Confidant, so head over to hang out with Chihaya. Remember that your responses don’t matter and you will earn the ability to fuse Lakshmi, the most powerful Persona of the Fortune Arcana.

October 7th

When school is finally over, travel to Akihabara and purchase the new games available at the Retro Game Shop. After that, go to Jinbocho and buy the new book available (Call Me Chief), since you finished Master Swordsman. Your activity for the afternoon will be to go to your school’s library and read Ghost Encounters (it’s a book purchaseable in Shibuya). In the evening, you will receive your Shady Commodities order if you purchased anything on the 4th. For your activity, you will be hanging out with Mishima, who’s in Akihabara (responses don’t matter with him, as always).

October 8th

As soon as you can move, check your IMs and read Mishima’s to get a new Mementos request, Man of Many Faces and Debts . You will be hanging out with Shinya today.

At night, clear Leblanc of any customers and go to the counter to finish reading Ghost Encounters, getting three points for Guts. In bed, Mishima will ask you to go out the following day, but you’ll be busy, so decline his offer.

October 9th

You will be sending out the calling card today, but there’s something you can do before that. If you’ve been keeping up with the Sunday drinks, then the one offered today at the Underground Walkway will increase your Guts (do a Luck Reading for Guts if you need it); if you haven’t been keeping up, then you’re a bit out of luck. Now, head to your hideout and finally send out the calling card, especially considering today is the deadline for it. Since you can’t do anything in the evening, go ahead and make some tools. If you happen to need more Proficiency, then you can save prior to making the tools to make sure you get the three point boost.

October 10th

You’ll head straight for Okumura’s Palace after school, where you can do a little bit of preparation before you head into the boss fight. For your party makeup, you will want to take into consideration a few things, such as your access to certain elements. You’re going to need fire, ice, lightning, bless and psychic attacks for this upcoming boss, so if you’ve been using a party such as Ryuji, Ann and Makoto, then you should try to cover the rest of them with your own Personas (particularly, Bless and Psy). Makoto is mentioned because she will have Mediarama (or she should, as she learns it at level 41). Yusuke could be a substitute for Ryuji (Mabufula can help a lot), if needed, as his Confidant ranking is maxed out at this point.

Before you get to the boss, though, you will need to do a little bit of legwork. If you remember the Treasure Room from earlier, there were two areas off to the sides. A 10-minute timer will appear at the top of the screen, so get running through the first area. In the second area, there will be a few Shadows and the timer persists through battles, so you may want to try and run past them. This will also allow you to conserve your SP for the actual boss battle. After you cross some beams, you will spot a treasure chest, which has a Brigandine. Take the lift at the end to finally confront Okumura.

BOSS - Kunikazu Mammon Okumura

The fight against Okumura is a bit complicated, as he doesn’t fight you directly and sends his minions after you. The upside is that all of them are enemies you’ve fought in the dungeon already, so you should know their weaknesses. There are two catches, though, as enemies will likely be mixed with one another (so MDL-WKRs might be mixed in with MDL-CHs) and there are no prompts for All-Out Attacks. That means you will have to waste a little bit more SP in taking out each set of enemies. Oh, you also have to finish this fight within 30 minutes or you will get a game over, so no added pressure.

  • Corporobo MDL-WKR (x10) - Weak to fire
  • Corporobo MDL-CH (x5) - Weak to ice
  • Corporobo MDL-AM (x4) - Weak to lightning
  • Corporobo MDL-DM (x3) - Weak to bless
  • Corporobo MDL-GM (x2) - Weak to psy
    Sometimes, Okumura will follow up a summoning of robots with Sacrifice Order, which will make that one robot perform a self-sacrifice, so either guard or try to quickly take it out. Once you clear out all of the riff-raff, Okumura will summon one final robot, the Execurobo MDL-ED, who is the real boss here. It doesn’t have any weaknesses or strengths, but it does have quite a lot of health, so you will be stuck on it for a while. Of course, Okumura will be hiding behind the monstrosity, pelting you with spells.

He has Dekaja (removes all of your buffs), Famine’s Breath (inflicts Hunger on one ally), Tarunda and Rakunda. In addition to that, towards the end of the battle, he will begin using Famine’s Scream, which can inflict Hunger on your entire party. As for the Execurobo, he has Executive Punch, a physical attack against one character that does hurt quite a bit. It also seems to have Makarakarn, which will reflect a magical attack once, so be careful here and have someone who can absorb their element get rid of it.

The big attack for this battle comes whenever you see the Execurobo use Big Bang Order, which will be followed by Big Bang Challenge on the following turn. Whenever you see Big Bang Order, you want to guard to mitigate the damage, as Big Bang Challenge can still do upwards of 200+ damage even when defending. Naturally, you’ll want to try and keep Tarunda on Execurobo at all times to limit his damage. You also want to be able to try and cure Hunger, but there’s very few items that can do it, and the skills that can aren’t accessible to your Personas (Amrita Drop and Shower, with Haru having the former).

That’s why it’s important to bring party members that have their respective Confidants high (which is everyone except for Haru, of course), as they should have Harisen Recovery, which can be used to cure Hunger for you and your teammates, provided it triggers. Apart from that, try to keep some buffs going if you want, although Dekaja will put an end to that quickly and just pelt at the big robot until it goes down. Once it’s finished, you will finally be able to directly attack Okumura, who should be kaput in a matter of a few hits.

Well, that’s another corrupt adult down, so watch the scenes that follow. You won’t get all of your answers yet, but the plot does thicken a little bit. When you get back to Leblanc, you end up conversing with Morgana and his Confidant will level up to Rank 9 now (one more to go). You can’t do anything at night, so just head straight to bed.


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