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Persona 5

No More Plagiarism (1)

Jarrod Garripoli

May 21st

Rather than continue the dungeon diving, it’s time to take a little break and work on Confidants and other social things. During the early morning hours, you will be able to sit down on the train, so use this opportunity to finish reading The Alluring Dancer, earning three points in Charm. There will be another question asked in class, with the correct answer being “The silver ratio,” netting you a point in Knowledge. Visit the library and trade in The Alluring Dancer for The Gallant Rogue.

After school, you’re going to want to visit a few places before doing the main objective. First and foremost, it’s a good idea to go to Untouchable and sell off all of the treasure you picked up during the recent run of Madarame’s Palace. Hold off on upgrading equipment, unless you have a lot of money. Next, visit the Velvet Room and get Personas of the following Arcana: Lovers, Death, Hierophant and Chariot. Yes, you’re going to be concentrating on those Confidants and as always, you want matching Personas (Sun doesn’t need one). Today, you’re going to hang out with Ann, who is in the Underground Mall of Shibuya. If you don’t have Bio Nutrients, buy one from the Flower Shop while you’re down there. You unlock a new Hangout Spot, Inokashira Park.

When you return home, go upstairs and feed your plant some nutrients, giving you two points in Kindness. After that, return downstairs and help out Sojiro, although you won’t rank up your Confidant.

May 22nd

Alright, today is Sunday, so you have off from school and can do what you want. First thing you should do is check out the TV in your room, as there’s another offer. This time, you can purchase a whopping FIFTY Adhesive Bandages for the low, low price of 1,980 yen. Granted, they only heal 20 HP each, but they can make for a quick health fix when needed. Next up, head to the Underground Walkway in Shibuya to purchase the next drink there (another 5,000 yen), granting you a point in Kindness. Check your IMs and you should see one from Takumi, so head on over to the clinic.

At rank 5, Takemi now has accessories in her inventory and boy, are they some nice ones. Of particular importance are the SP Adhesives, as these will regenerate SP every turn during battles. The only problem is that the SP Adhesive 3 is very expensive, costing a tremendous amount of money (100K). However, if you wait until you increase the Death Confidant a little bit more, you’ll get a 50% discount on all of her goods. When you’re finished with that, spend the evening hours by hanging out with the Sun Confidant, Yoshida.

May 23rd

During class, you will be asked a question, with the correct answer being “Together and senses,” earning you a point in Knowledge. Once again, today is Monday, so go around and buy the SP-restoring drinks if you feel like it and if you haven’t used any, you should now have 20 of each! Remember that part-time job you picked up from the flyer for the convenience store? If you didn’t do that, go to the Underground Walkway and pick up that part-time job now, then go to Central Street and to the “24” marked on your map, which is the 777 convenience store. You’ll receive 2,800 yen for your work. When you return home, you’ll receive the Adhesive Bandages if you bought them. After grabbing them, head on over to the Bathhouse to gain three points in Charm.

May 24th

On the train, opt to read The Gallant Rogue, which will be the first of two times you do. Check your IMs after school to see one from Ann, so pick to hang out with her to get another rank in the Lovers Confidant. When you get home in the evening, go ahead and make some coffee.

May 25th

The time will go straight to after school, where you’ll want to go and hang out with Takemi at her clinic.

At night, Ryuji will text you and ask you to go with him, so take him up on that offer. You’ll unlock a new hangout spot, Tsukishima.

For achieving Rank 7 with Ryuji, you gain a new ability called Insta-Kill. Basically, if an enemy is weaker than you when you ambush it, there’s a chance that thanks to this, you will not have to actually fight it and will automatically gain a mask. It appears the cut-off point for this is around 10 levels and you likely won’t notice anything until you revisit Mementos later on in the guide or when you’re doing some grinding in the third Palace.

May 26th

You will be asked a question during class, with the correct answer being “Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar,” earning you a point in Knowledge and if you’ve done everything up until now in this guide, your Knowledge will finally increase to rank 2. When afternoon rolls around, go and choosr to hang out with Ann, who is in the Underground Mall.

When you return home in the evening, go to the TV and there will be another quiz. The correct answer is “Queen of evidence,” earning you a point in Knowledge. After you get that, head on over to the Bathhouse to get another three points in Charm.

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