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Persona 5

Change of Heart (3)

Jarrod Garripoli

June 1st

It’s time to take a little break from dungeon diving and work on the social stuff while waiting for Madarame to have a change of heart. You’re going to need Personas of the Chariot, Lovers and Temperance Arcanas, so drop by the Velvet Room and pick some up if you don’t have any on you. While you’re on Central Street, go into the bookstore and purchase Vague, as you’ll be needing it soon. When you’re finished, it’s time to hang out with Ryuji.

In the evening, head on over to Central Street and look for Big Bang Burger. Enter it and you learn their Big Bang Challenge is only 500 yen. In order to pass the challenge, the tutorial mentions you will need Knowledge, Proficiency and Guts. No matter if you win or lose, you will increase your Guts, but if you do win, other stats may increase. Take the challenge and you will win, with your prize being a 2nd Mate Badge and a point increase to Guts, Knowledge, Charm and Proficiency. Not bad at all for only 500 yen.

June 2nd

During lunchtime, Ryuji will visit you and show you a flyer for a maid service. It looks like Operation Maidwatch is a go tonight, so you’re booked for your nighttime activity. After school, head to the convenience store and opt to work today, earning you either 2,300 or 3,800 yen, depending on your performance (seems to be completely random). At home, in the evening, don’t worry about Mishima’s text yet and check the TV for another trivia question, with the answer being “Probation officers are unpaid,” earning you a point in Knowledge.

Now, head on over to Mishima by answering his text and speak with him to start Operation Maidwatch. When asked a question, answer “You’re a genius, Ryuji!” to get some bonus points with his Confidant. Watch the scenes that unfold, answering however you like now, and you find out the true identity of the maid who is offering her “services” to you. That’ll be all for now and the next day will arrive.

June 3rd

On the train, you will be able to read something, so take this chance to read the thing you just bought, Vague. You will unlock a new hangout spot, Harajuku Takenoko Street, which you will visit very soon. After school, it’s time to take Morgana’s advice and talk to Ms. Kawakami about the whole maid service thing. You can find her in the hallway to the south of your classroom, where she is talking with Ms. Chouno. Say that you have a question for Kawakami to clear up Chouno’s suspicions and you’ll receive a phone number in which to call Kawakami for her services. The only thing is that you’ll have to use the pay phone downstairs in Leblanc and the services can get really expensive, as it will cost 5,000 yen each time.

You should have an IM from Ryuji, who you will ignore, as you will be spending time with Ann today. She can be found at the Underground Mall, so choose to go somewhere fun, bringing her to the newly opened Harajuku. You won’t rank up this time, but it will be like it was a rank-up event. Answer “Yeah” to the only question to get some points and you will also end up receiving an Idol Poster. During the evening time slot, call Kawakami on the phone downstairs in Leblanc (costing a whopping 5,000 yen). Answer whatever you want and you’ll establish the Temperance Confidant. At rank 1, you get the Slack Off ability, which will allow you to do other things during her class on certain days.

June 4th

During class, answer Ms. Chouno’s question with “They were brightly colored,” earning you a point in Knowledge. Go to the Underground Mall to hang out with Ann again.

At night, you will be asking Kawakami to come over once more, setting you back another 5,000 yen.

June 5th

Today is the big day that you will finally witness Madarame’s change of heart, which will take up all of your daytime hours. When you regain control at night, head to the Underground Walkway and purchase the drink there to increase your Charm by one point. Once you’re finished, go and hang out with Yoshida.

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Museum of Vanity Closes

Complete the Museum Palace.

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