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King of the Castle

Jarrod Garripoli

April 20th

This is going to be a very long day, but before you get to the main event, you’ll have the opportunity to read another book on the train to school, so finish off Pirate Legend to gain three Guts points. On the walk to the school, you overhear some girls talk about the job magazines at the train station, which is another thing you should have come across as you follow this guide; you also get some texts from Ryuji on this same subject.

After class is over, travel to the library and return Pirate Legend, then take out Zorro, the Outlaw. Alright, it’s time to dive into Kamoshida’s Palace and while the following will be a full walkthrough of the place, it’s a very challenging endeavor and might be better for you to split it up into two separate ventures. Don’t forget that this guide is more of helping hand than something you have to follow to the letter, especially on a first playthrough. When you are ready to go, head to the rooftop of the school.

Persona Fusion

Note that before you infiltrate a Palace, you can hold a meeting with your friends and go over the strategy. Also, when you exit a Palace, it will be nighttime and you pretty much are exhausted and go to sleep. At the entrance to the Palace, you are sucked into the Velvet Room and taught about Persona Fusion. There’s some deeper mechanics than written here, but for right now, you can take any two Personas you have and fuse them to create a new one. However, you can’t fuse a Persona that is of a higher level than your main character’s and the ingredients you use are lost.

That brings up a second point, the Persona Compendium. Anytime you recruit or fuse a new Persona, they will automatically be registered in the Compendium in the Velvet Room at their base level and stats. As you level up Personas and learn new skills, you have the option to register (and override) the entry already in the Compendium. If you get rid of that Persona, you can resummon it into your inventory, but it will cost you money. The price is determined solely by the stats of the Persona that has been registered. Note that you are required to fuse a new Persona before you can leave.

Your Fool Confidant will also rank up to level two, earning you one of the more useful abilities in the game, Third Eye. Hold down L1 to activate this in both the real and Metaverse worlds, allowing you to see things you couldn’t before. As an example, in Palaces, you will be able to see some normal items like vases and boxes as highlighted in yellow. Interact with these and you will gain treasure items that you can sell for money, as well as other useful items sometimes.

Kamoshidas Treasure

Exit the Velvet Room and enter the Palace via the hidden entrance. Go into the hallway and use your Third Eye to see the yellow-highlighted urn by the door. Break it to get an item (the items are random), then enter the room on the left to find another vase. Make your way back to the last Safe Room you found, then enter the one door at the end of the hallway there to find yourself in a small room with two enemies.

Take them out and look around the room to find three breakables, two of which are on top of shelves (two barrels and a wooden box). There’s another enemy in the next hallway and beyond that, a spiraling staircase. At the top, there will be another enemy in the hallway and as soon as you enter, you will receive a tutorial about hiding behind objects, which is something you first saw in the Prologue. Hiding behind stuff is one of the best ways to get an ambush on an enemy, so utilize it often.

The first door you see in this hallway is locked, so ignore it and keep going down the hallway, noting there’s another enemy around the corner. At the far end is another door, which is open, bringing you into a room with the center surrounded by bars. Using Morgana’s hint about Joker’s observational skills (Third Eye), you see footprints leading to specific chains that are connected the bars. Pull the first one that’s glowing to have nothing happen, then follow the tracks around to a second that will raise the bars. Head into the center and pick up the Castle Map , which will display some of the unexplored areas in red.

Use the other door in this room to come to another long hallway with a few more enemies, then you’ll arrive in the upper area of the entrance hall. The way north is blocked by more bars, with the switch being on the opposite side so head to the south end to see that you can climb. Follow this path to some chandeliers, with an enemy appearing on the middle one. You can trick one into disappearing by heading back to where you first climbed up, then returning to the middle chandelier. Make your way to the other end and jump down, where you’ll find some more bars and another Safe Room (Central Hall 2F) in the next area.

Right outside of the Safe Room is a locked chest and considering you only have one Lockpick, don’t bother opening it, as the item inside ( Gold Breastplate ) isn’t that good. As you enter the next hallway, you will receive a short tutorial about using Third Eye to determine enemy strength. Look at the enemy on the field and their color determines their overall level; red means they are of a higher level, yellow around the same level, and blue a lower level. Now, you will start encountering stronger enemies here, so you’ll want to look at the chart above.

You will want to look out for Troublesome Housemaid (Silky), not because it is dangerous, but because this Persona is one that has access to the Bufu (ice) spell. The reason you want this is because of the Brutal Cavalryman (Berith), who has some nasty physical attacks, one of which can deliver 80+ damage to a single character. Of course, this enemy is weak to Bufu, so that’s why having a Persona with access to it will go a long way, especially as you’ll run into Berith more often deeper into the dungeon.

Back to the dungeon, follow the hallway, taking out any enemies along the way. As you reach the stairs, be mindful of the enemy patrolling right at the top. Eventually, you will arrive in a big room seemingly split into two sections, with a bunch of tables and four enemies walking around. Take out the two in the western section and enter the smaller room to the north to find a chest with a Snuff Soul , which is extremely useful as it restores 50 SP (save it for later). Return to the previous room and clear the other side, then head through the next two rooms to find a locked door.

Morgana mentions a faint breeze coming from somewhere and if you use Third Eye, you will see a bunch of exclamation points by the shelves, meaning you can jump on them. Do that and look to the west to spot a vent you can crawl through, leading to a room with an enemy guarding a chest. Ambush it from the top of the shelf, as per Morgana’s orders and you will initiate another tutorial when it gets low on health. Some Shadows can beg for their life, allowing you to negotiate with it. Whether they will beg or not depends solely on their personality, with Timid being more likely to beg and Irritable being not likely to beg (game mentions they never beg, but that’s false).

Asking a Shadow to lend your their power when they’re begging will get them to join you without having to answer questions. The nearby chest has a Muscle Anklet , so grab it and continue through, unlocking the door along the way, to the stairs on your map. At the top will be another Safe Room (East Building 3F), and more enemies in the semi-maze of hallways here. You want to get to the room that’s just south of the safe room, where you can find a book (Third Eye) you can grab ( The Slave Book ). Go into the next area to find two isolated rooms on the western side, which is where you want to go.

The northern of the two rooms will have an enemy appear from nowhere, so watch out and snatch the book from the bookshelf after you take it out ( The Queen Book ). The southern of the two rooms has one final book, The King Book . With those three books, enter the long hallway to the west to find a locked chest at the end ( Bead and Chewing Soul ), containing two nice items. If you wish to save your Lockpick for a later chest containing an upgrade to Morgana’s melee weapon, do that, but the Chewing Soul is a SP-recovery item that might be sorely needed at this point.

Enter the lone room in this hallway to find a library and if you use Third Eye, you should see three faint blue glows coming from the shelves. Inspect them to find descriptions of Kamoshida, female students and volleyball players. Insert the related books you found into those slots; King, Queen and Slave, respectively. This will open up a disturbing room, where you can grab Kamoshida’s Medal and a new map on the bookshelf left of where you entered. You find the location of the Treasure on your map, which is still a bit off from your current location, so it’s back to the grind.

Getting to the Tower

Look at your map and you should notice the other hallway leading south that you couldn’t access before, since it was locked. Go to that door and insert Kamoshida’s Medal underneath the pull chain to open it, then continue to the bottom to find another Safe Room (Chapel or East Building Annex from your travel menu). Make sure you save your game here and if needed, return to the entrance to see if you can fuse any new Personas. Return to the safe room and keep going east until you are stopped by Morgana, asking if you want to continue or not. Say yes and prepare for a mini-boss!

The Heavenly Punisher is a fairly easy boss fight, simply because he is very predictable. On his first turn, he will use Charge to boost his attack power, prompting a tutorial about using Guard to mitigate the damage done to you. He will always follow Charge with Cleave on his next turn, hitting a single character for pretty big damage, even if you Guard. He will likely keep doing this over and over, so on your turns following Cleave, use Dia to heal the character hit and just focus on attacking. Speaking of that, stick to physical attacks so as not to waste SP.

After the battle is over, five guards will spawn in the room, so as soon as you regain control, quickly get back to the safe room to breathe a sigh of relief and save after that tough battle. Return to that room and get to the eastern side, where you should see a ramp made of planks and some stacked wooden boxes. Climb up and then you can climb the ledges of the pillars here. Jump all the way to the left and instead of going through the hole at the end, drop down to find a chest containing some Grimy Gear .

That piece of equipment isn’t useful right now, so ignore it and get to the other side of the room via the hole just above you and the scaffolding. Drop down as soon as you reach the other side to find another chest, which is guarded by an enemy that pops up when you get close to it ( Wood Clappers ). Now, get back on the ledge and move to the north end of the room, going through the door there to arrive in a long hallway. The lone room to the north has an enemy inside, but there’s nothing of importance there, so ignore it, but the southern room has a chest with a Breath Sash.

You can head to the south to unlock the door from the north, in case you wanted a shortcut of sorts, but it’s not necessary since you can fast travel to the safe rooms. Head to the stairs to the north and go down to find an enemy and a locked chest ( Ryozanpaku Sword for Morgana and a Pearl ). The top of the stairs will lead to the roof, where four guards will spawn, blocking the door on the opposite end. While it might be fun to kill them all, every single battle will be against two Berith, so you might want to try and avoid some of them if you can. Also, do not get ambushed yourself here, as the Berith are strong and can kill you easily if they want.

Ascending the Tower

Unfortunately, the door is locked, so you need to find another way to get into the tower. Luckily, there are some pieces of wood or something covered with a cloth just next to the door that you can climb to get on the roof. Do that and follow the path until you eventually drop down into a room. Enter the door to arrive in a heavily distorted area, where pieces of the floor are coming out of the ground. The first room has nothing, but the small room adjacent to the second has an elevator.

Take this elevator down and you should have a few options here. Going all the way down the stairs will give you a prompt to look down, making another elevator with an enemy on it come up (mash X to get an ambush on it before the dialog is over). There will also be a chest behind that enemy, containing a Bead . Head back up one flight of stairs and make the trek down the hallway to find a painting of Kamoshida. If you get next to it, you should see a button prompt, allowing you access to the entrance hall, where there are no guards. Unlock the one door and look in the northwest and northeast corners (next to the stairs) to find two more chests, containing another Bead and a Revival Bead .

Return through the painting and take the elevator back up to the distorted area. You will want to be careful here, as the enemies are only getting stronger and there is one in particular that can be deadly, the Heavenly Punisher. This is similar to the mini-boss you fought earlier, but it has a weakness to Zio. If you want to easily get rid of the enemy, hit it with Zio and ask for an item or money to make it go away without having to actually fight it. There will be a chest in the southwestern portion of the distorted floor, but it is locked and contains a Balm of Life and Pearl .

In the northwestern room, there will be a lever you can pull to unlock the door leading back into the northeastern room, as well as a Safe Room (Central Tower) in the north. Climb the stairs to find more enemies and two sets of stairs leading to the western area, but the southern of the two is blocked by some bars. There will be two chests in the western half, containing a Relax Gel and Baptismal Water . On the next floor, you can’t go around, as the floor erects itself to block you and trying to pass the bridge will cause some swinging scythes to appear.

Investigate the statue next to the scythes to see that it doesn’t work. You will need to find high-ranking enemies with your Third Eye and defeat them to gain the key to the device. Return to the previous floor and make your west to the eastern half, where you should see one of those golden guards, which is the next you need to kill. This will pit you against a level 16 War-Hungry Horseman, who is weak to Zio, so hopefully you have some juice left with Ryuji. You will want to be careful, as this enemy hits hard with Double Fangs. Defeating it will give you the Randy Right Eye , meaning there is another one out there.

The second eye is on one floor below the current one and when you get there, you will see that there are three golden guards roaming about. Use your Third Eye to look for the one with a golden aura, which is the one with the eye, although you might need to defeat the other two to get to him (the one with the eye is the same enemy as above). With the Lustful Left Eye in hand, you can return to the scythes and place both of them in the statue. Cross the bridge, hopping over to grab the chest ( Soul Drop ), and before ascending the stairs, get the chest ( Revival Bead ).

Mini-Boss - Torn King of Desire

On the next floor, check the area where the stairs should be to make a guard appear behind you. It’s time for another mini-boss, the Torn King of Desire, who looks a bit like something. Despite being a mini-boss, this thing is not too bad, as it may waste a turn by staring at Ann. If it does this, it might be a wise idea to guard with her to minimize the damage, as it will attack her. Of course, its attacks can hurt pretty bad, doing upward of 100 damage, but it also knows Dia, a skill that you know doesn’t heal a whole lot.

Keep to physical attacks of your own against this thing, as they will work the best. If you managed to procure a Succubus, then she has a skill called Rebellion that can boost someone’s critical hit rate for three turns; use this on Ryuji and if you crit, perform an All-Out Attack. Morgana and Ann should be on healing duty, attacking when they don’t need to heal or when Ann is guarding, should the mini-boss focus on her.

With that thing dead, the stairs will now appear, so ascend to the next floor. Run past the big doors to find a chest ( Relax Gel ) and one final Safe Room (Throne Room). Attempt to open the big doors to find out they don’t, so you need to find another way in. You’re in luck, however, as you can climb the statue to the left of the door. There’s really nothing you can do, except follow the rest of the path ahead of you to the Treasure room. Unfortunately, the Treasure hasn’t materialized, as you need to send a calling card in order for it to appear. When prompted, take Morgana’s offer to leave the Palace.

Once you leave, you will return home and receive some texts from Ryuji and Ann. There’s not much else you can do here, so head upstairs and go to bed.


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