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Persona 5

A New Culprit

Jarrod Garripoli

June 6th

After school, you will receive some texts from Mishima, with a new request attached to them, Sadism Is Just a Sign of Love . Despite that, you still shouldn’t go into Mementos yet, as it will be a waste for just two requests and they don’t expire or anything. If you don’t have some Bio Nutrients on you, go to the Flower Shop in the Underground Mall to purchase at least one. While you’re at the mall, go and hang out with Ann, choosing to “go somewhere fun” and bringing her to Shibuya (you won’t rank up). When prompted with answers, pick “Sounds like a good plan.” Ann will also give you another item, a Choco Fountain this time. When you get home, go feed some Bio Nutrients to the plant upstairs (two points in Kindness), then take a bath at the Bathhouse for three points in Charm, ranking it up to level 3 now.

June 7th

You will be asked a question during class, with the correct answer being “Hermit Crabs,” netting you a point in Knowledge. After school, go and hang out with Ryuji, who is getting very close to maxed out now.

For your evening activity, head to the Diner on Central Street in Shibuya and order some Hot Coffee, which will increase your Guts by one point and Knowledge by two points.

June 8th

You get another question during class, with the correct answer being “Dreams,” earning you one more point in Knowledge. After school, you get an IM from Yusuke, who asks if you want to go to Mementos. Unfortunately, you can spend your time better doing something else, as you only have two requests right now. Head to the Velvet Room and make sure you have a Hierophant Persona, as you will be hanging out with Sojiro tonight. It’s time to go to the Diner again, where you will order another Hot Coffee, increasing the same stats like the day before (one Guts and two Knowledge). In the evening, hang out with Sojiro yet again, with your rank not increasing for what seems like the umpteenth time.

June 9th-10th

The first day’s time will be sucked up by your class trip to the TV station. You will unlock a new hangout spot, Suidobashi Dome Town, which has an amusement park. When you finally get home, you can’t do anything, so head straight to bed. On the second day, you will establish the Justice Confidant, with the high school detective, Goro Akechi. As with the Fool and Magician Confidants, this one will rank up automatically as you go through the game, so you don’t need to worry about it. You actually get use of the evening time slot on the 10th, so use it to spend some time with Kawakami, although you won’t rank up.

June 11th

That was a nice little break from the social aspect of the game, but it’s time to keep your nose to the grindstone. During class, you will receive a question, with the correct answer being “Three Olympic-sized pools,” netting yourself another point in Knowledge. Everyone will go back to your place and once you regain control, walk downstairs and speak with Sojiro about borrowing a pot. Go behind the counter and look in the “kitchen” section to find your pot. There’s a lot more dialog to go through until you are finally finished, with nothing to do but go to bed. You do get a visit from Igor while sleeping, increasing your Fool Confidant, as well as your Persona stock to 10.

June 12th

Despite it being a Sunday, there is still a good amount of things available for you to do. Start off by going to the drink stand and purchasing the Vitality Aojiru, boosting your Proficiency by one point. It’s time to hang out with Ann again today, who is still in the Underground Mall. You will open up a new hangout spot, Asakusa, by agreeing to hang out with her here. At night, you’ll be hanging out with Yoshida again.

June 13th

During your morning class, you will be asked a question, with the correct answer being “The government,” earning you a point in Knowledge. After school, Ms. Kawakami tells you that Niijima wants to see you in the Student Council Room. This is on the third floor, right next to the library, which is marked on your map with a book icon. You can’t fast travel to the library, so you’ll have to get there the old-fashioned way of walking. It looks like things are a little more complicated now. When you get home, you can’t do anything, so just head straight to bed.

June 14th

The daytime slots are taken up by story stuff, so you won’t be able to do anything until nighttime rolls around. It looks like Makoto gives you two weeks to find the mafia boss and do your usual thing of changing his heart. Once you regain control at night, head to the Diner on Central Street in Shibuya and order some Hot Coffee (one point in Guts and a total of three in Knowledge, since it’s raining).

June 15th

You have a seat on the train in the morning, so use the opportunity and read The Great Thief. During your afternoon class, you will be asked a question, with the correct answer being “It’ll change color,” earning you a point in Knowledge. With school finally over for the day, it’s time to do a little investigating, so start off by listening in on Iida’s and Ann’s conversation at the front of the classroom, where mention of someone named Nishiyama is said.

It’s time to track this person down, so exit the classroom and Mishima stops you. Ask him about Nishiyama to learn he doesn’t know anything, so you’ll need to ask someone else. Run down the hall and look for the Newspaper Club Member (female), asking her about Nishiyama, who says that he can be found in the library. He is in the back of the library and is the only one with a speech bubble above his head, so he isn’t hard to find. Speak with him to learn about this supposed “part-time job” for the mafia. Return to the classroom to listen in on Ann and Iida again, then speak with Iida.

Call up Kawakami at night to have her come over. The ability for this rank is Housekeeping, which allows you to request Kawakami to make coffee or do laundry for you. While it will cost you 5,000 yen, it does make it so you won’t take up a time slot. You’re likely running low on funds right now, so don’t worry about this until later.

June 16th

Alright, the investigation continues and when you have control, you’ll be on Central Street in Shibuya. Move north and approach the four people on the left side for a short scene. After that, go into the nearby alley and talk with the man wearing a hat to see if you can learn anything from him. He mentions a friend that is usually around here, but it likely at the station, which is the next stop. Head to Station Square to receive some texts, then talk with Makoto. Tell her you’re looking for someone and she’ll point you to the underground area.

Head into the Underground Walkway via the nearby entrance and go to the northwest corner of the map to find the homeless man. He’ll end up telling you some clues about the people you’re looking for, with some possible leads told to you by your friends. Using the “code words” clue given by the homeless man, go into the alley just south of Big Bang Burger for a scene. That’ll be all for the day, so go to the Diner at night, since it’s still raining, to order another Hot Coffee (one point to Guts and three to Knowledge).

June 17th

You won’t be able to do anything during the day, so when evening rolls around, call Kawakami to hang out with her. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rank up with her at this point.

June 18th

You’ll receive a new Mementos request after school, thanks to Yusuke, titled Phantom Thieves VS Burglary Ring. You’ll be going soon enough, but not today, so put it in the back of your mind. Look through your Personas and see if you have one with Agi, as you will be needing it very shortly, but if you don’t and your money is low, then don’t worry about it. Anyways, look at your IMs and you should see one from Yusuke. Go and visit him, saying you came to see him and to talk, then direct him to Mementos by choosing that option.

It will be just you and him there, when some Shadows attack. These Slimes are weak to fire, but have quite a bit of health, so it’s unlikely you’ll defeat them before their turn. The reason for this is that they will Self-Destruct, damaging not only you, but themselves as well. Each Self-Destruct deals around 30-35 damage to you and Yusuke (depends on levels, equipment and equipped Persona, of course). They will drop a Blank Card, which Yusuke will notice after the battle. These can be used to create a copy of a Skill Card already in your possession. This time, you will receive a Recarm Skill Card, as well as establish the Emperor Confidant.

The journalist you contacted yesterday has responded back, saying to meet her at the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku. After conferring with everyone, Ryuji accompanies you to Shinjuku. When you arrive in Shibuya, go straight and down the stairs, then turn right and look for the ticket gate. You’ll learn that you’ll have to pay money in order to travel to Shinjuku (a measly 190 yen, but it’s still money). To get to the bar, head straight north, where you’ll be stopped a few times along the way. After running from the cop, you’ll meet a Fortune Teller, who will become important later.

Continue north and look for the drink icon on your map, which is the bar you’re looking for. You’ll go in alone, since Ryuji is a moron, and meet up with the journalist. After striking a deal with her, she tells you the name, Junya Kaneshiro. That should be the name you recognize from the interrogation scene in the present with Sae Niijima. After exiting the bar, meet up with Ryuji in front of the movie theater, then it’s back to Leblanc. Go to bed, as there’s nothing else to do.


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