November 21st-23rd

There will be a lot of dialog here, showcasing how everything went down, including the team’s plan to trick the traitor. Eventually, the conversation will switch over to finding out about the next Palace, so pick “The Diet Building” when prompted to answer. You will also learn of your next deadline, which is December 17th, right before the mastermind’s plan takes place. Once you regain control, you will have to go to bed, but you can speak with Futaba her to get some more explanations.

On the 22nd, you’ll receive some texts from people outside of your party whose Confidants you’ve maxed out, who seem to be worried about you after hearing the news (this will continue on the 23rd and 24th, too). There will be plenty of scenes here, with the party trying to figure out the keyword for the next Palace, but with no luck. Just go to bed whenever you have the option, as there is nothing else to do.

November 24th

Warning: Make sure you assign a fourth member to your party if you used a certain someone earlier, as the game doesn’t do it on its own.

Today is the day that you will finally get to visit the next palace, as you can guess the keyword of “is it a ship?” Head inside and once you regain control, go to the top of the stairs straight ahead to get into a fight with a Guard Dog of Hades. As one would expect from the name, it uses mainly fire attacks, as well as Megaton Raid. It is weak to ice, but absorbs fire and resists Nuke; it isn’t exactly hard to fell, so it won’t take too long to win. You will also want to be careful when using physical attacks on it, since it does have High Counter.

When the Cerberus (yes, it is a normal enemy in this Palace) is defeated, you’ll go back to exploring the place. Go north, watching out for the enemy, to find a chest at the dead end ( Black Kogatana ). There’s another chest on the southern side that contains a Corrupt Gear , so grab it and then go up to the third floor. There are a few breakables here, but nothing else, so continue to the top floor. Before going through the door on the eastern side, you should see a jump up to the chandelier. Do that and some more jumping to the top to find another chest ( Idaten Ofuda ).

Now jump back down and go through that door you saw before, bringing you to the Central Passage. Morgana says he smells the Treasure, so go straight ahead (you can deviate to the sides yet) and examine the door for a scene. The party will split up here to gain some information and you will need to talk to each of them to continue. There is one more thing you can find, though, which is a chest at the bottom of a staircase on the northern end of the map; it’s right by the Safe Room ( Model Gun ). After you talk to everyone, you will be directed to the safe room, where your party discusses the intel. That’ll be all you can do her today, so exit the Palace when you’re ready, then go to bed, as you can’t do anything at home.

Note: Make sure you have an Empress Persona before leaving the Palace, as you will be needing it tomorrow.

November 25th

You will finally be able to go back out today, although you still won’t be attending school. As mentioned at the beginning of November, the Sun and Temperance Confidants can no longer be leveled up, but you still have access to Kawakami’s services. You will receive a new Mementos request today from Mishima, titled Swindling Old Folk is Pretty Low. When you’re ready to go, head to your school, noting you can’t go inside and can only go to the School Gate. From there, you can “sneak” up to the rooftop and talk to Haru. First, get the vegetables you planted from before and plant some more (ready December 1st), then hang out with her.

Confidant: Pick either “Somebody’s telling the truth” or “Trust no one” for the first response, then “There has to be another way” for the second, and either “That doesn’t matter now” or “I don’t think so” for the final one.

At night, you’re going to be finishing up Power Intuition, but this one is the hardest one of them all, so make sure you save beforehand and use the “cheat” to get more time for the inputs. There will be three of them, with the first two being the same as the previous play sessions. The third input is quite a doozy and quite a roadblock for some people. You have to do a half circle from front to back, then hit right + X (Right, Down-Right, Down, Down-Left, Left, Right + X). It will likely take you a few tries, but you’ll eventually get it.

November 26th

Your first task today is to go and hang out with Futaba, which will push her Confidant to max rank. As usual, the responses don’t matter and Futaba’s Persona will evolve into Prometheus, learning Treasure Skimmer (lets you see if enemies have a rare item). You also gain the ability to fuse Ongyo-Ki, the ultimate Persona of the Hermit Arcana. At night, you will be hanging out and maxing Iwai’s Confidant, gaining the ability to fuse Attis, the ultimate Persona of the Hanged Man Arcana.

November 27th

Today is Sunday and there is actually something available on the shopping channel, which is two Hot Water Pouches for 9,800 yen, so purchase them if you want (resists Freeze ailment). You are going to be working on some video games for the next few days, when you’re not hanging out with Haru. During the day, go up to your room and start Golfer Sarutahiko. This game is pretty easy, as you push X to start a cursor on the bottom of the screen and then press it again to try and stop it when it gets in the yellow area. It doesn’t matter if you stop it on the red line or not, as you just need to be in the yellow section. The “cheat” slows down the cursor’s movement and you need to do the thing three times on your first try. You will gain two Proficiency for each time you succeed. At night, you will be playing it again, except you have to do it within three tries, although it’s possible to sink the ball within two tries.

November 28th

Go and hang out with Haru in the daytime, although you can use her text to go straight there instead of having to go to the school, then “sneak” to the rooftop.

Confidant: Choose whatever for the first response, “I had no idea” for the second, then either “That would be bad” or “Black like coffee?” for the third, anything for the fourth, and “Be strong, Haru” for the final one.

During the evening, you will be finishing up Golfer Sarutahiko. This time, you have four chances to get the ball into the hole. It is possible to get it within three tries, though.

November 29th

Today is going to be similar to yesterday, as you will be hanging out with Haru during the day, but you will have to go there manually.

Confidant: Pick whatever you want for the first choice, then either “That sounds really tough” or “What do you want to do?” for the second, and anything you want for the final two ones.

At night, you will be beginning a new game, Star Forneus. This one is very simple, as you just simply need to mash the X button. If you don’t use the cheat, then you have to mash it 25 times in seven seconds, but the cheat will cut it in half. This could be hard or easy, depending on how quickly you can mash a button. You will receive two points in Guts every time you complete a level in Star Forneus.

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