August 23rd

If you take a look at your calendar, you will see that all week is marked as “Futaba Training” week. This means that your daytime slot is reserved for that, so you’ll only get use of your nighttime slot. When you regain control, head to Shinjuku and get an Affinity Reading for Yusuke, making it so you’ll rank up next time. Now, respond to Iwai’s text and hang out with him.

Confidant: Pick whatever for the first response, then “I always knew you were a thug” for the second, and “We made a deal, didn’t we?” for the third one.

August 24th

Once again, head to Shinjuku, but go for a Luck Reading for Knowledge this time, then travel to Kanda to hang out with Hifumi.

Confidant: Choose “Describes you perfectly” for your first response, then “Having a difficult time?” for the second one.

August 25th

You will be getting close to maxing out another Confidant when you hang out with Yoshida tonight, who should be at rank 9 after you finish.

August 26th

There’s one extra thing you can do tonight, which is to give your plant some Mega Fertilizer, netting you three points in Kindness. This might push you over the edge to rank 4, but if it doesn’t, then the next activity will likely do it. Remember that part-time job at the Crossroads Bar? You’re going to be doing that tonight, since you need to update that one request. Talk to Lala and tell her you’re working. You have the option to talk to various customers at the bar, with each one getting you some points in a Social Stat. The people who are there depend on the day of the week, with three options tonight. The one you want to talk to is the Downcast Woman, which will give you two points in Kindness. You will also receive 5,400 yen from Lala once you finish the shift, but you didn’t get any leads for that one request.

August 27th

It is pouring once again at night, limiting what you can do, especially since the majority of your nighttime Confidants. Of course, that is a good thing, as it lets you concentrate on updating that request for Mementos. So, go and work at the Crossroads Bar again, opting to talk to the Downcast Woman again for two points in Kindness. Another customer will come in and you will finally get a name for We Aren’t Just Your Slaves. Add to that another 5,400 yen and you’re good to go.

August 28th

Your ranking with the Justice Confidant will increase during the day. When night rolls around, go to the Underground Walkway and get some juice, increasing your Kindness (you can increase it by doing a Luck Reading if you want). After finishing with that, it’s time for one final hangout with Yoshida, with you finally maxing the Confidant today. For doing this, you will gain the ability to fuse Asura, the most powerful Persona of the Sun Confidant. Also, if you’ve done everything up until now, the Charm you receive from Yoshida should push your rank to max.

August 29th

Today is your trip to the beach with Futaba, meaning there will be a lot of scenes here. You will enjoy many things and will also learn Futaba’s codename for the Metaverse, which is Oracle. Your task for the night is to hang out with Hifumi at Kanda. You will unlock a new hangout for this, Jinbocho, AKA Book Town. Also, your rank will increase with the Magician Confidant when you’re sleeping.

Confidant: Pick either the first or third answer for your first response, then “They’re cool” for the second one.

August 30th

You will receive yet another Mementos request (you’ll be going soon) this morning from Mishima, titled Who’s Muscling in Yongen-Jaya? You just unlocked a new hangout spot, which is nicknamed the Book Town, so it’s time to see exactly what books they have available. Unfortunately, the old man running the store says their books are a bit advanced for someone like you, so he only offers to sell one, Master Swordsman. If you have the money, go ahead and purchase it, even though it is 8,000 yen. Until you finish that book, you won’t be able to purchase any more here.

Alright, your activity during the day is entirely up to you, so if you have any Confidant to catch up on, do so now. If you’ve been following this guide, then you are pretty good in terms of those, so you might go ahead and do something that will work on your Social Stats. One thing you can definitely do is go to the drug store on Central Street and purchase some of the Sikkenine items, which might confuse you a bit. The reasoning for this will be revealed in around a week, in-game time, but only do it if you have a lot of extra cash (10 of each should be more than plenty). At night, you are going to be hanging out with Sojiro.

Confidant: Choose “I think I’m addicted!” for the first response, “She wasn’t normal, huh?” for the second, and “It really paid off in the end” for the final one.

August 31st

You’ll be invited to lunch with Sojiro and Futaba during the day, so that will end up taking that time slot up. After that, Futaba will invite you to Akihabara, opening up that hangout. Answer however you like here and you’ll establish the Hermit Confidant. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do anything else for the night, so head straight to bed, where your Fool Confidant will increase once more, letting you hold a total of 12 Personas now (which is the max).

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