April 16th

On the way to school, you will overhear two girls talk about going to a clinic, which makes Morgana chime in about the lady you saw at Leblanc’s last night (the one in the punk-rock outfit). During class, the teacher will hit you with some chalk, once again sparking a response from Morgana talk about you needing higher Proficiency in order to dodge it (one of the Social Stats). There are a few instances where certain events will change depending on your Social Stats, but they tend to not do much of anything, unless they’re related to one of the Confidants.

After school, you discuss some things on the roof, mostly related to preparing for Kamoshida’s Palace. You’ll be brought to the backstreets by your residence, where Morgana will direct you to go visit the clinic. If you look at your map, it is marked with a heart icon, which is located in the alley to the southwest as you head forward. Choose the first option at the door to get inside and speak with the doctor at the counter. You don’t have to worry about your answers inside, so pick whichever to see a list of items she will sell.

Things might be a little expensive, so save your money and don’t worry about buying anything. You’ll see why soon enough, so leave and you’ll overhear a discussion on the way out. Outside, Ryuji will text you about a shop in Shibuya, with plans to go there tomorrow. Back in your room, just go to sleep as there’s nothing you can do.

April 17th

You will automatically be with Ryuji in Shibuya, so follow him to receive a minor distraction from some speech-giving man (make note of him for later), and finally to the model gun shop. Head inside and talk to the shopkeep for a little bit before he will finally show his wares. Ryuji will hand over 5,000 yen to help you buy some stuff. You should probably have close to 10,000 on you right now, so if you wish to upgrade some equipment, do so although you might want to keep a little bit of money around for tomorrow.

Leave the store to return to your room, where you can finally start making some infiltration tools. Morgana tells you to clean off your desk, but make sure you save before doing that. Normally, you need to procure the items yourself, either as drops from Shadows or by purchasing them from various shops, but Morgana provides some to make a Lockpick. Making tools will cause time to pass, but you do gain some Proficiency out of it. Make the Lockpick and you’ll increase your Proficiency by two points. The game will automatically move onto the next day.

April 18th

Things start getting serious with this day, as you will begin having the afternoons open after school. You also learn about the deadline to steal your target’s heart and if you don’t do this, then it will result in a game over. You have 14 in-game days to steal Kamoshida’s heart. The game also gives you a brief tutorial about the Activity Log, which is completely optional and why you are always asked whether to connect online or not when you start up the game. Basically, you can see the actions other people have done at the same time on the same day. This has no effect on the gameplay or story, plus you can turn it off in the Config if you want.

Ok, you should see an “IM” icon on the left side of your screen, which is some texts from Ryuji on whether you want to go to the Palace or not. Considering you just got the option to do whatever you want in the afternoons, it might be a wise idea to hold off for a few days so you can get better prepared, but you are free to do whatever you want. Open your map and then press R1 again to open the rail map, where you’ll get a brief tutorial about cards and them showing up next to areas where a Confidant might be available.

Warning: The guide will take a streamlined approach to each day’s activities, when they are not taken up by story. If you wish to forgo that and do things on your own, you’re free to do that and it’s highly recommended you do on your first playthrough. Trying to do an All Confidants run on your first playthrough can be a bit boring.

Fast travel to the library at your school, where you can borrow books and read them to increase your Social Stats. You also have the option to read them at the library, where you’ll increase your Knowledge, as well as your Guts if you can concentrate. For now, though, talk to the student at the front desk and borrow the Pirate Legend book. Books are usually read multiple times and you don’t gain the increase until you fully read them. Travel to the Courtyard and check out the vending machines on the left side to find some drinks that restore SP.

Since SP-healing items are fairly rare, especially right now, buy the Arginade and Water of Rebirth from the machine. They may only replenish 5 SP a piece, but every little bit will help right now, plus you can buy them again every Monday. That’s all that’s important at your school, so go to the station and take the train to Shibuya, where you can look around. On Central Street, find the Arcade and go inside, where you can purchase more SP drinks from the vending machine.

Across from the Arcade is Big Bang Burger, which sells two nice healing items, the Earth Burger (780 yen) and the Big Bang Burger (480). Both restore HP to all allies, which can prove useful when in a pinch. Check out any other shops, then head for the Underground Walkway. There are a bunch of flyers here that will give you a tutorial on part-time jobs when you check them out. They are a great way to make some extra money, when you’re not killing Shadows in the Palaces. There are three options right now, the Convenience Store (might be a good idea to choose this one), the Flower Shop and the Beef Bowl Shop.

The next stop is the Underground Mall, where the shops mostly sell gifts that you can give to your Confidants. However, there is one particularly thing you want to purchase here, at the Flower Shop (look for the appropriate symbol). Bio Nutrients may be a little pricey (1,200 yen), but it will help boost one of your Social Stats. If you have any money leftover, it might be a good idea to upgrade any equipment you can afford. With all of that out of the way, fast travel to the backstreets in Yongen and look for one last vending machine near the bathhouse/laundromat to get some more SP drinks.

The one shop run by an older person can sell you a TV for 2,500 Yen, which you might want to do once you get the money for it. The real reason you came back here, besides going home, is to start a new Confidant. Head into Takemi Clinic and mention the “rumored medicine,” then answer her however to open up the Death Confidant, as well as gain a point in Guts. Increasing the rank of the Death Confidant will add more items to Takemi’s goods that she will sell you, which is always a good thing.

You will now be back at Leblanc, during the evening time slot. Head up to your room and Morgana will mention about clearning it. Check the “junk-littered floor” on the right side of the room to start the cleaning process. You end up finding a plant, which you can use to boost your Kindness with the nutrients you bought earlier (can’t do it yet). After that, you clean the bookshelf and end up finding a new book, Yoncha Wanderer. Score! You’ll automatically go to bed and move onto the next day.

April 19th

Some students will talk about reading books early in the morning, as well as the library, but you already know about that place if you’ve been following this walkthrough. During class, there will be another question asked by your teacher, with the correct response being “C,” earning you another point in Knowledge. Fast forward to after school and Ryuji will pester you again to go to the Palace. Refuse his invitation and he’ll now invite you to hang out. Sometimes, your Confidants will ask you to hang out with them and if your character talks about “the bond growing stronger,” it means that Confidant will rank up with that meeting.

Take Ryuji up on his second offer to hang out. When you’re hanging out with non-automatic Confidants, you will be asked questions and depending on your answers, you will earn points towards the next rank. You know you picked the right choice whenever you see musical notes above the person’s head. For this meeting with Ryuji, pick the following options.

Confidant: Pick “I’m counting on you” for the first answer, then choose either option for the other two responses.

For ranking Ryuji to level 2, you will gain the Baton Pass ability for battle. Back at Leblanc, you should see a customer sitting down at one of the tables. Speak with him and he’ll leave, but before you do the next thing, head upstairs to your room and look at the plant you should have uncovered when you cleaned the previous day. If you bought the Bio Nutrients, you can use them and earn two Kindness points. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t advance time, so it’s a great way to work on that Social Stat. On the downside, you can only do it once every 16 days, so it’s not something you can spam to max it out quickly.

You should also have noticed when you entered your room that Morgana found a chair that you can use to train. Don’t worry about this for now and return downstairs to the bar. Look for the small bookshelf thing towards the right side by the telephone and examine it to be given the opportunity to read a book. You should have two right now, so choose Pirate Legend and note the two bookmarks on the selection screen. This means you will need to read this book twice in order to fully finish it and reap the benefits.

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