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Persona 5

Calm Before the Storm (1)

Jarrod Garripoli

November 3rd

Start off the day by hanging out with Shinya. You will be getting awfully close to maxing him out at this point.

At night, you will be hanging out with Mishima, with this being the final one. As usual, the responses given don’t matter and for maxing out the Moon Confidant, you will be able to fuse Sandalphon, the ultimate Persona of the Moon Arcana.

November 4th

You will be asked a question during class, with the correct answer being “The Holy Grail,” earning you a point in Knowledge. After school, you will be finishing up the Tower Confidant, so go and hang out with Shinya. The responses don’t matter and you will now be able to fuse Mada, the ultimate Persona of the Tower Arcana. During the evening, go to the counter at Leblanc and finish reading Reckless Casanova, netting three points in Charm.

November 5th

Today is going to be a busy day, as there will be quite a few things to do. You will have a seat on the train during the early morning hours, so use that opportunity to read the Chinese Sweets book, which unlocks the China Town hangout spot on your map. During class, you will get some free time, so use that chance to read Tokyo Shrines, which unlocks the Meiji Shrine hangout spot. This place works similarly to the Affinity Reading for Chihaya, but there’s a certain randomness to it for the increase in affinity, as you don’t always get the same result.

After school, you want to go to Jinbocho and purchase the Speed Reading book, which sounds exactly like its name. Go to Shinjuku next and get an Affinity Reading for Hifumi, then go and hang out with Futaba.

Since you did Iwai’s request earlier, you can continue his Confidant tonight, so go and hang out with him. You will get an invitation from Haru when you’re laying in bed, so decline it.

November 6th

You can check your TV today to see that the shopping channel has a Hachiman Belt for sale for 9,800 yen (high reduction for physical damage), so purchase it if you want. After that, head to Shinjuku and get another Affinity Reading for Hifumi, then hang out with Futaba. You will get a new Mementos request from this, titled Daughter’s Just a Meal Ticket , which you will be doing in a few days. At night, clear the restaurant of any customers, then read Speed Reading at the counter.

November 7th

Start off the day by getting another Affinity Reading for Hifumi, which should be the last now, then get an Empress Persona if you don’t have one. When you visit Haru on the school’s rooftop, you will mention of growing some vegetables. Right now, you have the choice between a Moonlight Carrot (full SP to one ally) or a Sun Tomato (100 SP to the entire party). Pick whichever you want and you will see the date when it will be finished. After doing that, hang out with Haru, noting you need rank 5 in Proficiency in order to do so.

At night, you will finally be able to rank up Hifumi, thanks to all of those Affinity Readings you did.

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