Windhelm is probably one of the coldest cities you’ll ever see, and is the hold capital of Eastmarch. Located to the northeast of Whiterun, Windhelm is firmly in the middle of the frozen mountains and tundras of the province. It is home to Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, who is currently leading a rebellion against the Imperial Empire for Nord independence. The city has all of the commodities of any major city and even has a number of Dark Elf citizens as well as a port section.

Major City? Yes (Hold Capital of Eastmarch, loading required)

House? Yes - Hjerim (MUST JOIN THE STORMCLOAKS and then complete “Rescue from Fort Neugrad”; must have 12,000 Gold. I’d also recommend completing “Blood on the Ice” BEFORE buying the house!).


o Kitchen Furnishings - 1000 Gold

o Bedroom Furnishings - 1000 Gold

o Living Room - 1500 Gold

o Alchemy Laboratory - 1500 Gold

o Enchanting Laboratory - 1500 Gold

o Armory - 2000 Gold

o Clean up that murder’s mess - 500 Gold

Major Shops:

o Candlehearth Hall (Inn)

o Oengul’s Smithery (Blacksmith)

o Sadri’s Used Wares (General Store)

o The White Phial (Alchemy Shop)

Major Quests

o Blood on the Ice (Witness the remains of a murder near the hall of the dead and offer to help).

o Innocence Lost (Go talk to Aventus Aretino in the Aretino house to start this quest; begins the DARK BROTHERHOOD questline)

o Rise in the East (Talk to Orthus Endario down by the docks and offer to help).

o The White Phial (Talk to Nurelion in the shop The White Phial and agree to help him).


o Alchemy Lab (Inside the White Phial) (The Palace of Kings upstairs) (Inside Hjerim once you upgrade it)

o Arcane Enchanter (Located in the open air marked, behind a stall) (The Palace of Kings upstairs) (Inside Hjerim once you upgrade it)

o Blacksmith Forge (Located at Oengul’s Smithery)

o Cooking Pot (Inside the White Phial) (Inside the Palace of Kings) (Inside Hjerim once you upgrade it) o Grindstone (Located at Oengul’s Smithery) (Out by the docks)

o Smelter (Located at Oengul’s Smithery)

o Tanning Rack (Located at Oengul’s Smithery) (Located by the docks entrance to the city) (Out by the docks)

o Wood Chopping Block (Outside Windhelm Stables)

o Workbench (Located at Oengul’s Smithery) (Out by the docks)



o Calder (Your Housecarl, must join the Stormcloaks and complete “Rescue from Fort Neugrad” first, then complete 5 tasks for the people and purchase Hjerim).

o Stenvar (Mercenary in Candlehearth Hall, buy for 500 Gold).


o Scouts-Many-Marshes: COMMON LIGHT ARMOR TRAINER (Often works out by the docks).

o Silda the Unseen: EXPERT PICKPOCKET TRAINER (One of the beggars in the city).

o Torbjorn Shatter-Shield: EXPERT TWO HANDED TRAINER (Often wandering around the market).

o Wuunferth the Unliving: COMMON DESTRUCTION TRAINER (Court mage of The Palace of Kings).


o 2920, Second Seed, v5 (SPEECH SKILLBOOK, found behind the counter in Sardi’s Used Wares). A Game at Dinner (ALCHEMY SKILLBOOK found upstairs in the New Gnisis Cornerclub).

o Ice and Chitin (LIGHT ARMOR SKILLBOOK found under the bridge to Windhelm; on a table).

o Stone of Barenziah (Located in House of Clan Shatter-Shield, upstairs on a bookcase). o Stone of Barenziah (Located in the Palace of Kings, upstairs neer Wuunferth the Unliving).


o Angrenor Once-Honored (Male Nord, Beggar on the street, must donate to him first).

o Calder (Male Nord, Your Housecarl, must join the Stormcloaks and complete “Rescue from Fort Neugrad” first, then complete 5 tasks for the people and purchase Hjerim).

o Revyn Sadri (Male Dark Elf, owns Sadri’s Used Wares, must do a favor for him first).

o Scouts-Many-Marshes (Male Argonian, works at the docks, must do a favor for him first). o Stenvar (Male Nord, mercenary in Candlehearth Hall, must hire him first).


Deliver Adonato’s Book to Giraud

You can find Adonato at the Candlehearth Hall (around 3pm anyways) and you can then ask him about his writing. He’ll mention a delivery to Giraud at the Bard’s College, so offer to take it. Upon delivery, you’ll gain a tidy 500 Gold profit.

Deliver the Nightshade Extact to Wuunferth the Unliving

You can get this quest from Hillevi Cruel-Sea, who runs a stall in the market. Agree to help her out. Wuunferth is upstairs in the Palace of Kings. Give him the extact (extract?) for a 500 Gold reward.

Find Queen Freydis’s Sword inside Stony Creek Cave

You can get this quest from the town blacksmith, Oengul, by going through his dialog options and asking to help him. The sword is for Jarl Ulfric. Stony Creek Cave is located is located to the southeast, and I suspect this is a radiant location as I’ve already been there. Either way, head inside and take out the bandits. This place is really linear. Once you kill the head bandit loot the chest for the sword. Return it to Oengul and for a reward he’ll give you one free level of SMITHING.

Kill the giant located at Broken Limb Camp

Talk to the innkeeper or Jorlief and ask about work to get this quest. Broken Limb Camp is located slightly southwest, so head over there and kill a giant. When you’re done return to Jorlief for your 100 Gold bounty.

Kill the giant located at Steamcrag Camp

Talk to the innkeeper or Jorlief and ask about work to get this quest. Steamcrag Camp is located south of Windhelm, so head over there and take the giant out (be careful, it IS a giant after all, so hopefully you’ve done this before!). Return to Jorlief for your 100 Gold bounty.

Kill the leader of Lost Knife Hideout

You can get this quest from Brunwulf Free-Winter. Since Ulfric is a bit of a racist (who are we kidding, a full blown racist) Brunwulf will offer to pay you to bring these bandits to justice. Lost Knife Hideout is located to the southwest a ways. Head over there and slaughter every bandit in sight. This place is pretty big and has a lot of bandits, making killing them all extremely satisfying. Return to Brunwulf when you’re done for a 500 Gold reward and a level in HEAVY ARMOR for free.

Kill the leader of Uttering Hills Camp

Head to the docks and talk to Captain Kjar for this quest. Some of his sailors turned to banditry and he wants them dead. Fair enough. Uttering Hills Camp is located west of the city, but isn’t too far off (Please note the location of the ex-sailors is random/radiant as well). Bandits will be hanging around outside of Uttering Hills, so kill them and head inside. Not too much to say here, just kill a bunch of bandits. There is one split path but which way you go doesn’t matter. You’ll find stonework soon enough with the chief, so kill them all and loot the place good before returning to Kjar. He’ll end up giving you 1000 Gold as a reward.

Plant Viola’s Gold Ring in Viola Giordano’s House

You can get this quest from Sadri in Sadri’s Used Wares when you ask him if any of his stock is stolen. He’ll beg you to take the ring back and plant in in her house. Easier typed than done, as the lock on Viola’s door is an EXPERT lock. Hopefully you have practice with lockpicking! Once you have access to the house, put the ring (store it) in the dresser the marker points out and then return to Sadri for 800 Gold. You can also now marry him if you wish.

Steal the Double-Distilled Skooma for Stands-In-Shallows

You can get this quest from the Argonian Stands-In-Shallows, who you can easily find at the Argonain Assemblage around 9PM. He’s itchin’ for his fix. Travel to the New Gnisis Cornerclub and follow the marker to the skooma. It’s really easy to steal given its out of the way hiding spot. Head back to the docks and give the Skooma to Stands for a free lesson in SNEAKING.

Talk to Torbjorn about Scouts-Many-Marshes

You can get this quest from the Argonian Scouts-Many-Marshes, who you can easily find at the Argonain Assemblage around 9PM. He wants you to talk to Torbjorn Shatter-Shield about the pay they get. Go find Torbjorn and like always use Persuade/Bribe/Intimidate to get him to come around to your way of thinking. Once you have, return to Scouts and tell him the good news. He’ll reward you with a variety of healing potions. You can also now mary him if you wish.


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