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Persona 5

The Great Pyramid (2)

Jarrod Garripoli

August 1st

When you have control, head on over to the Velvet Room to view a scene, where you will gain access to the Electric Chair. This basically allows you to turn a Persona into an item, whether it be a piece of equipment (ex. Neko Shogun turns into a slingshot for Morgana) or a Skill Card. Note that doing this will require blank items, such as a Model Gun for those Personas that turn into a firearm, or a Blank Card for skill cards. There isn’t too many right now that are of worth, but once you get into the Personas you unlock from maxing Confidants, you will find some great items. When you’re done checking things out, go to the Diner and order that new item, the Frui-Tea, which will net you three points in Knowledge and one in Charm. For the night activity, go ahead and spend it with Mishima in Shinjuku.

August 2nd

If you look at your IMs, you see you have two from Mishima, so go ahead and look at them to get two new Mementos’ requests; Part-time Job, Full-time Hell and We Aren’t Just Your Slaves . One is good to go, but the latter needs a little extra work on your end. Specifically, you’ll need to start working at the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku, which means you need to work on your Proficiency (your Kindness should already be at Empathetic). Of course, that’s exactly what you will be doing right now, as you go and make some infiltration tools.

If you didn’t get enough materials to make the Eternal Lockpick, use this opportunity to make the regular ones. Of course, you can make any of the tools you want, as you might want to start working towards the Craftworker trophy (need to make all of the tools once). Another thing is that if you are running low on Silk Yarns, use any other time when you are out of Leblanc to purchase some, such as from the second-hand store near your place. Anyway, the sole purpose of making the tools is to get a response from Morgana during them to get the three points in Proficiency, which should increase it to rank 3 now.

For your nighttime activity, go ahead to Shinjuku and hang out with Chihaya, but make sure you have a Fortune Persona on you. If not, go to the Velvet Room and get one, as well as one for the following Arcanas: Death, Emperor, Devil and Temperance. At rank 7, you gain the Affinity Reading ability from Chihaya, which is one of the best ones in the game. For the 5,000 yen fee, you can boost the affinity with one of your Confidants, basically negating the need to hang out with them when you won’t rank up. You will definitely be using this soon.

August 3rd

Today will be another day that you’ll be working on your Social Stats, so head over to the Diner and order some Frui-Tea again, netting you three points in Knowledge and one in Charm. During the night, go visit the Bathhouse and take a dip (save first). On rainy days, you can opt to stay in the bath for a longer period, causing you to get more Charm, but there is a chance it will increase Guts instead. Opt to stay longer and you will hopefully get the full Charm boost, increasing it to rank 4. Later that night, decline Mishima’s invitation when he texts you.

August 4th

Your Charm should now be at rank 4, which means you can finally go back to spending some time with Takemi at her clinic (you should have received a message from her). Note that you will receive a new Mementos request from doing this, called Bad Medicine , but your rank won’t increase until you get the opportunity to finish the request. When prompted with responses, pick “I’m your ally” for the second question.

Tonight, you will be hanging out with Chihaya, which will result in you gaining another Mementos request, Debunking the Psychic! Whenever you get a call from Yusuke later that night, opt to go with him to the movies tomorrow.

August 5th

You’re going to the movies with Yusuke today, where you will get three points in Kindness from watching it. Respond to Yusuke with “I don’t mind” after the movie to earn some bonus points towards his Confidant. When you get home at night, check your IMs to get another request from Mishima ( Who’s Been Assaulting People? ), but it requires extra work on your end, mainly posing as an employee in the Underground Mall. After you’re finished with that, go to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading from Chihaya for Ichiko Ohya, then go to the Crossroads Bar. Before talking with Ohya, speak with Lala about the part-time job, now that your stats are up to snuff, then hang out with Ohya.

August 6th

The first thing you should do today is head on over to the Underground Mall and do your part-time job at the Flower Shop. Not only will you gain two points in Kindness, as well as 3,200 yen, but you will receive a name for the Who’s Been Assaulting People? request. Once you get home, answer Kawakami’s text and then go hang out with her.

August 7th

Today, you’re going to finally finish up Futaba’s Palace, but before you do anything, check out the TV to see that the shopping show is selling 20 Coolified Pads for 1,980 yen. Next, head on over to the Underground Walkway and purchase the drink there to get a point in Proficiency. If you don’t have anything to cure Despair, go and buy some Relax Gels from Takemi before responding to Ryuji’s text about sending the calling card. Note that bringing along Ryuji might be a bit of a pain, as the boss uses wind attacks, which he is weak to, plus you won’t be able to use physical attacks for the first portion of the fight.

There will be a number of scenes before you’re finally back at the Palace. Check your Personas and then head to the Corridor Summit safe room. Enter the previously blocked door and take the elevator up to a new area…hmm, it seems you need to do a bit more work to reach the Treasure. You will want to be extremely careful here, as the enemies are on high alert and you don’t want to expend too much SP. There is a chest with a Balm of Life in the upper right corner, should you wish to venture there, but it’s not entirely needed and might cause more harm than good. The Treasure is in the upper left, so it’s not that far of a trek to get there. Get ready for a boss fight!

BOSS - Beast That Rules the Palace

This battle is divided into two parts, the first of which won’t let you use physical skills, but you can use guns and magic. Try to avoid using a Persona weak to wind, as the boss does have a wind attack in its arsenal. The boss attacks twice per turn, so you’ll need to be a little extra careful. Slam is a physical attack that only hits one character, while Wing Blast is a wind attack that hits everyone. The latter can also cause Dizzy, which makes Slam do more damage. If you have Ann in the battle, use Tarunda to reduce the damage of its attacks.

Eventually, the boss will use Rapid Ascent and fly too high for you to do anything to it. It will take a full three turns (your team gets three full actions before it uses its move) before it will strike with Sphinx Dive, which deals a lot of damage. So, use the downtime when it’s in the air to buff up with something like Marakukaja or Masukukaja, as well as heal from the previous rounds. On the third turn, make sure you use Guard with everyone to mitigate the damage done. Some scenes will happen after that and the second part, the true part, of the battle will begin.

With Futaba’s help, you can send someone to use the ballista, so do just that, preferably Makoto since she’s not needed as much as the others. Continue your assault on the boss using guns and magic until whoever you sent fires the ballista, downing the boss. This will be your opportunity to use physical attacks, which do more damage than normal against her. After a few rounds, the boss will head back into the air, so you’ll need to resort back to the original strategy until you can have someone fire the ballista again.

In this phase, the boss will gain two new moves, the first of which is Sphinx Swipe. This will be similar to Slam, in terms of damage, but it will hit everyone. The other move is deadlier, though, as Dreadful Scream has a chance to inflict your entire party with Despair. Although not talked about in-depth before, this will cause afflicted characters to lose SP for three rounds, upon which that character will die. That means you want to cure this as soon as possible, either with some Relax Gels or with Energy Drop/Shower (Makoto has Energy Shower).

Keep doing this cycle until you finally defeat the boss, although it should be noted that it can use Rapid Ascent/Sphinx Dive again, but you have Futaba’s help to know when the attack will occur. Listen to her warning of when it’s coming, which is your cue to guard to lessen the damage done. Once you deplete almost all of the boss’ health, there will be a scripted Hold Up and when prompted, press the X button to shoot and finally put the boss down for good. Enjoy the scenes afterwards and when you’re back at Leblanc, go straight to bed.

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