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Persona 5

No More Plagiarism (3)

Jarrod Garripoli

May 28th

You have just finished a lengthy journey through a dungeon, so you probably got all sorts of goodies to sell. Head on over to Untouchable and sell off the treasures you have accumulated and hopefully, you have accrued a good amount of money by now. While the temptation to upgrade your equipment might be too much to bear, there are better things to buy. Specifically, you will be looking at a certain SP-replenishing accessory that Takemi is now selling, even though it is at a costly 100,000 yen, but that will be more accessible shortly. Speaking of Takemi, you should have an IM from her, so opt to hang out with her.

With the Death Confidant now at rank 7, you will receive a 50% discount on all of Takemi’s goods. Not only does this make the SP Adhesive 3 a more tantalizing 50,000 yen, but you can purchase some other goodies that will help out very soon. Look to see how many reviving items you have on you and if it’s less than 10 or so, purchase some Revivadrins from Takemi. Just make sure you have a good 25-30,000 yen leftover for social stuff, to be on the safe side.

Your activity for the evening will be to just hang out with Sojiro, with his Confidant still not ranking up yet. In bed, you will receive a text from Ryuji, asking you to go with him to the movies tomorrow. You will also see a small tutorial, saying that if you respond right away to a Confidant’s invitation without putting it on hold, your relationship will deepen. The downside is that you will be unable to accept any other invitations. Take Ryuji up on his offer.

May 29th

“The Cake Knight Rises” couldn’t possibly have any connections to a certain caped crusader. During the movie, you will receive three points towards Kindness and after it, Ryuji will ask a question (respond with “They do”). That took up your daytime slot, so it will now be evening. If you want to purchase two Wild Clogs (Resist Fear) from the TV shopping show for 4,980 yen, do so, although they aren’t really that important and it might be wiser to save your money. Head to the Underground Walkway to purchase the Seafood Aojiru for 5,000 yen, increasing your Knowledge by one point. In the evening, spend some time with Yoshida (the Sun Confidant) to rank up.

May 30th

On the train to school, you will be able to read a book, so finish off The Gallant Rogue, giving you three points to Guts, which should boost it to level 3 (Staunch). One more level and you’ll finally be able to stop seeing that stupid prompt when you visit the weapons/armors shop. At school, you will be asked a question during class, with the correct answer being “William Kidd,” earning you a point in Knowledge.

You’re going to be sending out the calling card today, but head to the library before you go to your hideout, so you can exchange The Gallant Rogue for The Great Thief. Now, you can either go to the hideout itself or respond to Ann’s IM to send out the calling card. Remember that once you do this, you will be locked into visiting Madarame’s Palace tomorrow, with the security level being stuck at 99%. This means that enemies will be on high alert and they will pretty much instantly respawn after defeating them.

In the evening, you will receive the Wild Clogs if you ordered them from the TV. Go upstairs and to your desk, where you will want to make some Lockpicks. You will be able to make three of them, gaining you two points in Proficiency, but you could reload and keep trying to get that one extra Lockpick from one of the instances, getting you three points instead. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to do this or not, but it does help in the long run.

May 31st

It’s finally time for the showdown with Madarame, as the calling card will be sent out. When you get to the Palace, you will want to decide on a party. Both Ryuji and Yusuke will be a huge help, as they should know some nice physical skills. Yusuke learns Vicious Strike at level 18, which will be very nice, and Ryuji learns Rampage at level 17. The final spot will be between Ann and Morgana. While Tarunda is always nice to have, Morgana’s Media will be extremely useful in this upcoming battle, so it might be better to bring him.

Whatever your decision is, it’s time to head into the Palace. With three or four Lockpicks in your possession, go to the locked chests and get their contents, especially the one in the Main Hall, as it contains a nice piece of defensive gear; it’s on the balcony and is called Saint’s Tunic. To finish up with the Palace, head back to the room with the switch, which is the one right next to the final safe room and pull it to start the operation. Regroup with Morgana and you will have to escape. Jump over to the southern section on the rafters and use the window to leave. From here, just look for areas where you can drop down and enter the door at the end, leading to the boss fight.

BOSS - Ichiryusai Azazel Madarame

This is definitely a challenging fight and it’s very possible that you may lose once while you get used to things. The battle begins with there being four paintings, two of eyes, a nose and a mouth. Each of these is a separate target and once you’ve downed all of them, the real Madarame will appear, which is the real target in this fight. There’s a catch, though, as three of the four parts have special properties. Both of the eyes absorb elemental attacks (fire, ice, wind and elec), while the mouth will absorb physical/gun attacks (the nose takes damage from everything) and the nose will absorb Psy, Nuclear, Bless and Curse.

It is possible to use attacks that hit all enemies, but it’s going to be the case that one or two parts will not take damage. To make matters a little worse, each painting operates independently of one another, meaning it’s like you’re fighting four enemies at once and will have to put up with four attacks. The biggest problem will likely be the right eye, as it knows elemental attacks and will use them to target your party’s weaknesses. You will have Flame Dance (fire), Silent Snowscape (ice), Maelstrom (wind) and Thunderclap (elec). The left eye tends to use buffs and debuffs more often than not (Tarukaja on the mouth and Rakunda on one of your members). The mouth just sticks to using Bite on someone and if Tarukaja is on it, then it deals around 80 or so damage.

Be on the lookout that the nose (supposedly) doesn’t use Dust Flurry, which is a wind attack that hits the entire party. One of the better things to do against the four paintings is to use Tarukaja on Yusuke and then have him use Vicious Strike (if he’s level 18). Two of these should fell all but the mouth, since it absorbs physical, leaving things a lot simpler. The one catch to all of this is that any of the parts can use Restore to bring back a single felled piece, with very little health (for some reason, the mouth tends to not do this often, but it can do this). Once you defeat each of the paintings, Shadow Madarame will come out to play.

You will get a free All-Out Attack at the beginning of each phase you get Shadow Madarame to come out, which means free damage. Do not worry about anything (unless your characters are dead or in desperate need of healing, in which you should dedicate someone to do that) and concentrate on attacking Madarame. His only attack in this form is called Madara-Megido, which literally only does 10 damage to each character. Unless you grinding a whole lot, you won’t defeat Madarame just yet and he will revive the paintings, starting round two and with a new attack.

Any of the pieces can use a new skill called Artist’s Grace, where one of your characters will be covered in black paint. What this does is makes that character weak to every single element in the game, so any attack they receive will knock them down. To make matters even worse, Artist’s Grace will likely be followed up by Rakunda on the same character, so it’s probable that character will be knocked out by the following attacks. Your strategy doesn’t change, though, so keep at it. If you don’t finish Madarame after the second round, there will be a special event in the battle.

Your characters will notice the black paint on the side and you have the option to send one of them to go after it, similar to when you had to send someone after Kamoshida’s crown. It doesn’t seem to matter who you send, though, as long as you keep attacking the paintings. After a few turns, the character you sent will dump the black paint onto the paintings, making them weak to all elements that they don’t absorb. This makes it much easier to defeat them and finally finish off Madarame for good.

That’s another corrupt adult down, but some mysteries also arise from it. After everything is covered back at the hideout, you return home and the Magician Confidant will level up to rank 3. Go to bed and there will be a scene with Igor here, where the Fool Confidant will level up to rank 4.

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