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Change of Heart (1)

Jarrod Garripoli

April 23rd

Life goes on for now, as you will be asked a question during class, with the answer being “Singing,” netting you a Knowledge point. After school is over, you will be free to do whatever you want, but there are some things you might want to prioritize. You might notice a message on your phone, which will be from Ryuji, but ignore it for now and head to Central Street in Shibuya. In the alley with the Airsoft Shop should now be an entrance to the Velvet Room, which is your first destination.

If you’ve ever played Persona 3 or 4, then you might know that having a Persona of the same Arcana as the Social Link will boost the number of points you will receive whenever you pick the correct response. This applies to Confidants in Persona 5, although you don’t need them for the Confidants that automatically level up. You should realize that you have two Confidants that will need matching Personas right now, which are for Chariot (Agathion at level 4) and Death (Mokoi at level 10). You will also be starting the Hierophant Confidant soon (Berith at level 9), plus you will be gaining access to Lovers (Pixie at level 2), although you don’t need the latter just yet.

When you’re finished, head on over to Untouchable to sell all of the treasures you looted from Kamoshida’s Palace, probably netting you a good bit of money. If you didn’t purchase the TV from the one shop near Leblanc, do that now. Hold off on spending any other money for right now and go hang out with Ryuji. At rank 3, you gain the Follow Up ability, which basically gives Ryuji a chance to attack an enemy if your character doesn’t do it.

Back at home, there will be some texts from Ryuji and Ann, then Sojiro will say he’d like to have a chat with you. Take him up on his offer, picking whatever responses you want, to establish the Hierophant Confidant.

April 24th

It is now Sunday, which means you have a free day from school. If you bought the TV from the one shop in the alley, check it out in your room to see a Sunday TV shopping show. Every Sunday in which you have control, you can buy an item off of the show, some of which might be exclusive to the show. The first item will be a four-pack of a Party in a Can for 1,980 yen. This item is nice, since it heals the entire party for 40 HP and you get four of them, so purchase it if you have the extra money.

The next stop is the Underground Walkway in Shibuya, specifically the drink stand. As with the shopping show, you can purchase special drinks here on Sundays, which will boost a specific Social Stat for 5,000 yen. This week, it will be Beauty Aojiru, giving you one point towards your Charm. Go to Central Street next and all the way to the north end, where you’ll find a movie theater. The first time you see a movie that’s showing, you will gain some points towards Social Stats. For a low price of 1,500 yen, you can see Tanktop Millionaire (sounds a bit familiar), increasing your Guts by three points. If you’ve been following this guide, your Guts will now be at level 2 (Bold).

Watching a movie takes up time, so it will now be evening. Back at Leblanc, Ryuji will annoy you with some texts and Sojiro will talk about how you can now roam the Backstreets at night. There are a few sights to see in the Backstreets, but for now, stay in the bar and read Zorro, the Outlaw.

April 25th

With the reading you did the night before, plus the fact you can read a book on the train to school, finish Zorro, the Outlaw to gain three Kindness points. In class, pick “Knowing your actions are wrong” and “Conviction that you’re right” to gain a Knowledge point. After school, head to the library and exchange Zorro, the Outlaw with The Alluring Dancer. Today is Monday, meaning the vending machines have been restocked, so go around and pick the ones with SP-replenishing drinks clean (Courtyard at school, Arcade on Central Street and one on the Backstreets).

You should see an IM available, which is from Takemi, so head on over there and ask to participate in the clinical trial (you should have enough Guts by now).

You’ll receive a single Guts point for hanging out with Takemi, who should now be at level 2. Back at home in the evening, you should receive the Party in a Cans if you ordered them from the Sunday shopping channel. You should see that you can hang out with Sojiro here, but there’s something else that you can do now that it’s Monday. Exit the coffee shop and go into the alley where you purchase the SP-restoring drinks. To the left of the vending machine is the Bathhouse and the Laundromat is to the right. Enter the latter real quick and check the washing machines to get a tutorial about dirty clothes.

If you’ve been looting, you should have some Grimy Gear from Kamoshida’s Palace, but that’s only one piece and the washing machine can hold four, so ignore that and head on over to the Bathhouse. On Mondays and Thursdays, you can get a bigger boost to your Charm than other days, so enter the place to spend your time and gain three points. With this, your Charm should be at level 2, or Head-turning now.

April 26th

Time skips straight to after school and remember the two girls talking about the Nostalgic Steak at the Diner on a prior day? Yeah, you’ll be going there, so fast travel to Central Street in Shibuya and the Diner should be to your left, just past the vending machine. You will always gain Knowledge when you visit the Diner, and other stats may increase, depending on a few factors. When there are fewer customers, your Knowledge will increase by a bit more, such as on rainy days. Inside, order the Nostalgic Steak for 1,100 yen to gain one point in Kindness and two in Knowledge.

Talk to Sojiro back at Leblanc to get the chance to hang out with him during the evening, where you can increase your Confidant ranking. You will receive three Kindness points for helping Sojiro, which should increase it to level 2 (Considerate).

April 27th

During class, you will be asked a question and the answer will be “Four,” earning you one point in Knowledge. After school, go hang out with Ryuji, knowing that you will not rank up the Chariot Confidant this time. The reason for this is that as you get higher, it will take more points to reach the next rank, so it will require you to hang out with that person. There will be other ways to avoid having to do this, but for now, have a Chariot Persona on you and hang out with him.

In the evening, Sojiro says that you can use the coffee maker, which is to the left of him on the bar. You don’t have to actually do anything but interact with the coffee siphon, as your character will make the coffee on his own. Doing this will serve two purposes, the first of which is to get points towards the next rank event with the Hierophant Confidant. The second is that you’ll receive some coffee as an item ( Leblanc Coffee ), which restores 30 SP to one ally, making them very nice items.

April 28th

Before doing anything, head to the Underground Mall in Shibuya and purchase a Bio Nutrients from the Flower Shop, as you will be using it soon. You should have two IMs today, one from Takemi and another from Ryuji, both asking you to go with them. You’ll get with Takemi soon enough, as hanging out with Ryuji will unlock something special, so go ahead and accept his invitation. He’ll bring you to a ramen joint in Ogikubo, a new hangout spot. Each Confidant will have their own favorite hangout spot, which will usually unlock as you spend time with them or by reading about them in a book.

For ranking the Chariot Confidant to level 4, you unlock Punk Talk, which allows you to redo a Shadow Negotiation should you fail. In the evening, you should realize it is Thursday, so head out and go to the Bathhouse, getting another three points in Charm.

April 29th

Today is a day off from school and once again, you will have two IMs from the same two people, Takemi and Ryuji. Of course, you’ll want to choose Ryuji once more, who is chilling in the Arcade in Shibuya. When he asks you what to do, choose the option to go somewhere fun, then pick Ogikubo. Despite this not being a rank up event, you are still presented with a choice when asked a question. Pick “I’m in love” and Ryuji will give you something after you leave, a Ramen Bowl, which is a decoration that you can place in your room. In the evening, use the Coffee Siphon to make more coffee and receive another Lablanc Coffee item.

April 30th

You have finally reached the end of your first month in-game and on the train to school, you’ll have the opportunity to read a book, so pick The Alluring Dancer, which you will have to finish another time. At school, you will be three questions during class, with the answers being Wonder , Child , and A Prodigy , earning you a point in Knowledge. After school, it seems like you won’t have anything to do, but you’ve been putting off Takemi long enough, so head over to her clinic and choose to participate in her clinical trial. Your Guts will increase by one point.

In the evening, you can now rank up the Hierophant Confidant, so talk to Sojiro to help him.


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