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Jarrod Garripoli

June 25th

You will automatically go to the hideout after school, where you will discuss some things with the others. However, you’re not going to the Palace or Mementos today, so exit the hideout for now. If you have extra money, you should see Yon-Germain right next to where you exited the hideout. They are selling some Melon Pan for 1,000 yen (can only purchase one), which can fully revive a party member, so it’s a great deal. Now, return to your school and seek out Ryuji to hang out with him. The answers don’t matter here and if you’ve done everything up until now, you should reach rank 10. Not only does this finish off the Chariot Confidant, but you also gain the ability to fuse Chi You and Ryuji’s Persona will evolve into Seiten Taisei, learning Evade Wind.

That’s one Confidant down and many more to go. When you get home, call up Kawakami to come visit you. With this visit, you earn the ability to have free time in other teachers’ classes thanks to Kawakami’s help, which will be a huge burden when doing things like trying to read all books or if you need to make some Lockpicks for Palaces.

June 26th

Check out the TV, as there is a shopping show on today, where you have the chance to purchase two Uji Matcha Flans for 2,980 yen. These are gifts, which can be given to certain Confidants, which you shouldn’t need if you are following this guide, but it’s up to you if you want to buy them or not. When you’re done with that, go ahead to the Underground Walkway and purchase the Aojiru to get a point increase in Guts. For your Confidant, you’re going to be hanging out with Ann today, with an increase in her rank finally.

During the evening, you should have a text from Yoshida, which will be the nighttime activity. As usual, the Sun Confidant will rank up no matter what you choose, so there’s no reason to worry about it.

June 27th

The correct answer during class will be “Heavy rain,” netting you a point in Knowledge. After school, go and hang out with Yusuke, who will bring you to a new hangout spot, Ueno (a museum).

For your nighttime activity, travel to the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku and hang out with Ohya. Note that if you talk to Lala here, she will offer you some part-time work, but you need your Kindness to be at Empathetic and your Proficiency to be at Skilled. Neither of those are likely at that point right now, but it’s nice to know you have another source of income if needed.

June 28th

There isn’t really any planned activity for the after school time slot, so you are free to choose whatever you want. If you need to fix any Confidants, then you can do that. Yusuke is unavailable and you can’t really do anything with Takemi, since you need a higher Charm rank. Likewise, going to Leblanc will make it nighttime, so that would be wasted time. You could hang out with Ann, but you won’t rank up and there’s a chance to do that next month without having to worry about it.

That leaves a multitude of options still available to you, though, such as working one of your part-time jobs (flower shop or convenience store), eating at the Diner, or even doing something you’ve never done before, like the batting place in Yongen-Jaya (improves Proficiency). There is also studying, such as in the library (not worth it, since you get more points eating at the Diner). Whatever you choose to do, time will pass and you will be back at Leblanc. Look at your IMs to see one from Ohya, so respond to it to save yourself the 190 yen for the trip to Shinjuku.

June 29th

You will receive a question during class, with the correct answer being “Gold,” earning you a point in Knowledge. Today is finally the day to delve into Kaneshiro’s Palace. You will have two objectives here, with the main one being to get to the Treasure, which you will be able to do with just this one trip. It might be difficult, but if you have purchased the SP Adhesive 3 earlier in the guide, then that will make things a lot easier. The other objective here will be gaining a lot of money, which you will need coming up.

Remember that stone the fortune teller wanted to sell you for 100,000 yen? Well, that’s one of the goals you’re shooting for here, as well as some extra cash for other things, like social events and maybe purchasing a second (or more, depending on the amount of grinding you want to do) SP Adhesive 3, as well as some equipment. Your Sun Confidant should be high enough that you can get some decent yen from the Shadows during negotiations, although it’s random as to how much you get from them.

You will also want to figure out who you’re bringing into the Palace, especially since you have another party member. Ryuji is still good for physical attacks, although Yusuke isn’t too bad at them either. Ann is great, simply because her magical prowess is good and she has access to Tarunda. Makoto and Morgana can be interchangable, but Makoto is stronger and Morgana has access to Media right now. Just remember to cover the elements of the allies you don’t bring along with your own Personas (ex. having Garu on a Persona if you don’t bring Morgana).


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