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Persona 5

Finding a New Target

Jarrod Garripoli

May 6th

On the train, you learn about the Big Burger Challenge, which is held during nights at Big Bang Burger on Central Street. For only 500 yen, you can try your hand at the challenge and earn some Guts. During class, you gain a point of Knowledge from Kawakami’s teaching. After school, you find out who started the Phantom Aficionado Website and will also start the Moon Confidant. At rank 1, your backup members can earn experience, although you don’t have any of those…yet.

You should receive a brief tip about how to spend your time, although that will be covered here in this guide. Once the scene is over that follows the Moon Confidant, make sure you go and grab the SP-healing drinks that you might not have gotten before. Also, if you don’t have a Lovers Persona on you now, visit the Velvet Room and grab Pixie, who is definitely in the Compendium. When you do, go and talk to Ann in your classroom at school, opting to hang out with her. Note that you need Kindness at level 2 in order to initiate this, so if you don’t have it at that rank yet, then you won’t be able to continue this Confidant.

When you return home at night, Sojiro gives you the key to the place, meaning you can now leave the Yongen-Jaya area at night. Use this newly found freedom to head to the Underground Walkway, where you’ll be grabbing the other two part-time jobs from the flyers, even though you haven’t really done anything with the first job, if you took it. Well, that will end, as you will actually be working at the Beef Bowl Shop, which is located on Central Street (the second from the bottom, on the right side). Start the job to get a nice 3,600 yen pay, as well as two points in Proficiency.

May 7th

During class, answer with Femme Fatale to gain a point in Knowledge.

After some scenes when school is over, Morgana will show you a new place called Mementos. This is a randomly-generated dungeon that is basically considered everyone’s Palace. You will be riding around in a bus, where you can just move around with the left analog stick. There are also Shadows around, but there isn’t anything new, except for Slimes. These are resistant to physical attacks, but are weak to fire and wind; feel free to grab one if you want, as you should now have extra slots from the Fool Confidant ranking up.

As already mentioned, the layout for Mementos is completely random, so you won’t be able to follow a strict walkthrough to get around. Luckily, this floor isn’t too large, so you won’t be driving around for hours. The treasures are random as well, and can be found as both chests like you’ve seen and cubes that give you stuff when you move over them. The place you want is marked on your map with an exclamation point, which is where you’ll fight Shadow Nakanohara.

Mini-Boss - Shadow Nakanohara

As a whole, Nakanohara is fairly easy, especially considering he is very simple to manipulate, as long as you have Ann at level 11 with Tarunda. The reason for this is that he will usually start off by using Tarukaja on his first turn, then follow up with Rampage on subsequent turns, which can hurt a lot, possibly even killing some characters with just one use of it. However, use Tarunda on him and he’ll use waste another turn by using Tarukaja again. He is weak to electric attacks, so you can use those or just stick to stronger physical ones.

After the battle is over, you’ll receive an Attachment Pearl, which is an accessory you can equip. You’ll also see that a Request has been completed, but ignore that for now, as Morgana wants to show you something else here in Mementos. You may have found some stairs leading further down into the dungeon, but if not, look for them now. There is a nice little trick you can do here if you are having an easy time with the Shadows. As soon as you go down to the second area, do not trigger the story scene and return to the first area. This should completely reset it, including layout, Shadows and treasures, so you can do this repeatedly to help grind both experience and money.

When you’re ready, trigger the story event to see some kind of door has opened up, letting you go deeper into Mementos. Of course, you won’t do this right now and you’ll leave the place. You will be able to visit Mementos any time, as it is a place that doesn’t disappear like the bigger Palaces. At home, during the evening hours, you can speak with Morgana to learn a few more tidbits about Mementos, but when you’re ready, go to bed.

May 8th

You’ll end up hanging out with Mishima during the day, where he will talk about the Phan-Site, so answer however you want here, as you don’t need to worry about the answers with him. This is because the Moon Confidant is one of two in the game that will always rank up no matter what you answer. You get some spiel after you rank up the Moon Confidant, about how Mishima will get you more Requests for Mementos. When you get home, you can check out the TV for some shopping, which is selling two Calming Masks (resists Confusion) for 1,980 yen.

Your next stop is the Underground Walkway to buy the next drink for 5,000 yen, which will give you a point boost in Guts. You might be full on Persona in your stock, so it might be a good idea to visit the Velvet Room and see if you can get any higher leveled Personas. In particular, see if you can fuse Kodama, which has access to Psi, a psychic attack that will prove useful soon enough. You’re going to be working at the Beef Bowl Shop again tonight, but you’ll be doing orders this time, so it might be a wise idea to save before you attempt it, in case you mess up (write them down if needed).

The politican you saw earlier stops by, triggering something that you will see shortly. If you got all of the orders right, you’ll receive 4,800 yen, plus three points in Proficiency, leveling it up to rank 2 (Decent).

May 9th

On the train to school, you learn that pollen season has started earlier than usual, with Morgana chiming in and saying it might affect Mementos. After school, you’ll receive a new Request (The Bark and Bite of a Bully) from Mishima, with the game pushing you to go to Mementos again. Ignore that for now, as diving into the dungeon for just one Request seems like a waste of time. Since today is Monday, go do your usual rounds of purchasing the SP-restoring drinks from the vending machines (should have 12 of each now, which equals 120 SP recovered if you used them all). Instead of going to Mementos, you’re going to be hanging out with Ryuji today, who is right outside of your classroom on the second floor.

When you return home, you will receive the two Calming Masks in the mail if you ordered them off of the TV shopping channel. Remember that politician that was in the Beef Bowl Shop the last time you worked? Well, you’re going to be visiting him tonight. Fast travel to Station Square in Shibuya and speak with him, offering to help him out. His name is Toranosuke Yoshida, so stick by to listen to his speech, which is all for now.

May 10th

During class, answer with “Minamoto no Yoshitsune” to receive a point in Knowledge. After school, you see you have two IMs on your phone, one from Ryuji and another from Ann. Respond to Ryuji’s text to hang out with him. At rank 6, Ryuji gets Harisen Recovery, allowing him a chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members.

In the evening, it’s time to visit Yoshida in Station Square again. Answer however you please and it turns out that Yoshida is the Sun Confidant. The Sun Confidant is one of two in the game that will always rank up no matter what responses you pick, so the responses that give the most points won’t be listed.

May 11th-13th

Today is the first day of your exams and if you’ve been following this guide, then you won’t be able to get the top score. It is split up into three days of questions that you have to answer correctly, then the final day will be based on your Knowledge level. The following are the correct answers:

  • First day - An optical illusion, Visual information, Brain, They have different cognitions
  • Second day - Magistrate’s patronage, The name of a sum of currency
  • Third day - Ignorance, Four

May 14th

Some scenes will play out in the morning, where you’re introduced to a famous artist named Madarame, as well as his protege, Yusuke Kitagawa. Once that’s finished, it will be the final part of your exam, which relies solely on your Knowledge stat. If you’ve been following this guide, then it should still be at one, so it’s not going to matter. When you get home, just go to bed to progress to the next day.

May 15th

You are going with Ann to Madarame’s art exhibit today, where you hear more rumors about Madarame, including a post on the Phan-Site. It looks like you’ll be doing some investigating tomorrow. When you get home, check out the TV to see a new offer from the shopping show, four Proteins for a low price of 4,800 yen, which might be a bit steep for something that only heals one person for 30% of their max HP. Go to bed to continue to the next day.

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