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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 10-04-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 29-05-2020 / 12:40 GMT

Persona 5 Guide

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Mementos Massacre

You will be using the same strategy of confusing specific bosses in order to farm for money here in Mementos. That means you need a Persona with something like Pulinpa, preferably Confuse Boost to help, and some Luck. Onmoraki has both Pulinpa and Confuse Boost (learns the latter at level 15), but it has horrendous Luck, so you will want to fuse to get another Persona. Note that getting your Luck increased via leveling a Persona up is completely random, so it's best to save right before you do any fusion. One decent Persona that has good Luck that can inherit both skills is Sandman.

Alright, it's finally time to dive back into Mementos. The first boss you will face is in Aiyatsbus Area 5, and is Shadow Sakoda. He is pretty easy, since you should be in the mid-to-upper 30s, so he shouldn't give you much trouble. He only attacks and does Mabufu, so be careful if you've brought Ann along in your party. Sakoda is not susceptible to confusion, so just beat him up to quickly end things. You will receive the Evil Snow Crystal after defeating him, which lets you fuse Black Frost as a Persona.


The next target is in Chemdah Area 1 and is Shadow Odo. As far as his moves, he knows Assault Dive, Masukunda (party-wide evasion/accuracy debuff) and Charge. The last one makes it so his next physical attack deals more damage than usual. He resists physical attacks, so try to use magic to deal big damage. The best thing about him is that Odo is susceptible to confusion, so you can spend a little bit of time getting some money from him. For winning, you will get Chinese Sweets , which is a book you can read.

Luckily, you won't have to go far for the next target, which is Shadow Oyamada on the very next floor (Chemdah Area 2). It appears that Oyamada just likes to spam Megido, although he can also buff his attack with Tarukaja. He also knows Concentrate, which boosts his next magic attack. As with Odo, Oyamada is susceptible to confusion and once you're done with milking him for every penny he's worth, use physical attacks to finish him off. He nulls Bless and Curse, drains Ice and is strong against all other elements. With this boss down, you will be able to resume the Death Confidant once you return to the real world. You will receive a Mediarama skill card for defeating him.

You will encounter the next boss in Area 7 of Chemdah, meaning you have a bit of a trek from the previous one. There will be two bosses here, with Mr. Takase being the only one susceptible to confusion. Mrs. Takase knows Masukukaja, Bufudyne, Mabufula and Diarama, making her the more troublesome of the two, especially since you can't confuse her. She is weak to fire, so use that against her to quickly bring her down. As for Mr. Takase, he knows Zionga, Mazionga, Rising Slash and Heat Wave; he is weak to Psy attacks. You will receive an Envy Chain for defeating the pair, and will be able to continue the Temperance Confidant when you return to the real world.

The last floor of Chemdah will hold another boss, Shadow Mogami. Just concentrate on defeating her, as she can't be confused. She's a little tougher than the previous bosses, as she has more health and can be an annoyance. She'll begin the fight with Stagnant Air, making everyone more susceptible to ailments. Brain Shake does medium physical damage, but it can also inflict Brainwash, one of the nastier ailments in the game, as that character will do everything in their power to aid the boss, like buffing or healing it. She can also debuff your party's defense with Marakunda. For defeating her, you will receive a Sticky Hairball , allowing you to fuse Bugs (the same Shadow you just fought).


This area will have things getting a little tougher, as the enemies you will encounter will be from Kaneshiro's Palace. There will also be a new Shadow here, Choronzon, which is weak to Bless skills. Your next target is also in Area 1, Shadow Tsuboi, and he isn't susceptible to confusion. As with Mogami, he will also open up with Stagnant Air, then will usually follow it up with Flash Bomb on his next turn, which can cause Dizzy (accuracy down). In addition, he also knows Mudo, which can instantly kill one of your characters, should it manage to connect. For winning, you will receive a Blood Scimitar .

The next target will be in Area 3, Shadow Fukurai, who will be your toughest challenge in this expedition. Not only does he have a lot of health and high defense, but he can use Brain Jack, attempting to Brainwash your entire party. This means that not only will they attack each other, but they will use debuffs on your party and buffs/heals on the boss. He also has access to Eigaon and Mapsio, the latter of which does technical damage if you're Brainwashed (Psiodyne is also in his repertoire). Fukurai doesn't seem to use Mapsio unless everyone is Brainwashed, though, so if you have someone like Makoto guard the entire fight, then you should be fine.

Makoto guarding is also a great strategy, since she should have Energy Shower, which cures Brainwash. You will want to keep Tarunda on Fukurai at all times, although bringing Ann along can be annoying because of her possibly healing the boss. While Ryuji would be good, having Yusuke in place of him is even better, because Fukurai is weak to Ice (and Bless). Should Yusuke still have Rising Slash, you can knock the boss down with the MC, then Baton Pass to him and use that skill, which should hit for some big damage. Your reward for winning is a Prophet's Hand (weapon for Makoto), as well as the ability to continue the Fortune Confidant when you return to the real world.

Shadow Naguri will be your next target, in Area 5 and he can be a little bit of a challenge. However, that challenge is negated, due to the fact that he can be confused. He seems to take more damage than usual from physical attacks, but he does have Counter, so you will need to be careful with those. As for skills, he has Assault Dive and Swift Strike, the latter of which is the more powerful one, since it hits multiple times. You will get a Charge skill card for your troubles, which is great for a physical-based Persona.

In Area 8 is where you'll find the next boss, Shadow Kishi (confusion is a no-go). Overall, he's not too tough, despite having access to Brain Shake (can Brainwash a single target). His health is pretty low, though, considering the last few bosses, meaning he should go down rather quick. However, you want to kill him quickly, as he can use Diarahan to refill his health completely. Him being weak to Bless skills will definitely make the battle go faster. Your reward for changing his heart will be another book, titled Theme Park Escort .

You won't have to go far to encounter your next boss, who is Shadow Honjo in Area 9. He can't be confused and he will regen his SP each round, just like you with your SP Adhesives. He only has enough SP to cast Megidola (stronger version of Megido) once before he will usually resort to Flash Bomb. Being weak to wind, though, will make the battle go much faster, especially with the All-Out Attacks dealing some huge damage. Your reward for this boss is an Invigorate 3 skill card , as well as the ability to continue the Devil Confidant when you get back to the real world.

Area 10 is the end of Kaitul and where you'll encounter Shadow Jochi, the next boss. This will be another pretty easy boss, as he is weak to electricity, plus he can also be confused. However, he can hit fairly hard, especially with Rampage, so it might be good to debuff his attack with Tarunda. He can also supplement this with both Charge and Rebellion, the latter of which raises his critical hit rate, something that can prove quite devastating. There is also Sledgehammer, but that's the least worrisome attack. You will receive a new book, titled Shitamachi Reborn .


This is the final area you will be able to explore for now and you will encounter enemies from Futaba's Palace here. You will encounter a new Shadow here, named Pisaca, which is weak to both Fire and Bless. The final boss you can confront right now is in Area 5, Shadow Nejima. If you noticed that "wound me" was in red, you will figure out shortly that you can't actually hurt him. So, all you can really do is buff your defense and just guard until the battle is over on its own, making sure to heal when necessary. You'll be back at the entrance of Mementos, but try to go back and finish up Akzeriyyuth (12 floors), making sure to avoid Nejima.

That's about all you can do here in Mementos, so you can actually leave if you want. However, you may want to stick around to farm some materials for the Eternal Lockpick, especially since Aluminum Sheets as random items in the final area and you can encounter Anubis enemies in the final few floors, too. It might take a bit of time, but it shouldn't be too long nor too difficult, despite the Anubis not having any weaknesses.

The other thing you can do here is work on the Strength Confidant, with your next goal being to create a Lachesis with Tetraja. The only Persona with this skill at your current level is Principality, who is level 29 and he starts with it. You can fuse him in a variety of ways, such as Yaksini + Eligor, Nue + High Pixie, or Orthrus + Kodama. Fuse Principality with Yaksini to get Ame-no-Uzume, then with Isis to get Lachesis, making sure you bring along Tetraja the entire time. Show it to the twins, and your next task will be to bring them a Hecatoncheires with Masukunda, which might be just out of your reach for now. Once you leave and get home, head straight to bed.

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