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Now, you guys know that throughout this walkthrough I’ve been giving you step by step instructions and generally have just plain been awesome (It’s all I know how to do!). However, for THIS quest, I’m going to tell you to look at another part of the guide. You see, this quest is intertwined with the main quest in a way that half of it you need to do anyways. In fact, I’m sure that most of you got this quest due to following the main questline.

Essentially, this quest starts once you start the “Elder Knowledge” main quest. For the first half of this quest, one crazy scholar named Septimus Signus will ask you to impart the knowledge of an Elder Scroll onto a lexicon for him. So, if you need to know how to do that part, go read what we wrote about the main quest “Elder Knowledge” and come back here once you have a Runed Lexicon .

[Go read/complete the MAIN QUEST “Elder Knowledge” and return here!]

Ok good. Now once you have the runed lexicon, go return to Signus at his outpost and show him. He’ll mention that he needs dwemer blood to unlock the box, but that’s kinda out of the question since the dwemer have vanished. However, he thinks he can make a substitute using various elf bloods. This will give you the following objectives:

  • Harvest High Elf blood.

  • Havest Wood Elf blood.

  • Havest Dark Elf blood.

  • Havest Falmer blood.

  • Havest Orc blood.

Now THAT is a tall order. Basically, you need to kill a member of each of those races to harvest their blood. The easiest ones to get by far are the falmer blood (head to Blackreach) and ORC blood (Orc’s are in a LOT of bandit camps). High Elf and Dark Elf blood you can get pretty easy by fighting magic encampments (certain forts are made up entirely of necromancers and/or mages), and you can often find Wold Elf blood by taking out hunting camps. Personally, I’d recommend just keep playing the game, doing other quests and sooner or later the issue of collecting blood WILL take care of itself (this is what I did).

Once you have all the blood, return to Signus. He will mix it and use it to open the box. Inside, all you’ll find is a book. Signus will try to pick it up and will turn to ash (just as the wretched void predicted). Now go ahead and pick up the Oghma Infinium. Try to leave and the void (Hermaeu Mora) will tell you that it contains the knowledge of the ages. He’ll also tell you to go throughout the land and do his will. Um, sure.

Note that AFTER talking to the void here, the quest will be complete. However, the biggest reward has yet to be paid. You see, you can read the Oghma Infinium and once you flip the page it will ask you:

  • The sea of knowledge rolls before you. Choose the section you wish to read.

Here’s your choices. Note that you can ONLY CHOOSE ONE, so pick wisely:

o (Do not read): Gain no bonus. You can read/pick at a later date.

o The Path of Might: You gain +5 in the following skills:

  • Smithing

  • Heavy Armor

  • Block

  • Two-Handed

  • One-Handed

  • Archery

o The Path of Shadow: You gain +5 in the following skills:

  • Light Armor

  • Sneak

  • Lockpicking

  • Pickpocket

  • Speech

  • Alchemy

o The Path of Magic: You gain +5 in the following skills:

  • Illusion

  • Conjuration

  • Destruction

  • Restoration

  • Alteration

  • Enchanting

You will also undoubtedly level up as well. As you can see, a very powerful reward! Choose your path wisely and make the most of it. This quest is now TRULY at an end.

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