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Persona 5

Change of Heart (4)

Jarrod Garripoli

July 2nd

You have a good number of days left before you will see the change of heart for Kaneshiro, so it’s back to the grind for Social Stats and Confidants. If you’ve built up your Temperance Confidant enough, you should have some free time during class today to either sleep, study, read a book or make some infiltration tools. This will make it a bit easier to get the trophy for all books read, so work on that by finishing up The Illusory Popess, getting three points in Kindness for doing that.

After school, head to the library and return the same book you just finished, which happens to be the last book you can take out there for now. Exit the library normally and you should see Makoto right there. Tell her that you came to see her and if your Knowledge is high enough (rank 3, which it should be), you will be able to hang out with her. You don’t have to worry about responses here, as any will do, with the end result being the establishment of the Priestess Confidant.

During the evening, some texts from the others will end up unlocking a new hangout spot, Kanda. Alright, the thing you have been waiting for is now upon. Hopefully you have the 100,000 yen on you, as you will be heading to Shinjuku and purchasing the Holy Stone from the fortune teller. You might as well purchase a Mega Fertilizer while you’re there. Watch the scenes that follow and while you’re sleeping, Ryuji will call you. There’s no reason to hang out with him anymore, so decline.

July 3rd

Check the TV to see that they are selling 10 Freeze Sprays for 3,980 yen (50 ice damage to a single enemy), so buy them if you wish. Since today is Sunday, head on over the Underground Walkway and purchase the 5,000 yen drink there to get a one point boost in Kindness. Head on over to the Velvet Room next and make sure you have Personas of the following Arcana: Priestess, Temperance, Emperor, Lovers and Fortune.

You likely already have Personas of every Arcana except for the last one, Fortune. The lowest level one is Clotho, at level 26 and luckily, there is a relatively easy and cheap recipe for one. Fuse Pixie and Silky together to get a Clotho, then take them out again for their respective Arcanas (since they are the cheapest ones). When you’re done with the Velvet Room, go over to the bookstore and look at the selection. If you have the money, purchase everything, but you’re going to be concentrating on two books for now, Tidying the Heart and Medjed Menace. With the Priestess Persona in hand, head to the front gate of your school to find Makoto, who you will be hanging out with today.

During the evening hours, you’re going to be travelling back to Shinjuku to confront Chihaya about the Holy Stone you bought from her. Choose to eavesdrop on her and her client, which will end up getting you another request for Mementos, Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse . This is also the last time you can visit Chihaya, as you need to finish that request, and she can be a very important person soon.

July 4th

On the train, you will be able to get a seat, so use that opportunity to read Medjed Menace for the first time. At school, you will be asked a question during class, with the correct answer being “Someone pretentious said so,” netting you a point in Knowledge. Alright, you’re going to be visiting Mementos now, with two goals in mind. The first is to finish four requests that you should have in your log now.

The second goal is to possibly make a lot of money, but there’s a catch. To make that boatload of cash, you’re going to need a Persona with the ability to confuse. One such skill is called Pulinpa and you may have it on one of your current Personas. If not, then you need to find a Persona with it and there are two that start with that skill that you might have already, Mandrake and Inugami. Either one of them will do. When ready, go to the hideout and pick “View Requests” to get a briefing on each one, then it’s time to explore Mementos.

Exploring Mementos

This should be your second visit to Mementos, at least according to this walkthrough, so there will be some scenes before you’re actually able to explore. This includes the opening of a third area (thanks to stopping Madarame), and some tutorials about fast travelling in Mementos and how the weather affects the place. Morgana will also hand over two Goho-M items, which you can use to escape to the entrance, but you really shouldn’t be having any problems at this point in the game.

As you already know, Mementos is randomly generated, so a step-by-step walkthrough cannot be given. Instead, a general guide will be shared, saying where to go and how to fight the bosses. When you’re ready, press R1 and travel to Area 2 of the Path of Qimranut, then move onto the next area, where you will learn of the Reaper. This Shadow is insanely strong and only appears if you should stay on a single floor for more than five minutes. You know he is coming, as you will hear chains, so that’s your cue to get running for an exit.

At this point in the game and with Ryuji’s Confidant maxed out, whenever you ambush enemies, you will pretty much instantly kill them and gain a mask (assuming you have free space). It doesn’t really matter, as the money portion of the grind will be coming from the bosses anyways, so you don’t really have to fight the ordinary Shadows. Your first target is located in Area 2 of Aiyatsbus, Shadow Takanashi. Despite him looking like a Jack Frost, he isn’t weak to fire (keep this in mind when fighting other targets here). His only two moves are Evil Touch (inflicts Fear) and Lucky Punch (high chance of critical). Just attack him until he goes down, and you’ll receive a Protein after he has a change of heart.

Raking in the Cash

When you get to Area 4, you will find a rest area, which are similar to the safe rooms in the normal Palaces. You will find your next target at Area 6 of Aiyatsbus, so find the portal to get to him. Shadow Makigami will be your first cash cow, but you’ll need to do a little spring cleaning first. He’ll summon two enemies to join himself in the battle, an Oni and a Onmoraki. Both share their strengths and weaknesses to the ones you’ve fought before, so you should have no trouble with them.

Makigami is a little more challenging than Takanashi, as he has access to Tarukaja and Rakukaja, as well as Mabufula and Magarula. The reason why Makigami is great is that you can confuse him with Pulinpa (you did bring this along, right?). Do this and the boss has a chance to drop a lot of yen (probably around 14-16k per turn he does drop it). Reapply Pulinpa when needed and keep doing this until you either get bored or feel like finishing off Makigami. After finishing the battle, you will receive an Old Key , a key item that will be given to someone else.

In Area 7 of Aiyatsbus, you will find the end of the entire area, as well as another target, Shadow Shimizu. As a boss, Shimizu uses physical attacks and resists them as well. She has access to Tarukaja, Charge (makes the next attack do more damage) and Oni-Kagura (physical attack that hits everyone). Finish her off with magical skills, with your reward being a new weapon for Ann, then move onto the third area of Mementos, Chemdah.

Path of Chemdah

There’s not much that’s different with this area, other than the enemies are a little more challenging than those found in the prior one. Your last target on this trip to Mementos is going to be found in Area 3 of Chemdah. Shadow Uchimura is another boss that is resistant to physical attacks and uses some of his own. In addition to Tarukaja, he has access to a normal attack and Rampage, so be especially careful with the latter. This is another boss that is prone to confusion, so you can use him to farm some extra money if you want.

You will receive a Sleep Stick after finishing off Uchimura (weapon for Ryuji) and that will be the final request for now. There will be two options available to you at this point, either continue until the end of the Chemdah section of Mementos, or simply just leave the dungeon. Should you decide to stay, there is another rest area on the fifth floor of Chemdah and the final floor will be the eighth. Return to the entrance and exit the dungeon, where you can go to bed when you get back home.

July 5th

You’ve finished up a good run of Mementos and probably made a good bit of money. Depending on how much you have, you might want to invest in some more SP Adhesives to keep your characters’ SP up in dungeons. Also, head on over to sell off the treasures you’ve acquired inside of Mementos, as well as any extra armor/weapons. Make sure you have the following Arcanas for Personas, too: Priestess, Emperor, Lovers, Temperance and Fortune. When you’re finished, look at your IMs and respond to Makoto’s text to go and hang out with her.

If you happen to have a lot of money, go to the washing machine near the Bathhouse and put in four items (you likely got that many at this point), then pay the 5,000 yen to have Kawakami do the laundry for you. Now, head on over to Shinjuku and buy some Mega Fertilizers from the Flower Shop (two or three should be good for now). With that one request from Mementos finished, you can go and visit Chihaya. Answer her however you want and you will finally establish the Fortune Confidant. She is only available at night and won’t be there whenever it’s raining.

July 6th

You will have period of free time during class today, so use the opportunity to finish reading the Medjed Menace book, increasing your Knowledge by three points. After school, it looks like most of the Confidants are unavailable. Head on over to Central Street and purchase Tidying the Heart from the bookstore, as that is the next book you will be reading (if you haven’t already bought it). Since it is raining today, go to the Diner in Shibuya and order a Hot Coffee, netting you three points in Knowledge and one in Guts. At night, call Kawakami to come on over, although you won’t be able to rank up this time.

July 7th

That fated day for Kaneshiro’s change of heart is inching ever closer. During class, you will be asked a question, with the correct answer being “Soumen,” netting you a point in Knowledge. After school, look at your texts to see ones from Makoto, Yusuke and Chihaya. The important one is Chihaya, who mentions that you can’t do anything on rainy days and that she will be able to do fortunes during the day and tests at night (the latter is ranking up her Confidant). You’ll be using the former function shortly, but for now, hang out with Makoto.

You should have two IMs in your inbox when you get home in the evening, one from Mishima and another from Chihaya. Answer the latter’s to go and hang out with Chihaya.

July 8th

On the train, you will get a seat, so use that opportunity to read a book, concentrating on Tidying the Heart this time. During class, answer the question you receive with “They have the same flavor,” which will get you a point in Knowledge. Alright, remember when Chihaya mentioned that she can read fortunes for you during the day? Well, you’re going to use that, so head on over to Shinjuku and spend the 5,000 yen to increase your Kindness on your next activity. Of course, you will use this, as you will be heading to the Flower Shop in the Underground Mall to work there, earning not only 3,200 yen, but also two points in Kindness (boosting it to rank 3 now).

The first thing you should do when you get home is go upstairs and give some Mega Fertilizer to your plant, getting three points in Kindness. Afterwards, go back downstairs and call Kawakami to come over.

July 9th-10th

As soon as the day switches to this one, the percentage for the survey on the Phan-Site gets boosted to around 35%. Yep, today is the day that Kaneshiro has a change of heart, although you don’t get to actually see it. During class, you will be asked a question, with the correct answer being “180 degrees,” earning you a point in Kindness. There will be a number of scenes before you return home in the evening, where you want to call up Kawakami, who won’t rank up this time. Another scene will happen, which will establish the Judgement Confidant. This is another one that will unlock as you progress in the main story. The 10th will be occupied with a bunch of cutscenes, then when you gain control at night, you will receive a new Mementos request, The Lovesick Cyberstalking Girl . There’s nothing else to do, so go to bed.

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