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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 10-04-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 25-09-2020 / 16:32 GMT

July 31st

You will automatically meet up with everyone at the hideout today and while you’re going to go to Futaba’s Palace, you’re not going to go straight away. Exit the hideout and go to the Underground Walkway in Shibuya to purchase your Sunday drink (one point to Charm). Also, if you need to update any equipment, Untouchable has some new items in stock. Don’t forget to check out Takemi’s goods to see if you need any healing items. When you’re ready, meet back up at the hideout and infiltrate the Palace.

Futabas Palace

Before delving into the Palace itself, head into the Velvet Room to do some fusion. By now, you should have the Strength Confidant to the point where you need to make Flauros with Tarukaja. Now, Flauros is an advanced fusion that consists of using Berith, Andras and Eligor. Of those three, Andras learns Tarukaja at level 11, so if you can manage to fuse it at this time (Silky and Kelpie are one such combination), then the Devil Confidant bonus experience will level it up. Fuse Flauros now and then show it to the Twins to get another rank in the Strength Confidant.

Trophy icon
Nominating the Twins

Perform a Group Guillotine execution.


Your next task is an Ame-no-Uzume with the skill, Dodge Psy. This Persona is level 29, so you might not be able to fuse it yet. Despite that, you can actually start working on it. The lowest level Persona that learns this is Kin-Ki (he’s 25) at level 27, which you can fuse in a number of ways (Sandman + Jikokuten is one such possible combination; Rakshasa + Yaksini/Nigi Mitama are others). Take out Ippon-Datara and fuse it with Hua Po to make Fuu-Ki, then fuse that with Oni to get Sui-Ki. Combine that with Kin-Ki to get Ame-no-Uzume, making sure to inherit Dodge Psy.

With that out of the way, it’s time to focus on the Palace. There is a path to the left of the entrance that just leads to a breakable with some treasure, as well as a path to the right that is a dead end for now. Go in the main entrance and hop across the pillars on the left side to get to the sealed door, which won’t open. Choose any option, then head back to the exit, only to be stopped by Shadow Futaba. Talk with her to learn of some bandit in the town outside, so that’s your next stop.

This town is located to the east of the main entrance, so stand on the platform on that side and have Morgana bring you there. There are a few enemies here, so be careful when moving around. Your goal is in the southwest corner of the map, which is where you’ll find the bandit. Ryuji will be an idiot and make the bandit run off, so chase after him until you don’t get any more dialog. You will need to corner him in the southwest corner where you found him, as he is faster than you.

Once you get him in the dead end area, you will end up getting into a battle. The Raging Bird God is a fairly easy fight, simply for the fact that it’s weak against guns, which everyone has access to. Despite that, it can hit pretty hard, as it has access to Garudyne, the third tier of wind spell. However, unless it hits Ryuji (who is weak to wind) and gets more than one attack off in a round, the miniboss should go down before it gets a chance to attack again. With the stolen item in your possession, return to the pyramid and hand it over to Futaba. It turns out it is a map of the Palace, but before she continues on, you end up falling through a trap door.

Underground Cavern

Welp, it looks like your entrance into the dungeon didn’t turn out to be so easy. Despite the multitude of ways to go here, they will all lead to the same place. However, it’s in your best interests to explore, as there are breakable objects for treasures and new Shadows to encounter. It should be noted that there could possibly be a secondary objective here for you in Futaba’s Palace. If you took a look at the list of infiltration tools you could make, you might have spotted an Eternal Lockpick.

This tool requires you to have 20 Aluminum Sheets and 10 Liquid Mercury, both of which drop from enemies inside of this very Palace. The Aluminum drops from Anzu, while the Mercury drops from Anubis. If you wish to farm these enemies, there is an area later on in the dungeon where you should be able to find these enemies without much of a hassle. It’s not necessary to farm for the Eternal Lockpick here, but it will save you a little bit of time (and possibly money if you use Kawakami) and you won’t have to farm it later.

Back to the action, as already mentioned, there are numerous treasures stashed away in objects and even a few chests in this multi-floor area. On the ground floor, go up in the southeast to eventually reach the third floor (use the double sarcophagi jump), which has a chest with a Seishiki Sword . Backtrack a bit and jump up to the area going north, where you’ll find a chest with a Black Rock inside (this can be fused with Personas to make an accessory, which will open soon enough). Return to where you jumped up and go back down, then jump up to the area heading south.

Follow this path around and through a crawl space to find another chest with a Gale Cape . You should have noticed a door as you were heading here, so backtrack to it only once you’re done exploring everything else in this area. You should now be in what looks like a winding corridor with what appears to be an exit. Follow this path, ignoring the stationary enemy for now. When you find a dead end, there will be a chest with Mind Choker inside of it. Continue up the stairs and out the door to arrive at the Palace’s Entrance, near where you went to go to the town area.

Pyramids Depths

When you’re ready, head back into the pyramid where you just surfaced and go say hello to that stationary Shadow, which turns out to be a miniboss. The Coffin-borne God isn’t too difficult, but it can be rather annoying. It will likely spend its first turn using Trapped Rat, which has a chance to turn a character into an actual rat, lowering his/her defenses and making it so he/she can’t do anything. After three turns, the character will return to normal. Other than that, it has access to Megido, an attack that can deal a lot of damage, and it can summon other Shadows into the battle. It is weak to wind, though, so use that to your advantage to whittle down its high health.

With that thing defeated, climb up to the ledge behind it and go through the door. You’ll arrive in a large room that has some platforms you need to jump across and two paths. The one going west leads to a broken down ballista and a sealed door, while the other will bring you to a door that has a reflective panel in the room beyond. Right outside of the room is a thin ledge you can climb to, which leads to some sort of button. Pressing the button will fire the ballista, destroying the wall by the reflective panel, which will shine the light inside and onto the sealed door. Go investigate the door and it will open, so head through the next door to arrive in the next area.

Chamber of Sarcophagi

There is a stone tablet right in front of you that has some writing on it, which seems to be some kind of clue. Be mindful of the dog enemy here, so take it out and climb onto the ledge by using the sarcophagi. On this second level, there will be a room you can enter, which has an Anubis statue that is holding some kind of gem. Take the Abyss Gem from it and when you exit, some enemies will pop out of the sarcophagi.

You can use the door in the previous room to ambush them, if you wish. Keep climbing to the upper ledges, being mindful of more enemies, until you get to the top, where there will be two doors. The one leading to a small room will have another Anubis with an Abyss Gem , so take this one as well. As with the previous gem, returning to the prior room will cause an enemy to spawn. Defeat it and head through the other door up here to arrive in the Great Corridor, above the main entrance.

There will be another reflective panel up here, which is facing the wrong way. You can’t go anywhere else here, but if you look on the one side, you will see two pedestals with a recess in them. Place the two Abyss Gems in them and the light will now be reflected on the sealed door at the pyramid’s entrance, which was closed earlier. The walls will also move, allowing you to drop down at the main entrance. Use this opportunity to retreat, if needed, to the Velvet Room (like fusing Ame-no-Uzume and upping the Strength Confidant) or to switch characters.

Chamber of Rejection

Alright, the sealed door at the main entrance is now open, so head through it and climb the stairs to find…another sealed door. Hmm, it looks like you’ll need to find another light to shine on this one. To your east is the first Safe Room of the Palace, so utilize it if needed, then head through the other door to arrive in the Chamber of Rejection. It should be noted that you will start encountering Anubis Shadows here, which are very strong. Not only do they not have a weakness, but they also have access to both insta-kill and damaging Bless and Curse skills.

If you happened to have recruited or fused an Isis, bring her along in case you run into one of the above, as Isis blocks both Bless and Curse. An easier way to take down an Anubis is to put it to sleep with something like Dormina (Ann should have this, if you kept it) or Ryuji’s Sleep Stick from Mementos, should you have him equipped with it. Follow-up attacks from this will cause technical damage, increasing what you deal. You could also try to use Lucky Punch (Morgana or if one of your own Personas has this) to get a critical and perform an All-Out Attack afterwards.

Anyway, follow this path through the next door, where you will see Futaba, who asks you to follow her. Do that to run into a spike trap, blocking your progress. Well, that way is shot, so continue west and south to the horseshoe-shaped area, where you’ll need to jump the gap to the south, as the northern end will cave in when you attempt to go there. Enter what looks like a small room and cross the platforms until you can reach the center, which has another Anubis statue with a gem, only this one promises a curse. Ignore it and head north, where you will find another button at the end of the hallway.

Press it to trigger something in the room below, then return to the statue to grab the Rejection Gem . If you try to go back to the button, some arrows will begin flying out of the walls, making it impossible to pass. That means you’ll have to go back the long way to where the spiked floor trap was located with Futaba, which is now no longer functioning. Be careful of the two enemies circling the central pillar here, as they could both be red, meaning one of them will likely be an Anubis if it’s a humanoid Shadow. Anyways, grab the chest in the north alcove for a Black Robe , then go through the door to the west.

Being mindful of an enemy that will pop out of the sarcophagus, make your way through this hallway and into the next room. Enter the first door to the west to find some random treasure, then continue through the north door. Climb up, then follow this path around and to the center of the room, where there will be another Anubis statue. Place the Rejection Gem on it, then go through the northern of the two doors to find a chest with a Spirit Belt . The other door will lead to another button, which will activate a ballista that will destroy a nearby wall.

Jump down next to the button and climb the sarcophagi on the eastern side, where you can find a locked chest in the northern alcove ( Blitz Ring , Snuff Soul and Turquoise ). Follow the beam through the doorway and into a room with a reflective panel. Examine it to make a picture appear in the frame on the wall, which appears to be scrambled. There are five pieces of the picture, which will be numbered 1-5 from left to right. Move piece 4 all the way to the left, then move the piece in the third spot to the left once. The final move will be to move the fifth piece twice to the left, which will put the picture in the rightful order. Solving this little puzzle will open up the second door in the Great Corridor. To recap:

  • Pieces numbered 1-5 from left to right
  • Move piece in fourth spot all way to the left
  • Move piece in third spot once to the left
  • Move piece in fifth spot two spots to the left

Chamber of Guilt

Back in the main staircase of the Great Corridor, head up to find another Safe Room and the next door that leads further into the Palace. Read the inscription on the stone tablet for a clue for later, then follow the path, dropping down to find Shadow Futaba again. Attempt to follow her, only to find a giant boulder drops down and chases after you, effectively blocking that way. However, if you now look across from where you regain control, you should notice a small crawlspace at the bottom of the wall.

Emerge from it to find a big room with a bunch of coffins, as well as a chest on the far end. Navigate around the room (pieces of the floor will collapse as you approach them) to grab a Magic Ointment from the chest, then climb the stairs and try to push the button. Hmm, it doesn’t work and the tablet next to it is blank, so there must be something else to it. Follow this upper path past the door and kick down the wooden plank, then enter the room beyond the plank. There will be another stone tablet here and upon taking a closer look, something is triggered, along with some code of B01010 .

Return to the big room to find that some holograms are now being projected from some of the coffins. Go to investigate them and you will find that all but one have control panels, allowing you to turn the projection off and on. Thinking back to the code and using the one coffin that’s emitting a blue light, the B means blue, 0 means the projection should be turned off, while 1 means it should be kept on. That means from the left, turn off the first, third and fifth projections. Once you do this, go ahead and press the button at the top of the nearby stairs to open the one door.

Head through here and into a hallway, but the shorter path to get to the eastern side is blocked by a spiked floor trap, so you will need to go around the longer way. Enter the room in the northeast to find another stone tablet, so touch it to make another inscription appear, with two codes on it this time; R01100 and B10011 . Return to the big room to find all of the coffins emitting projections now, with one row being blue and the other red. Using the codes above, on the blue side, turn off the second and third panels from the left. For the red side and from the right, turn off the first, fourth and fifth.

Push the button once, then do it again and Joker will repeatedly push it until the boulders stop. Try to go through the crawlspace, only to find it has collapsed, so you’ll need to find another way back. Luckily, you can climb the sarcophagus right next to the crawlspace. Jump up the path created by the boulders and drop down to the path below, then go through the door at the end. Head up the stairs, climb the sarcophagus at the end and enter the path where the light is going to find another reflective panel and mural puzzle.

This one is a little bit more complicated, as you now have eight different pieces and you also have the ability to rotate them. Starting from the left, move piece #5 into the first slot, then piece #4 into the second slot. Now, move piece #8 into the fourth slot, piece #5 into the seventh slot and for the final one, pick piece #5 and rotate it with either L1 or R1. This will complete the puzzle and open the next sealed door in the main hallway of the Great Corridor. To recap:

  • Start from the left side
  • Piece 5 into first slot
  • Piece 4 into second slot
  • Piece 8 into fourth slot
  • Piece 5 into seventh slot
  • Choose Piece 5 and rotate it to finish

Chamber of Sanctuary

Drop down into the stairway and climb them to the next sealed door, as well as another Safe Room. Enter the next area to find some big sculptures, which are quite fascinating. As soon as you regain control, go south and hop the gap to find a locked chest, containing a Dogwatch Kimono , Black Rock and Turquoise . The northern path just has a random treasure, while the western one will lead to a door. Go through here and into a room with a giant hole in the floor.

There’s a door to your east, but sand is blocking you from going through it and the only other path is a crawlspace to the west. In this next area, take care of the two enemies before doing anything else, being careful that they are far enough apart to avoid having enemy reinforcements after finishing the first battle. There is a chest in the center of the room, but there’s a spiked floor trap in front of it, so you can’t reach it. You will find two doors on the southern side, both leading to the same room.

Other than an enemy, the only other thing in the room is a button, so go ahead and press it to deactivate those spikes near the chest, which contains a Dust-Crusted Gear . Now, head to the northwestern area of the square room to find two paths, one going up and another that requires you to crawl through a hole. Climb the sarcophagi first and hit the button at the end to fire a ballista, which destroys a wall. Return to the area below and crawl through the hole, watching out for the two guards in the room beyond.

There will be two rooms off to the side of the one with two enemies, one to the north and another to the west. Enter the northern room and use your Third Eye to see that one of the sarcophagi is highlighted. Investigate it to find a button, which you should push and open up another sarcophagus somewhere. Double back to the room where you crawled out of the hole to find it, which houses another button. Push this to open a secret room, where you will find an Anubis state that is holding a Sanctuary Gem .

Grab it and when you go back into the previous room, an enemy will spawn, so watch out for it. Remember that western door you didn’t use? Go through it now and at the end, you will find a pedestal. Place the Sanctuary Gem on the pedestal, which will create a path over the giant hole below, so drop down and go through the eastern door. You will come to a room with two enemies in it, but you can use the pillars in there to ambush them (make sure they’re not too close when you do). After clearing them out, open the locked chest for a Retention Vest , Turquoise and Ruby .

There’s no other exit in the room except in the southeast, so go through that door and you will find a Safe Room. Enter the other room at the end of the hall to find Futaba again, who will toss a miniboss at you. This is the same Coffin-borne God as earlier, except it will have two enemies with it off the bat, although they are two you have probably fought a number of times already. It should be a pretty easy battle this time, since you should be much stronger than earlier. Once the battle is over, look behind you for a sarcophagus you can use to reach a ledge, where you can grab another Sanctuary Gem .

Go back to where Futaba was and climb up to the ledge there, then look for some green holographic platforms you can jump across in the one room. Once you cross over, drop down to a small area to find a pedestal to insert the Sanctuary Gem. This will create a holographic path right next to you, which you want to use to get to the stairs with the mirror reflecting the beam in the north. Follow this path and the beam to a room where you will find one more chest, containing an Ignis Ring . Head through the doorway and hop across the statues, making sure to grab the one chest to the east ( Timeworn Armor ) before going through the final doorway.

Inspect the reflective panel to get another mural puzzle, this time with a total of ten pieces, five on the top row and five on the bottom. Luckily, there are borders on some of the pieces, making it easier to know which ones go where. The pieces will be numbered 1-5 from left to right for the top row, and 6-10 from left to right on the bottom row. Start by moving piece #8 to the seventh slot, then rotate piece #9 to the left and put it in the eighth slot. Rotate piece #9 to the right and place it the tenth slot, then rotate the piece in the ninth slot twice.

Pick the piece in the sixth slot and rotate it so the border is on the right, then place it in the fifth slot. Take the piece in the fourth slot and put it in the sixth, rotating it so the border is on the left. Next is the piece in the second slot, which goes one over to the left, to the first slot. Rotate piece #2 now to connect Futaba’s head with her body. For the last step, rotate the piece in the fourth slot to match the body and put it on the third slot, which should now finish the puzzle. To give a quick recap:

  • Move Piece 8 to the seventh slot
  • Rotate Piece 9 to the left and move to eighth slot
  • Rotate Piece in ninth slot to the right and move to tenth slot
  • Rotate Piece in ninth slot twice
  • Rotate Piece in sixth slot so border is on right, then move to fifth spot
  • Move Piece in fourth slot to the sixth, then rotate so border is on left
  • Move Piece in second slot to the first slot
  • Rotate Piece in second slot so Futaba’s head is in the correct position
  • Rotate Piece in the fourth slot to match the body, then place it in the third slot

This will open the last sealed door, so drop down and approach the final door to realize you can’t get in without the real Futaba’s permission. You are essentially done with Futaba’s Palace for now, but you can stick around and grind if you want to do that. If you don’t have a lot of the materials for the Eternal Lockpick, it might not be worth it to continue fighting for them. A good level to be for the upcoming boss fight is probably around 33-34. If you’re going to grind for a bit, then it might be a good idea to work on the next Persona for the Strength Confidant.

Neko Shogun is an advanced fusion that requires Anzu, Sudama and Kodama. Anzu can be gotten from inside Futaba’s Palace and actually learns Dekaja (the skill needed) at level 28; you can use Gallows and grinding to get it to that level. You might have run into Kodama and Sudama in Mementos (Aiyatsbus and Chemdah, respectively), but you can also fuse them. Kodama has a number of fusions, such as Berith + Agathion, Hua Po + Bicorn, or Fuu-Ki + Queen’s Necklace. The same can be said for Sudama, such as Nekomata + Mokoi, Shiisaa + Kusi Mitama, or Oni + Slime. Once you have all of the necessary ingredients, fuse Neko Shogun and show it to the twins to level up the Strength Confidant to rank 6.

Important: You’re going to want a lot of money once you leave this place, probably around 400,000 yen or so. Hopefully, you got a lot from the last trip to Mementos and haven’t spent it all yet.

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