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Persona 5

Mental Shutdowns (2)

Jarrod Garripoli

September 7th-12th

There will be a number of scenes across the 7th, 8th and 9th, with no control being in your hands whatsoever, until the 9th. Walk around here and speak with the people on the beach, then head off to the right to get into a conversation with another female student from Shujin. Some more scenes will happen and it will finally be the 10th, where you get a choice of who to hang out with here. It doesn’t really matter who you hang out with, so pick whoever you want. Not only will you get some points towards the related Confidant, but you’ll receive an item as well. There will be an interesting scene that happens on the 11th, then it’s back to Japan on the 12th. After a scene at Leblanc, it will be evening. Give your plant some Mega Fertilize for three points in Kindness, then head to bed.

September 13th-14th

Not too much happens on the 13th, at least that you can control. There will be a school assembly and then another scene in the future, where your Judgement Confidant will increase. Some more scenes will happen, including a bit of a falling out, then the next day will arrive on its own. On the 14th, you will be asked a question during class, with the correct answer being “The 19th century,” netting you a point in Knowledge. Watch the scenes after and you will be able to go to bed for tomorrow.

September 15th-18th

It looks like you are going to be visiting Okumura’s Palace today. Once you are inside, pick your team members and activate the lever in the middle of the floor in front of you. The door to the east won’t open, leaving the one in the west the only way for you to go. Follow the path until you get a scene, showing how Okumura likely views his employees, then continue on after that. Eventually, you will run into a door that you can’t open, stopping your progress. After some more scenes, you will be back at Leblanc, so head to bed.

The next day, you find out the true identity of this so called Beauty Thief, triggering more scenes. When all is said and done, you’ll be back at Leblanc, so go to bed. On the 17th, you will be asked a question during class, with the correct answer being “A cat,” netting you a point in Knowledge. You will be in Mementos after school, trying to catch up to a certain someone. When he runs away, chase after him until you manage to “corner” him, only for him to manage to take off again. After everything, your Magician Confidant will rank up. On the 18th, more scenes will happen and you’ll get your deadline for this operation, October 10th.

September 19th

It’s now back to the grind, as you will finally be able to do stuff again. Also, after that long dive into Mementos, you are finally able to continue a number of Confidants you couldn’t before, due to outstanding requests. Speaking of outstanding requests, though, there is still one you couldn’t do while in Mementos, so it’s time to take care of that. Head to the arcade in Shibuya and speak with the left-most NPC to find out this King fellow is a kid that hangs out in the arcade in Akihabara.

Travel there and head to the Velvet Room first, picking up some Personas you need for Confidants: Temperance, Star, Tower, Priestess, Death, Devil, Hanged Man, and Hermit. You will also gain the use of a new ritual, Public Execution, which basically transforms one of your Personas into a new one. It is completely random and it’s possible you might receive a Persona of a higher level than you or with random skills. Anyways, the only Arcana you might not have right now is a Tower Persona, but you can fuse Jatayu (the lowest level one at 32) with something simple like Arsene and Hua Po.

When you enter the arcade in Akihabara, you should see a scene with some kid kicking some butt at a game. After that little scene, there will be a conversation between the two of you, so answer how you like and you will need to prove yourself to Shinya. Go and talk to Futaba by Leblanc, opting to send a calling card, then go back to the kid in Akihabara, establishing the Tower Confidant. You will also now be able to finish the Winners Don’t Use Cheats request, but you won’t be visiting Mementos again for a while.

If you ordered stuff from Tanaka’s Shady Commodities on the prior date mentioned, the stuff will come tonight. With that, you can check the laptop upstairs to see what new stuff is available. Purchase enough stuff to push you over 100,000 yen total and you’ll unlock the full shopping list the next time. Travel to Shinjuku and get a Luck Reading for Knowledge, then answer Hifumi’s text to go and hang out with her.

September 20th

You are going to be hanging out with Makoto today, but note that you need max Charm in order to do this.

Alright, you will be concentrating on Kawakami’s Confidant at night until you max it out, since her level 10 ability is one of the better ones in the game. So, call her up to hang out, which you can do now you’ve done her related request.

September 21st

You will have a question asked to you in class today, with the correct answer being “Czechoslovakia,” earning you a point in Knowledge. You’ve done the request to Takemi, so you will be hanging out with her today, but before you do that, you can maximize the Guts you get from her by getting a Luck Reading for it from Chihaya.

At night, you are going to be maxing out the Confidant with Kawakami, with you acquiring one of the better abilities in the game. Special Massage makes it so you can do nightly activities after visiting a Palace or Mementos, which is extremely useful. You are also now able to fuse Ardha, the most powerful Persona of the Temperance Arcana. Remember that the responses here do no matter, as you will automatically get to Rank 10. Decline Mishima when he calls you later on at night.

September 22nd

You can head to the Palace today if you want, but wait a few more days to get some Confidant ranking out of the way. Before doing anything else, go to Shinjuku and get a Luck Reading for Knowledge (this will be for the TV at Leblanc tonight, so make sure you don’t accidentally look at it during the day), then go ahead and hang out with Makoto, who is by the front gates of the school.

At night, you will receive the order from Tanaka’s Shady Commodities if you ordered from it on the 19th. Should this happen, go upstairs and check out the wares he has now. Some particularly decent items are the Fragmented Armor and Spyware-laden Gear, as they are cheap and you can use Kawakami to wash them to get some decent armor for your characters. The other stuff, like the Roland Medal, Dispel Ring and Magic Rosary, are very nice accessories, but they may be a bit too expensive for you right now.

Don’t forget to have Kawakami make an Eternal Lockpick for you if you happened to have farmed the ingredients. Now, check the TV downstairs to get a trivia question, with the correct answer being “Ten years in prison,” netting you two Knowledge points and possibly pushing it to Rank 5. If it doesn’t, don’t worry as there will be plenty of opportunities to get more Knowledge. For your activity, go hang out with Mishima, who is in Akihabara (responses don’t matter, as he will always rank up).

September 23rd

You’ll have free time in your class today, thanks to Kawakami, so use it to start reading Cry of Cthulhu. After school, go ahead and respond to Yusuke’s IM to hang out with him. This will push him to Rank 10, which means not only will his Persona evolve to Kamu Susano-o, but it will also learn a new skill, Evade Fire. You will also be able to fuse Odin now, the ultimate Persona of the Emperor Arcana. Woot! That’s another one down. In the evening, you are going to be hanging out with Ohya, since you finished her request in Mementos.

September 24th

You will have a seat on the train in the morning, so use that chance to finish reading Cry of Cthulhu, which will you get three points in Guts. During class, you will be asked a question from the teacher, with the correct answer being “So it shows well on TV,” netting you a point in Knowledge. After school, go to the library to return Cry of Cthulhu and take out Woman in the Dark. It’s time to hang out with Makoto again.

At night, you will be hanging out with Hifumi and if you still need Knowledge, then get a Luck Reading for it from Chihaya. You also need an Affinity Reading, too, for Hifumi, so do that and go hang out with her. You’ll unlock a new hangout spot during this rank, Sky Tower.

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