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Persona 5

An Unlikely Ally

Jarrod Garripoli

October 28th-29th

The 28th will just be more scenes, with another rank being added to the Judgement Confidant. On the 29th, more scenes will occur, including another rank up in the Justice Confidant, with Akechi gaining some of the basic party member abilities, like Baton Pass, Follow Up, Detective Talk and Harisen Recovery. This will also be your first trip into Sae’s Palace and you will want to have Akechi in your party, due to his skills and to help work on the Passionate Listener trophy (although you only get into one fight right now). Your trip will be rather short, so don’t think you’ll be in here for a long time.

Once you arrive at the Palace’s ground, you will need to employ a side entrance to get inside the actual building. Look on the side with the stairs (on the map), where you should find an opening. Climb the stairs to the top and jump across the gap in the railing, where you’ll finally see the door to go inside of the casino. When you finally regain control, use your Third Eye to spot where you can jump the gaps and follow this path. Despite the look of openness, it is actually linear and there’s only one way through here.

Eventually, Shadow Sae will spot you, so hop down and approach her for a short scene, after which you will be in control again. On the opposite side of where Sae disappeared is a chest with a Feng Shui Charm inside. There are also two breakable objects on either side of the elevator, and that’s about all you can do here in the Palace for now. Approach the elevator and after a short scene, you’ll be forced into a fight with a Cruel Leopard, with Akechi joining the fray. Use his Kouga skill to deal normal damage and be on the lookout if it decides to Charge, as its next physical attack will be a lot more damaging. Your party will leave after the battle and when you get home, head to bed.

October 30th

Today is Sunday and there will two things to do, if you need or want to, before you do your daily stuff. If you still need Kindness, you can feed your plant some nutrients (provided you still have some) and the drink at the Underground Walkway, provided you’ve kept up on them, will give Knowledge. Back to the task at hand, head on over to the Velvet Room and get a Persona that nulls physical attacks; if the Persona repels them, then you’ll be in a world of hurt, so just stick to null (Shiki-Ouji does this).

Head on over to Futaba outside of Leblanc and speak with her, where you find out that she wants to go to Mementos and take care of her uncle’s change of heart on her own, with your help. You will be forced to fight solo, with only Futaba’s scarce help as a navigator. Shadow Isshiki can be a challenging boss, but nullifying physical attacks makes the fight trivial. The only move he’ll do is Rising Slash like this, meaning you could put your character on Rush mode and go do something else. What happens if you have a Persona that repels physical? Well, Isshiki will use Megidola instead, which hurts. You’ll receive a Venture Saber as his treasure and will go back to the real world.

You’ll automatically be back at Leblanc, with Sojiro asking if you want to hang out with him tonight. Avoid calling Kawakami to make coffee or curry, as this will make Sojiro go away. When you talk to Sojiro, tell him your exams went great and he will hand over a Leblanc Charm as your reward for being top of the class. Speak with him again to hang out.

October 31st

You will have some free time in class today, so use the opportunity to finish reading Call Me Chief, netting you three points in Kindness. After school is over, since you just finished the book, go to Jinbocho and buy the next one, Reckless Casanova. Today is the day that you can finally start the Empress Confidant, which is Haru. You can find her on the rooftop of the school and the choices don’t matter, as usual. Note that you unlock the ability to grow some vegetables, thanks to Haru’s greenthumb, which can be used as items in battle. At night, you will be finishing up Sojiro’s Confidant and like every other one, you can say whatever you want. You will also gain the ability to fuse Kohryu, the ultimate Persona of the Hierophant Arcana.

November 1st

You’re getting awfully close to finishing up quite a few Confidants, so work on that by hanging out with Shinya today.

When you get home, you will receive a message from Shinya, saying he gave his mother the calling card, netting you another Mementos request ( A Mother’s Aggression ). Your nighttime activity will be to begin reading Reckless Casanova at the counter in Leblanc.

November 2nd

You will have a seat on the train in the early morning, so use the opportunity to continue reading Reckless Casanova (second time). There will also be a question from the teacher in class, with the correct answer being “Thieves’ Cant,” netting you a point in Knowledge. The big plan for today is to make a trip to Mementos, to take care of the requests you have, since some are tied to advancing Confidants. You should now have six Mementos requests, which includes the one you couldn’t finish on the prior trip.

To make things simple, you don’t have to worry about bringing a Persona with Pulinpa, as none of the bosses you will be facing will be susceptible to confusion. Aside from that fact, you do have two main goals in Mementos, other than the requests. The first is to get to level 49 yourself, so you can do the fusion request for the twin. The other is to bring Akechi along to help work on the Passionate Listener trophy. You should be able to find some new equipment at Iwai’s shop, so update as you see fit. When you’re ready, meet at the hideout, get the scoop on the new requests and head to Mementos.

The first target you are going for is on Kaitul 4, so travel to the rest area on Kaitul 6 and go up two floors to find your target. Shadow Tsuda is a fairly easy boss at this point, but don’t let him dig into his repertoire of skills. He knows Bufudyne, which isn’t too bad, unless you brought Ann along. His nasty surprise is Evil Smile, which can inflict Fear on everyone. If someone does have Fear on them, then you want to remove it immediately, as he will use Ghastly Wail next, which can instantly kill anyone who has Fear. Your reward for defeating Shadow Tsuda will be a Weird Wrap (it’s armor).

Akzeriyyuth Revisited

The next target is on Akzeriyyuth 3, so travel to the fourth floor and head up one to get to it. Shadow Akitsu isn’t too bad, but he has access to Curse moves and if you’ve brought along Akechi, you will want to protect him. Stomach Blow is a physical attack that can inflict Hunger, too. Akitsu has Eigaon, Maeiga and Mudoon, the latter of which seems to come after he spends a turn “groaning.” If he happens to hit Akechi’s weak spot, then he will follow up with Life Leech. The upside is that he’s weak to electricity, so you can quickly kill him with some All-Out Attacks. You will receive a Thermopylae skill card , which will apply Matarukaja, Marakukaja and Masukukaja, but only when you are ambushed.

Return to the fourth floor via the map, then go down to the fifth floor for your next target, one who you should remember. Shadow Nejima will be a cinch this time, since you have an ace in the hole. When the battle begins, take out your gun and press Triangle to use a special attack to instantly defeat the boss. Welp, that was definitely easy. You will get a Null Phys skill card from Nejima. The next target is on the sixth floor, so find the stairs and go down.

Shadow Togo is a little more challenging than the previous bosses, as she has a lot more health and pretty much resists most of the elements. The only ones she doesn’t are physical, gun and bless; in fact, she is weak to bless, so having Akechi here will be a huge help. As far as her skills go, she has access to Bufudyne, Agidyne, Eigaon and even Mudoon. She seems to gain some more skills once her health gets lower, such as Maragion, Mabufula, Mazionga, Magarula, Mafreila, Mapsio, and Maeigaon (seems to go in that order). Of course, you’ll probably finish her before she gets too crazy with those spells. With her gone, you will get a Bead Chain .

Get to the eighth floor of Akzeriyyuth and then travel to the final floor of the area, where you’ll meet your next boss, Shadow Kiritani. He can be especially annoying, as he tends to start with Mind Slice, a physical attack that can also confuse. And yes, your characters will do the same thing as if an enemy is confused, either toss some money, throw away an item or do nothing, so cure it quick. He also has access to Rebellion (buffs his critical hit rate), Tarukaja and Tempest Slash. He doesn’t resist anything, it seems, so just use whatever attacks you have. Your reward is a High Counter skill card , which should be saved for later on, as it will be extremely useful when doing the twins’ last fusion request.


The last target you need on this trip is in this area, beyond Akzeriyyuth, and is pretty deep in at the eleventh floor. You will find enemies from Okumura’s Palace here, as well as a new Shadow, Legion (weak to bless). Shadow Oda is definitely a challenging battle, no matter how you put it. She resists Curse and Ice, but is weak to Fire, so having Ann in this battle can be a huge help to chip away at her high health. She knows One-Shot Kill, which deals gun damage, but it’s even more dangerous as it has a high critical rate.

She also knows Lullaby, which has a chance to put the entire party to sleep. Once her health gets to around half or so, she will bring out Myriad Slashes, which is a medium physical attack that can hit a single character two or three times. If this criticals, then she will follow it up with Mudoon. Her most powerful attack, though, is Vorpal Blade, which can hit somewhere in the range of 200 damage to the entire party; she might use Charge on the turn prior to this, so be extremely careful. A few things are really good and possibly necessary for this battle, which are Tarunda, Rakunda, Mediarama and a fire skill to get All-Out Attacks, although it might be more useful to use a follow-up attack of Rising Slash with Baton Pass, since her defense is pretty high. You will receive a Soma for winning the battle.

That’s about all you can do here in Mementos, besides make it to the end of Adyeshach, which is only 13 floors long. If you are not level 49 yet, go ahead and do that, then visit the Velvet Room. Bugs is an advanced fusion that requires Pixie, Pisaca and Hariti. Thankfully, Hariti learns Samarecarm at level 41 and if you fuse her, she will gain that one level thanks to establishing the Empress Confidant a few days ago. Some good combinations to get Hariti are Principality + Fuu-Ki, Kaiwan + Archangel, or Belphegor + High Pixie. If you wish to do it another way, itemizing Unicorn will get you a Samarecarm skill card, which you can use to just put on Bugs after fusing it. Show it to the twins and your last task will be to fuse a Seth with High Counter. You will be getting to that after the next Palace.

Make sure you have the following Arcanas when leaving Mementos: Star, Tower, Hanged Man, Hermit and Empress. When you’re finished in Mementos, return to the real world and get a massage from Kawakami. Note that you can still get her to make coffee after the massage, if you wish. Now that you can do something, go and hang out with Hifumi since you finished her request in Mementos.

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