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Persona 5

Investigating the Fraud

Jarrod Garripoli

May 16th

During class, you will be asked a question, with the correct answer being “Van Gogh,” earning yourself another point in Knowledge. After school, you’ll go and visit Yusuke. From where the train drops you off, take the stairs going down to Station Square, then head to the southern side of the map to get to Central Street. There will be a few scenes and when you get a prompt to guess the “what” for Madarame’s Palace, choose “a museum.”

Once you regain control, you’ll have to find a way inside of the Palace. There will be a truck with some kanji on it in front of the wall that you can climb, which will get you inside. When inside, make sure you use Third Eye to look for treasures as you follow the path. Eventually, you’ll climb to some platforms, which you’ll use to get to the roof and into an open skylight. Check out some of the paintings in the first, then look at some of them in the bigger room. Hmm, that’s quite the mystery.

In the room adjacent to the big one, you’ll see a painting of Nakanohara, who you might remember as the stalker whose Shadow you defeated inside of Mementos. The mystery deepens here. On the southern end of the room, there will be a painting of Yusuke. Head into the next room to catch a glimpse of some pamphlet, but before you look at it, open the one normal chest for a Protect Mask and the locked chest for a Training Whip , Pearl and Snuff Soul . Equip the whip to Ann and finally check out the pamphlet, which turns out to be a map. Continue north and check out the giant sculpture, which will bring this little exploration of the Palace to a close. Go to bed to move onto the next day.

May 17th

Watch the scenes that happen here, with something a little crazy that is demanded from Yusuke of Ann. When you leave Madarame’s place, you see that your hideout changes to the Shibuya Teikyu Building Accessway. Before you leave, some woman with a camera approaches you asking about Madarame, then leaves when she doesn’t get anything from your party. You’ll head home after that and in your room, Mishima will call you to inform that Nakanohara wants to meet up with you. Move on to the next day now.

May 18th

You’ll meet with Nakanohara today, who confirms your suspicions about Madarame. At your new hideout, you get the new deadline to stop Madarame, which is June 5th, as well as the deadline for sending out the calling card, which is June 2nd. You will also receive a tutorial about special obstacles in Palaces, which will require that you interact with the target in the real world. This likely means that it will take a couple of trips through the Palace to get to the point where you can steal Madarame’s Treasure.

While it might be nice to visit the Palace today, there are some things you can do to prepare for tomorrow, which will be a dive into the new dungeon. The first thing you should do is visit the Velvet Room by the weapon shop on Central Street, where you’ll be asked by the twins to bring a Jack Frost with Mabufu to them. Jack Frost is the second Persona of the Magician Arcana and the easiest way for you to fuse one would be to combine Silky (Priestess) and either Mandrake or Mokoi (both Death). Jack Frost’s base level is 11 and you should have you Magician Confidant at rank 2, so you’ll gain enough extra experience to get him to level 12, where he’ll learn Mabufu.

Showing them this Persona will start the Strength Confidant, with rank 1 giving you a new way to fuse Personas in the Velvet Room, Group Guillotine. This method involves using set Personas to fuse a stronger one and unfortunately, all of them are way too high of a level for you currently. The Strength Confidant will simply be bringing Personas with specific abilities to the twins, with the second one being a Shiisa with Frei, something you likely won’t be able to fuse yet because it’s a bit over your current level.

There isn’t much else to do besides the little trip to the Velvet Room, although Untouchable does have new weapons and armors available for your characters. The problem is that they are a bit pricey, especially with your current amount of money, unless you’ve been grinding a lot. Remember that if you do buy something now, it might be better to prioritize defense over offense, especially since you’ll be visiting a new Palace with new enemies very soon. When you’re finished, head on over to the Clinic and take the clinical trial (you’ll gain another point in Guts for doing it).

When you get home in the evening, you should receive the 4 Proteins you bought from the TV shopping show if you did buy them. Talk to the couple sitting at the table until they leave, then go ahead and make some coffee, acquiring another Leblanc Coffee .

May 19th

It is raining today and none of your Confidants are available, so there isn’t much else to do besides take a little dive into Madarame’s Palace. Either go to your hideout via the map (it’s in Shibuya now) or just respond to the IM in your phone’s inbox.

Madarames Palace (1)

Enter the Palace the same way as you did before, knowing that some of the art pieces respawned treasures, even if they don’t show up as yellow again. In the very first room, you should see some security lasers at the northern exit. Triggering these will raise the security level, so avoid them at all costs. If you see a gap above or below them, then you will get a prompt to jump over/slide underneath them. You can see them with your Third Eye, but you should also be able to notice the red lights on the panels to the left or right (green means no laser).

The next room is filled with them, so be careful, plus you’ll also have to deal with enemies. Navigate your way to the next hallway and unlock the door that’ll lead back to the beginning. Continue on and once you make it back to the room with the large statue, you’ll hear from the others that you’ll be in unknown territory from beyond this point. Enter the 1st Exhibition Room and follow the hallway, past some lasers, to your first Safe Room of the dungeon.

Save your game and when ready, exit to find a treasure chest in the northeast corner of this area ( Straw Doll ). There is another chest in the southwest corner of the area, containing a Muscle Anklet . Once you get to the exit in the northwest, head south first to find a locked door that will act as a shortcut, then continue north and up the stairs. As you go through the open room, Morgana will stop and admire the large, golden vase a little too closely, triggering a bunch of lasers.

Everyone but you will be trapped, so you will now have figure out how to free them. On the opposite end of the room, there will be something that you can climb, allowing you to drop into the area with the one guard pacing back and forth. You should be able to drop down to ambush the enemy, so do that and use all of your powers to quickly defeat it, since it’ll likely be one-on-one. You could also head straight to the switch (the little thing on the wall), hit it to free Ann and join up with her again before taking out the enemy.

Once you free Ann and talk to her to make her rejoin the party, head back up top and you will find that you can head to the other side of the room. Drop down here (no enemy on this side) and use Third Eye to look for a painting highlighted as blue. Check it out to find a button behind it, which will free Ryuji, so talk with him to join back up, leaving Morgana for last. On the same side as the last button you pressed, look for some stacked boxes that will allow you to reach a vent. Crawl through this vent to reach a control room.

To disable the laser grid, look for a laptop to the left of the exit door, which you should open. Access it to find out you need a password and when you exit the room, you should see two guards talking, who will spill the beans about the password. Defeat the guard who stays behind, then go back to the laptop to input the password (you don’t have to do this manually), freeing Morgana. Get him back into your group, then check out the golden vase. When you do, some diamond thing pops out and begins running around the room.

Run it down and attack it to get into battle with it. This Shadow is called a Regent and it is a Treasure Demon, a special Shadow that can be found in breakables, usually when the security level is high. This Shadow is special for two cases, the first of which is that it rewards you with a lot of experience should you happen to defeat it in battle. It can be tough doing this, as it resists the majority of the damage you deal, except for both Psy and Nuke damage, which it is weak to. Unfortunately, you likely don’t have access to either of these, unless you have fused Kodama and leveled it to 13 to get Psi.

That means the only other means of knocking it down is with a physical attack and should Morgana be level 13, he will have Lucky Punch, a physical skill that has a good chance of delivering a critical hit. If you have Obariyon, a level 8 Fool Persona, he also learns Lucky Punch at level 9. If you can manage to knock it down prior to it running away, then talk to the Shadow and it will join you, bringing up the second use of Treasure Demons. They cannot be equipped or used in battle, but if you look at their skills, you should see that Regent has all of the all-enemy hit elemental skills (ex. Maragi and Mabufu), making it great fusion fodder.

Once you’re done here, take the eastern exit to find a hallway with a weird design and some more lasers blocking your way…entirely. If you look at the one wall, you should see an opening that you can jump to, where you’ll spot a giant hole on the ground on the other side. Ok, that’s not really a giant hole, as it’s painted on, so drop down and defeat the enemy, then enter the women’s bathroom for a chest with an Ice Ring (good to equip this on Ann because of her weakness). Exit on the northern side to find yourself on the other side of the lasers. Continue north and then east to find the next Safe Room. You are nearing the end of this little exploration of the Palace soon.

Exit the safe room and move west to find a room with some furniture and some enemies patrolling a hallway. Wait by the wall long enough and the one enemy will get close enough for an ambush. Take out the other enemy, then go up the stairs to find a chest with a Physical Ointment at the northern dead end. Return to the base floor and enter the room at the end to get trapped by an electric barrier, along with three guards. Quickly hide behind one of the pillars to get out of sight and ambush the enemies here.

Upon clearing the room, loot the chest for an Exorcism Water , then use your Third Eye to locate a blue-highlighted painting. Interact with this to reveal a button that will disable the barriers. Go through the northern door to enter the Central Garden area, where you are forced to go north first. Unfortunately, you’re stopped by some infrared lasers, with no way of shutting them down. However, Morgana thinks he knows a way to disable them, bringing this session to a close. Go back south to find a Safe Room, using it to fast travel back to the main entrance and exit the dungeon completely.

Back in reality, Morgana reveals his plan on opening the path in the Palace. It will now be evening and you’ll be at Leblanc’s. Normally, you’d go right to bed, since visiting the Palace will make you exhausted, but there is one thing you can do here. Check out the TV downstairs to see a trivia question and answer with “Using noise to cause distress” to earn a point in Knowledge.

May 20th

At school, you see that the scores for the recent exam have been posted, although you haven’t scored high at all. You’ll get a text from Ryuji after school, looking like you’re going to do something related to his Confidant, but it’s just an update on the situation. Anyway, it’s time to put Morgana’s plan into motion, with a little caveat that you’ll be at the Palace while Ann and Morgana do their thing. Watch the scenes and the door/lasers will eventually leave the way open in the Palace.

Go forward and there will be a guard in the way, so do the only thing you know how to do, smack it until it’s defeated, keeping in mind it’s only you and Ryuji for this battle. The Security Shadow seems to just stick with using Skull Cracker, which can be annoying as it could confuse you. Stick with physical skills and attacks, with the mini-boss going down soon. Some more scenes will occur after that and when you regain control, push forward and enter the door to the left to find the control room for the courtyard security. Some more scenes will occur, then it’s time to escape, only things don’t go as planned.

You’ll be thrown into another battle, this time against an Embittered Blacksmith and four Foolish Monks, although you’ll have gained a new ally, Yusuke. First and foremost, use Yusuke’s Bufu to knock down the four Monks, who are weak to ice. If you still have Jack Frost with Mabufu, follow up on your turn to get rid of the Monks, leaving just the Blacksmith. It is quite strong, physically, so use Tarunda with Ann to reduce its strength. Keep attacking with physical attacks to bring it down.

Yep, you now have a new member for the Phantom Thieves, and things get more complicated than just the normal stuff. When you return home, head straight for bed.


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