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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 10-04-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 28-09-2020 / 19:11 GMT

November 14th

You will get a seat on the train in the morning, so use the opportunity to read Buchiko’s Story, netting you three points in Kindness. Scenes will happen today, where you visit the courthouse and see Sae in the courtroom, which will trigger something to happen in Sae’s Palace. You automatically go there after the courthouse scene, so travel to the Members Floor safe room and take the elevator back up to the High Limit Floor to continue where you left off last time.

House of Darkness

Once you get here and have control, go to the north end for another Safe Room, then approach the counter to learn of the two games on this floor, as well as get another 1,000 coins. Head through the door above the counter to find a scale-shaped bridge, which requires 100,000 coins to operate, so you now have a goal in mind. Make sure you loot the locked chest nearby for a Bead Chain and Sapphire before heading back to the lobby. There are two games here, the House of Darkness to the west, and the Battle Arena to the east.

Despite the illusion of a choice, you are shoehorned into going with the House of Darkness first, as you need a 10,000 coin entry fee for the Battle Arena. When you enter the House of Darkness door, you see that the place is pretty much pitch black, so it’s going to be a bit difficult to navigate a maze under these conditions (the map is also disabled for this section, by the way). However, you can use Third Eye to get a good view of the place, including the Shadows inhabiting the hallways. The place is fairly linear, though, so it’s impossible to get lost in the first section.

At the end, you’ll come to a bigger room that has some “people” in it, and there will be a locked door that’s next to a vent. Crawl through and jump down, going through the door that’s right next to where you land. This path is linear and will eventually lead to a dead end with a chest ( Fortress Belt ). Return to where you dropped down and continue on until you see a hallway with some flashing blue lights. There’s another similar path near that one, with the same blue lights that’s going south (on your map), leading to a door that’ll bring you to a chest ( Balm of Life ).

Go back and take the other path, being mindful of the enemy Shadow, until you come to a sign that you can climb. Note that there’s a door on the southern side of this room that’ll bring you to a light-filled room. Climb the sign in the darkness and through the vent, taking the door that doesn’t lead to the light area, which ends up winding around to another door that has a Model Gun in a chest. This path also leads to the locked door from earlier, so open it if you want. Return to where you saw the sign you could climb after emerging from the second vent and go into the light-filled area.

Opposite of the next door you need to take is a locked chest that contains a Morose Collar , Topaz and Magic Ointment . Now, head through the western door to spot the guard from earlier, who erects a card-based wall, blocking your progress. The door on the southern side is locked, but luckily, there’s a vent nearby that you can use. Emerge into a small room and when you exit, watch out for the Shadow in the hallway. Go through the door to your west and down the stairs, which is where you would’ve ended up if you jumped off the top floor. Follow this path up some stairs and loot the locked chest for a Soma and Sapphire , then go through the door. Use the keycard on the panel to open the card-wall, then head through the western door to find a Safe Room and a miniboss.

The Snake King can prove to be a little challenging, simply because it has no weaknesses (don’t use electrical skills). However, it can still be crit with a physical attack, so something like Lucky/Miracle Punch can be extremely useful in this fight. The boss itself has Ziodyne and Mazionga, so hopefully you don’t have anyone weak to lightning. When it gets lower on health, the Snake King will like to use Concentrate in conjunction with its spells, so it might be a good idea to guard on those turns he does use it. After the battle, you will get your 10,000 coins and have the option to return to the lobby, so go ahead and do that.

Battle Arena

If you have extra coins, check out the prizes at the counter. The gun is a stronger one for Akechi, while the Tyche Charm gives a nice ten Luck and the last accessory is nothing special. Purchase whatever, but make sure you still have 10,000 coins, as you need that much for the entrance fee to the Battle Arena, which is where you’re heading next. Before entering the Battle Arena, make sure you have Personas that have access to Psy and either Bless or Electric skills, as well as one that’s strong against or nulls lightning attacks. If the latter also blocks physical attacks, then you’re golden.

Enter the Battle Arena and talk to the clerk to join, where you will be pitted against three battles alone. That means that you won’t have access to All-Out Attacks, so it’s a good idea to check your SP levels and use any items to replenish it if it’s low. The first battle is against two Auspicious Pachyderms, which are weak to Psy skills. The second bout will have you fighting three Dancing Witches, which are weak to both Electric and Bless skills. These two battles should go off without a hitch, but the final one might prove a little more challenging.

For the third battle, you will be fighting a Thunder Emperor, who follows a pretty distinct pattern. He will begin by using Charge, wasting a turn to glare or prepare, then attack with Megaton Raid. On his next set of turns, he will use Concentrate, do another wasteful turn and then Ziodyne. He will follow this pattern until he is defeated, so you don’t have to expect any surprises. Watch your health and respond with any attacks other than electric ones. You will receive your 100,000 coins from the counter, which means you can now lower the scale-shaped bridge.

Return to the high limit lobby and take the door behind the counter to lower the bridge…or not. Shadow Sae tricks you, but she is outsmarted by Akechi, so you now have enough coins to lower the Bridge of Judgement. This leads to the Treasure Room, which means you are finished with this Palace, so head back to the entrance when prompted (note that you should have enough coins leftover to purchase all of the items from the counters on both floors). If you didn’t fuse Seth for the last rank of the Strength Confidant earlier, do that now, then return to the real world.

November 14th (Night)

When you get home from Sae’s Palace, get another massage from Kawakami to be able to do something tonight. You’re going to go to Ichigaya to fish, which should be your first time there. You have two reasons for doing this, one of which is to make another book available in Shinjuku, plus you want to be able to catch the Guardian of the Pond for its respective trophy. You will receive 7 Small Boilie for it being your first time there, which means you’ll be stuck reeling in seven small fish. To start, move your analog left or right and press X when you are lined up right with whatever fish you are aiming at (small on in this case).

Once you are lined up, a power meter will appear, which determines how far you will cast your line. It’s a little difficult right now to get the power just right, but that will change shortly, plus you can hit Circle to recast your line with no penalties. When the line is in the water, you need to wait to see if the fish bites or not, which you will know when you see the X button prompt appear on the screen. Once the fish bites, you need to reel it in, which you do by pressing X while the cursor at the bottom is in the red area (press left or right on the left stick to keep it in that red area).

Your maxed out Proficiency will allow you to fish seven times, meaning you should be able to catch seven small fish. Since this is your first time, the guy running the fishing spot will give you three Medium Boilie and the points you’ve accrued from the small fish should let you get four more Medium Boilies for next time. When you’re finished, it’s time to move onto the next day.

November 15th

You will receive a question during class today, with the correct answer being “They put makeup on him,” earning you a point in Knowledge. After school is over, head on over to Shinjuku and purchase the Essence of Fishing book from the store, then return to the school. The first stop here is the rooftop to receive the vegetables you had Haru planted the first time (you couldn’t get them on the 13th when they were available because school is closed on Sundays). You can grow more vegetables (same ones), which will be ready on the 21st.

When you’re ready to move on, go to the library and read the Game Secrets book, which will basically let you “cheat” at the video games you can play. At night, if you still happen to need Kindness and don’t have any Mega Fertilizers left, you can go purchase some more in Shinjuku, but you should be fine as it is. Alright, you will be playing more video games tonight, specifically Gambla Goemon for the second time. It is the same as last time, except you need to win two out of three times. You can opt to use the “cheat,” which makes it so you will always win, even if you pick the wrong option. You will get another two points for Charm, as well as finish playing that game.

November 16th

Warning: Today is the deadline for your first full trip into Sae’s Palace, as you will be unable to get to the Treasure Room until your second full visit.

Kawakami will get you some free time during class today, so use that opportunity to read the Essence of Fishing book, which will give you a few advantages when fishing. Of course, you’ll be seeing those advantages, as you will be going fishing after school. So, essentially, the Essence of Fishing book does two things, with the first being that you can use the Third Eye to see the silhouettes of the fish. Those that sparkle are the ones that will have tags on them, meaning they are worth double the points. The other benefit from the book is when you cast your line, a marker will appear that shows how far you will cast it, which is extremely useful.

So, your goal this time should be to catch a total of seven medium fish (you should have 7 Medium Boilies). This should give you enough points to purchase the 2,000 point fishing rod and some Top-Class Boilies for your next fishing trip. When you get home, save your game and go upstairs to play another video game. This time, you will be playing Power Intuition, which is probably the hardest one because of how finnicky it is. Basically, you will have to input a motion on the directional pad and then hit X at the end (Down, Down-Right, Right + X). Anyone familiar with Street Fighter should recognize this input as the Hadoken. Use the “cheat” to get more time, as you might need a few tries to get the timing right for it. Reload if you fail, then try again (two points for Guts when you succeed).

Tip: If you have a Vita, supposedly that will help with the inputs, as the directional pad is a little better on the device. Of course, this doesn’t help if you are playing the game on the PS3.

November 17th

Warning: There is a deadline today for you to get to the Treasure Room.

On the train, you will get a seat, so use this chance to read Cinema Treasures. During class, you will be asked a question, with the correct answer being “B,” netting you a point in Knowledge. After school, you will want to go to the library and read Flowerpedia. At night, you will be playing Power Intuition again, so make sure to save prior to starting it. For your second run at this, you will have the same input as last time, but then an additional one after that (Down, Down-Back, Back + X). The “cheat” will give you more time, so make sure you use it to help in case the inputs don’t register. You will once again get two points in Charm for finishing the second round.

November 18th

Your team will send out the calling card today automatically, but before that, the teacher will ask you a question during class, with the correct answer being “The summit of Mt. Fuji,” earning you a point in Knowledge. As already mentioned, your team will send out the calling card today automatically (you couldn’t send it out earlier), so you will be going back to Sae’s Palace tomorrow. That means you won’t be able to do anything at night, so use the opportunity to craft some infiltration tools. As with the last few times, you only really need to concentrate on those items you have not crafted yourself, to work towards the Craftworker trophy.

November 19th-20th

You will go straight to the Palace today, so make your way to the Treasure Room to trigger a scene. It seems that Sae as been planning this out, so when you regain control, go up the stairs and use the elevator to eventually get into a fight with Shadow Sae. The battle takes place in two phases, with the first one being more or less scripted, as you won’t be able to do much. The first round is free for you to do whatever, but it’s best to just stick with regular attacks to avoid wasting HP or SP.

Once Sae’s first turn rolls around, she will use Roulette Time, which is your cue to stop attacking or debuffing Shadow Sae. If you do this while the wheel is spinning, the person who attacked will have their HP reduced to 1. The good thing about the roulette wheel spinning is that Sae won’t attack, so you will have time to heal and buff your characters. The whole mechanic with the roulette will come into play on her next turn, where you need to place a bet on where the ball will land. The low-risk bet will have you deciding on either red or black, or the high-risk one, where you decide to bet on either the first, second or third set of numbers.

Depending on the actual bet itself (it appears on the screen behind her), you will get a benefit yourself if you win or Sae will get a benefit if you lose. There is a catch, though, on this first chance, as Sae will cheat, so you will lose no matter what. When asked how she did it, say you saw it and that there’s a glass lid. You’ll be asked to send someone to snipe the glass whenever she tries to cheat again, so pick a person, preferably one that isn’t needed like Makoto, since she has Mediarama. Since you won’t be able to lose this bet, make it a high-risk one. Once the second spin is over, the second phase of the battle will begin.

BOSS - Sae Leviathan Niijima

The true fight will begin and it will be a normal one at first. Sae has no weaknesses or strengths, so you can use your strongest attacks here. Before delving into strategies, it’s time to take a look at some of her attacks. Severing Slash is just a physical attack on a single target, and doesn’t seem to be that strong. Gatling Gun hits everyone multiple times, but the damage doesn’t seem too high here, either. Megidola might be an attack that’s familiar to you, as it deals Almighty damage (no way to block it); with Rakukaja in effect, it’ll probably deal around 70-90 damage to the party.

Sae is also prone to buffing herself with Tarukaja, which you want to counter right away with Tarunda, as her attacks don’t need to be any stronger. Later on in the battle, she can use Heat Riser, which is Tarukaja, Rakukaja and Sukukaja in one skill, so immediately debuff her. Eventually, she will go back to using Roulette Time, which means you want to stop attacking. This time, though, she won’t cheat, so you don’t have to do anything special to win. However, if you lose, that means the bet will be enacted on you, which can spell trouble if it’s something like SP or HP.

At this point, she will add Hundred Slaps into her repertoire, which can deal somewhere in the range of 150+ damage to a single character, with a chance of inflicting Dizzy. If she happens to get a critical, she might follow up with Dekaja to remove all of your buffs. When she gets lower on health, she will use Desperation, increasing her attack while lowering her defense. This will be followed on her next turn with Berserker Dance, her ultimate attack that deals a lot of damage. If you don’t think you can defeat her prior to this, guard with your whole team to mitigate the damage done to you.

Some scenes will happen after the battle, with your Justice Confidant increasing to rank 7. However, your victory is short-lived, as a ton of Shadows are converging on your location, so you decide to distract them on your own. This portion will play out just like the Prologue and isn’t really any different, except that you have your current Personas against the Sacrifical Pyrekeeper and you can see who is talking. Eventually, you will be back in the interrogation room with Sae Niijima, with an incredibly important decision coming up. Make sure you save when prompted.

Warning: The first few choices coming up will determine the ending you will receive, so make sure you choose carefully.

Sae will ask you to sell out your friends and if you want to continue playing, you don’t want to do this. Basically, say no or feign ignorance when she asks you about your teammates, people outside of your team and Goro Akechi. The responses after those three don’t matter and you’ll know you’re on the right track when you max out the Judgement Confidant. When you get an option to mention the phone, do so and ask her to show it to the traitor, who you should have an idea who it is because of the voice. More scenes will happen and your Justice Confidant will increase to rank 8 now.

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Casino of Jealousy Shut Down

Complete the Casino Palace.


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