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The Cleanse (1)

Jarrod Garripoli

August 8th

You’ll need to wait a few days for Futaba to recover, so it’s time to get back to Confidants/Social Stats. Start the day off by going to Big Bang Burger and taking the challenge there. This is the second time you are taking it and in order to pass, you will need rank 3 in all Social Stats, which you should have right now. For completing it, you get a new accessory, the 1st Mate Badge (30 HP), and two-point boosts in Guts, Knowledge, Charm and Proficiency.

When you get home, you will receive the Coolifier Pads if you ordered them from the TV. You’re not doing anything Confidant-related tonight, as you will be finishing the Tidying the Heart book at the counter in Leblanc, earning you three points in Proficiency.

August 9th

Don’t worry about Yusuke and get working on your Proficiency, which you will do by crafting some infiltration tools. If you have enough Lockpicks or have the Eternal Lockpick, then concentrate on the other tools to try and work on the Craftworker trophy. Just remember that your goal is to get a response from Morgana while working on the tools, so you can get the three point boost in Proficiency at the end. That means saving beforehand and resetting if it doesn’t pan out. At night, go to the Untouchable store in Shibuya and when speaking with Iwai, say that you looked in the bag, with him giving you the gun.

Once you do, respond however you want and you will have established the Hanged Man Confidant. This will unlock a new option when buying items, called Customize, where you can perform an upgrade on some ranged weapons to increase their power, among other things. It’s nothing spectacular, since guns should really only be used for striking a weakness, due to their limited ammo. However, this might be a nice way to increase your firearm damage, if you are upgrading them via the shop.

August 10th

It’s time to continue with your Proficiency grinding, but before sitting at the table, go over to your plant and give it some love with a Mega Fertilizer for three points in Kindness. When you go to make some tools, remember your goal is to get the three points in Proficiency, so save beforehand and reset if you don’t get it. Once you’re done and night rolls around, head for Shinjuku to hang out with Mishima.

August 11th

You should have a new IM from Mishima today, which will net you another Mementos request, Calling for Justice for Cats . As with a few recent requests, though, you don’t have a name, so you will need to do a little extra legwork to get it. Now, since it is pouring outside, head over to the Diner and order a Nostalgic Steak, getting you a point in Kindness and three in Knowledge. At night, you will be hanging out with Yoshida, but before you do that, go to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading for Ohya. Once you do that, respond to Yoshida’s IM to go and hang out with him.

August 12th

Before doing anything today, you’re going to be shifting some of your Personas around to take advantage of some other Confidants you’ll be doing in the forseeable future. You will want to get a Persona of the following Arcanas: Devil, Hanged Man, Emperor and Star. If you fused that Neko Shogun for the twins, then you will have a Star one, plus you should already have some of the Hanged Man Arcana in your compendium. Remember that cat request you just got from Mishima? It’s time to update it by working at the convenience store on Central Street.

At night, head to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading for Ohya, which should have you avoid having to spend time with her without ranking up. Now, go and visit Ohya in the Crossroads Bar to hang out with her.

August 13th

It hasn’t been mentioned, but if you purchased the game console from the second-hand shop, inspect your TV to hook it up, although you’re not going to do anything with it yet. Today is the day of save scumming, as not only will you be making tools to get the three points in Proficiency (it should level up to Rank 4 today), but you might have to do some at night. Go to the Bathhouse at night and when given the option, choose to stay in. Note that you want the three points in Charm here, so if you get the Guts instead, reload and try again.

August 14th

Start the day off by checking the TV for another shopping opportunity, this time being 30 cans of Second Maid (only heal 10 HP each, which is pitiful at this point) for 1,980 yen. If you spent the money on that, then you should be ready to spend some more. Travel to Shinjuku and talk to Chihaya to not only get a Luck Reading for Guts, but also an Affinity Reading for Ohya. When you’re finished, head over to the Underground Walkway and purchase the juice there for two points in Guts. Next is taking the Big Bang Challenge, which you should be able to complete and earn three points in Guts, Knowledge, Charm and Proficiency. You will also receive the Captain Badge, which is an accessory that gives you 50 HP.

For the night activity, go to Untouchable and hang out with Iwai.

August 15th

You did one Affinity Reading for Ohya and you’re going to do another one here, so head to Shinjuku and speak with Chihaya about that. When you’re done with that, return to Shibuya and to the Underground Walkway, where you want to speak with Yusuke to ask him to hang out. Note that you need Proficiency at Rank 4 in order to do this.

If you ordered the Second Maids from the TV shopping channel, they will arrive tonight. You should have an IM from Ohya in your inbox and thanks to the two Affinity Readings you just did, you will be able to rank up with her tonight.


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