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Persona 5

Mental Shutdowns (3)

Jarrod Garripoli

September 25th

Today is Sunday, which means you can go to the Underground Walkway in Shibuya to get the stat drink, although it’s Charm this time, which you should have already maxed out. However, the drinks are on a set rotation and if you don’t do it this time, then it will be Charm the next time you go. The TV has a shopping show today, which is selling an accessory named Sonic Socks (AGI +5), for 4,980 yen. Once you’re ready to go, head to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading for Hifumi, then hang out with Makoto (school gate). You will need to dig up some dirt on Eiko’s boyfriend, though, and will automatically go to Shinjuku. You’re looking for an Irritated Promoter, who is in front of the bookstore and tells you of his tricks.

At night, if you ordered from Tanaka on the 22nd, then you’ll receive your items tonight. Go ahead and order more stuff if you wish, possibly concentrating on the items that you can use to transmutate Personas into weapons/accessories, as well as the dirty armor. Alright, it’s time to go and hang out with Iwai for your nighttime activity.

September 26th

For today’s activities, start by answering Shinya’s IM and going to hang out with him. Remember that you will need a Persona of the Tower Arcana for this rank up and beyond.

If you ordered the Sonic Socks from the last TV shopping show, then they will come tonight. Your activity will be hanging out with Ohya in Shinjuku.

September 27th

Once you regain control, go to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading for Ohya, then head back to school to hang out with Makoto. The responses here don’t matter, as you will be getting her Confidant maxed out. Not only does her Persona change to Anat, it will also learn Evade Psy and you will now be able to fuse Cybele, the most powerful Persona of the Priestess Arcana. At night, you will be hanging out with Mishima, who is still in Akihabara, although you won’t rank up quite yet with him.

September 28th

You will have a seat on the train today, so take this opportunity to begin reading Woman in the Dark. During class, you will actually be asked three questions, with the answers being “Phantom,” “Vibration” and “Syndrome,” although you only gain a single Knowledge point. After school, head to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading for Iwai (do Ohya if you didn’t get the deepen message with the previous reading), then it’s time to hang out with Futaba.

When you get home in the evening, you’ll receive a box if you ordered from Shady Commodities the last time, so go upstairs and order some more if you want. While you’re upstairs, feed your plant some Mega Fertilizer, netting you three points in Kindness and possibly topping it off at Rank 5 (if not, you will still get more points towards this). You will be hanging out with Hifumi tonight and if you still need Knowledge, then head to Chihaya and get a Luck Reading for it. Otherwise, go and hang out with Hifumi.

September 29th

There will be another question at school, with the correct answer being “Fishermen of Nagaragawa,” earning you another point in Knowledge. If you had to do two Affinity Readings for Ohya to get the “deepen” message from Chihaya, then visit her again today to get a reading for Iwai (also get a Luck Reading for Knowledge if you need any). Otherwise, just go straight to Shinya to hang out with him.

When you get home, check out the TV for a trivia question (if you need Knowledge) and answer with “Divulging someone’s crimes,” netting a point in Knowledge. Next, go to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading for Shinya, making the next meeting a rank up. Once you’re finished with that, go ahead and hang out with Ohya, which will be the final one, so the responses don’t matter at all. You will gain access to Beelzebub, the ultimate Persona of the Devil Arcana.

September 30th

You will get some free time during class, thanks to Kawakami, so use this opportunity to finish reading Woman in the Dark. This will net you three points for Proficiency and should push it to rank 5, maxing it out. After school, it’s time to hang out with Takemi.

When evening rolls around, go and get an Affinity Reading for Takemi. You should also have an IM from Mishima, allowing you to finally rank up with him after your last interaction with him.

October 1st

Once school is finished, head on over to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading for Takemi, then go to Akihabara and hang out with Shinya.

If you bought stuff from Tanaka’s Shady Commodities the previous time, then it will come tonight, so you can go upstairs and purchase some more if you want. For your nighttime activity, you will be hanging out with Iwai.

October 2nd

Today is Sunday, so you will be able to do the usual things, including shopping on the TV. Check it out to find they are selling 20 Donut-Worry items (cures Fear) for 1,980 yen, so purchase them if you want. Likewise, you can purchase a drink at the Underground Walkway and if you’ve gotten every one so far, this one will increase Proficiency. Now, head to Shinjuku and get another Affinity Reading for Takemi, securing your next meeting as a rank up. You will finally be doing Okumura’s Palace today, so go and check out the item and weapon shops to see if you can upgrade any equipment. Also, go to Chihaya and get a Money Reading, which will be useful in the Palace. When you’re ready, go to the hideout and infiltrate the Palace.

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