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Persona 5

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How the Mighty Have Fallen

Jarrod Garripoli

October 11th-13th

The next few days will be mostly filled with cutscenes, but on the 11th, you will receive a question during class. The correct answer is “A,” giving you a point in Knowledge. Plenty of things will happen and right before you go to bed, your Fool Confidant will increase once more. On the 12th, you learn about your next target (it’s a bit of a surprise) and your Judgement Confidant will increase to rank 5. There’s nothing too big that happens on the 13th, as far as gameplay goes, although you do learn that you have exams coming up next week.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Spaceport of Greed Destroyed

Complete the Spaceport Palace.

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October 14th

You will finally get your free time back today, as well as a new Mementos request from Mishima after school, The Killer Who Cleans Up Trash . Once you regain control, head on over to Big Bang Burger and take the Big Bang Challenge, which should hopefully max out your Guts now. The guide will continue as if it did, since you will be needing max Guts tomorrow night. At night, if you still need Kindness, you can feed your plant some nutrients.

The biggest thing, besides your nighttime activity, is that Tanaka’s Shady Commodities will have some new dirty armor (Seedy Gear and Smokestained Armor) available for purchase (1,000 yen each). These will be slightly better than the previous set available, so purchase them to get some upgrades for your team. If you don’t have a Hierophant Persona, head to the Velvet Room and get one, as you will need it tonight (also make sure you have Hanged Man, Tower and Hermit Personas, too). When you’re ready, go and hang out with Sojiro.

October 15th

There isn’t much extracurricular stuff to do today, so head straight to hanging out with Shinya after school. Note that it appears you might get a Mementos request from this session, but it won’t happen quite yet, and you do rank up.

For your evening activity, you will be hanging out with Iwai. Note that you need max Guts in order to be able to do this. You will receive a new Mementos request, titled Shady Deal in the Shadows .

October 16th

If you still need any Kindness, you can purchase the Aojiru drink from the Underground Walkway today, assuming you’ve bought every other drink in the game thus far. However, by this time, you should have all of your Social Stats maxed out, so it doesn’t matter and is a waste of time and money to do this. You will be hanging out with Futaba during the day, so head over to Leblanc’s entrance to find her.

At night, you will be hanging out with Sojiro. You will receive a new Mementos request during this, The Money-Grubbing Uncle . This request is a bit different than the others, as you will see later on when you do it. You can prepare a little bit by making a Persona that is strong against physical attacks and has something like Diarama or Diarahan (you will be doing this in about two weeks, so you have time to prepare). Also, this will lock both Sojiro’s and Futaba’s Confidants until you complete the request.

October 17th-21st

The 17th is the first day of your exams and you should know the structure of them by now. You will be asked questions on the first three days, similar to the ones asked during class, then you will have a Knowledge check on the final day (20th). Considering you should have Knowledge maxed out by now, you should have no trouble getting the top score if you answer all of the other questions correctly.

  • First day - Name of the one who proposed it; A doctor; It could execute people quickly
  • Second day - It has thirty-two faces; Slave labor
  • Third day - Phantom Vibration Syndrome; The Imperial Household Agency
    After your exams are over, you will see some scenes and then be at home. There’s nothing you can do, so head straight to bed. On the 21st, there will be nothing but scenes, so you don’t have to worry about anything. When you get home in the evening, head straight for bed.

October 22nd-24th

You will be asked a question during class on the 22nd, with the correct answer being “Five,” earning you a point in Knowledge. Sit back and watch the scenes that occur during the remaining portion of the day and when you regain control, it will be night. If you ordered some goods from Shady Commodities on the 14th (you should have for the new armor), it will come tonight when you get home. Your activity for the night will be hanging out with Mishima, who is in Akihabara.

On the 23rd, there will be more scenes during the day, once again leaving you with nothing to do until the night. Speaking of that, if there’s any customers in Leblanc, go ahead and get rid of them, then read Call Me Chief (first time) at the counter. On the 24th, you will be asked a question in class, with the correct answer being “It’s meaningless,” earning you a point in Knowledge. When lunchtime rolls around, you will see the results of the recent exam and if everything went well, you should be the top of your class.

You should receive a shiny new trophy for this (Mask of an Honor Student), as well as three points in Charm; your physical reward will come later. After school, you will automatically go home to Leblanc, where a scene will occur and your Justice Confidant will rank up. When you regain control, clear the place of customers and read Call Me Chief at the counter (second time).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Mask of an Honor Student

Rank first place on your exams.

Trophy icon

October 25th-27th

October 25th is the first day of the Culture Festival at your school and will be filled with nothing but cutscenes. Head straight to bed at night and the second day of the festival will be a little more eventful, as not only will you get another rank in the Justice Confidant, but you will be able to spent some time with one of your friends. This choice has no impact on the story and you will receive an item from the person (ex. Ann gives an item that restores 100 SP to a single ally). There will be more scenes after that, as well as on the following day of the 27th.

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