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Persona 5

Mental Shutdowns (1)

Jarrod Garripoli

September 1st

School is back in session starting today, where you learn about the school trip to Hawaii, of all places! If you’ve progressed the Temperance Confidant enough, then Kawakami will ask you to come to the guidance office, where you’ll receive another Mementos request, A Teacher Maid to Suffer . More scenes will occur, then you’ll be back at home during the evening. Head out and purchase the Broken Laptop (500 yen) from the second-hand store near Leblanc, then go to hang out with Sojiro.

September 2nd

You will finally gain back your ability to do something during the daytime, although reconditioning Futaba wasn’t so bad. Visit the library when you gain control and take out the Cry of Cthulhu book, which is related to Futaba. Now, travel to Akihabara to check out the stores, with most of them being closed at night, so you will want to come here during the day. Some of them sell gifts, which you can give to your Confidants, but two of the stores stand out a little bit more than those.

The one in the upper right corner is the Retro Game Shop, which has two games you can purchase right now. The other store is the Old Machine Parts Store (the wrench icon), which has something in your interests, the PC Tool Set. Pick this up (8,000 yen) and you will be able to repair that broken laptop you bought from the second-hand store near Leblanc (you did buy that, right?). If you only have so much money, forgo the games for now and pick them up later. The arcade will become important later on, so keep a note of it, but the other things aren’t really important.

Anyway, when you’re finished, go to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading for Sojiro, then go and hang out with Yusuke.

During the night, you can actually make curry, but call over Kawakami to make some for you instead of doing it yourself, as this would use up the time slot. When you’ve done that, go up to your room and over to your work desk, where you will have the option to fix the broken laptop. Since your Proficiency is so high, it will be fixed in one evening. Doing this will give you two Proficiency points, as well as an cameo from someone who was in both Persona 3 and 4. That’ll bring the night to a close.

September 3rd

During class, you will be asked a question, with the correct answer being “Nothing,” netting you a point in Knowledge. There will be some scenes after, then it will be nighttime. Head upstairs to your room and to the work desk, where you can finally access the laptop you fixed. You will be able to shop at Tanaka’s Shady Commodities, which functions a little differently than a normal store. First off, whenever you purchase (an entire transaction) something from it, you will be unable to purchase anything else until that first transaction arrives.

The other thing special with Shady Commodities is that the more you spend, the more items that will become available later on. The first threshold is 10,000 yen, the second 50,000 yen and the final one is 100,000 yen. Feel free to buy whatever you want, assuming you have money left and keeping in mind you’ll be visiting Mementos in a few days (where you will be getting a lot more money). Now, head on over to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading for Hifumi, then respond to Iwai’s text to hang out with him.

September 4th

You will receive a text from Mishima, talking about someone who is cheating at some arcade, netting you another Mementos request, Winners Don’t Use Cheats . You should have 12 requests now, which means your next trip to Mementos is going to be quite busy. Look at your IMs to see that Hifumi will be unavailable because of the school trip (she goes to Yusuke’s school). There will be a few things to do before you decide on your afternoon activity. First, go to Shinjuku and get a reading for Iwai. If you have the money, you can also get one for Knowledge, but that’s entirely up to you.

Now, travel to the Underground Walkway and purchase the drink there for a point in Knowledge (2 points if you did a Luck Reading). Next up it the arcade on Central Street. Talk with the person on the left with a speech bubble, questioning about the “cheater” to update your Winners Don’t Use Cheats request (game might not say it updated, but it did). Head on over to the Velvet Room and pick up a Hermit Persona, as you will be needing it right now when you hang out with Futaba. She can be found right in front of Leblanc. Note that you need Kindness at rank 4 to do this.

If you don’t have any Mega Fertilizers left, go to Shinjuku and purchase them (the Flower Shop is only open at night there); two to three should be good. Afterwards, go and hang out with Iwai.

September 5th

After school, go ahead to Shinjuku and get another Affinity Reading for Iwai, then go and hang out with Futaba again.

You should see that Sojiro is ripe for a rank up, but you can’t do anything with him, due to needing a rank 5 in Kindness. So, it’s probably a good idea to go and work on that. The best method is to go get a Luck Reading for Kindness, then order a Nostalgic Steak at the Diner, as this will get you two Kindness and two Knowledge (you’re going to need Knowledge rank 5 for the Star Confidant later on). You could also work at the Flower Shop in the Underground Mall, but that only gets you Kindness.

September 6th

You will be asked a question in class, with the correct answer being “Chronostasis,” netting you a point in Knowledge. You’re going to be going into Mementos today and while most of the money you get will come from confusing the bosses, you can get some extra help by getting a Money Reading from Chihaya. Basically, if you finish a battle with an All-Out Attack, then the money you get will increase. When you’re ready, go to your hideout, “View Requests” to get up to date on them all, then enter Mementos.

Passionate Listener Trophy

Futaba is now a part of your team and is your navigator, basically pointing out stuff like weaknesses/strengths of enemies in combat. Since she’s now available, you can begin “working” on the Passionate Listener trophy, which is one of the more annoying ones in the game. You will need to hear at least 250 unique lines from Futaba in order to get this trophy. This is the reason why you purchased those Sikkenine items before, as they force debuffs on a single character, triggering a unique line from Futaba and making it easier on yourself.

Outside of that, it’s a good idea to rotate characters in and out of your party to hear different lines. Note that if you’re trying to get an enemy to cast an ailment on one of your characters, you cannot just guard, as guarding will make it so no ailments can stick. You also want to be careful with your equipment, too, as some might have resistances to ailments. Lastly, it might be a good idea to start from the very beginning of Mementos, so as to get some extra lines from encountering weak enemies.

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