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This is the most lucrative mission that you can complete on the island of Solstheim. Fethis Alor from Raven Rock will pay you 500 gold for each East Empire Pendant that you bring him. This type of pendants can be found in the Empire chests spread throughout the land. Below is the full list of marked and unmarked chest locations:

Marked Map Locations

  • Alor House – Sitting on a table in the basement.
  • Ashfallow Citadel – On a bookshelf right by the entrance.
  • Benkongerike – Great Hall, in a big room on the second floor, on a barrel.
  • Bristleback Cave – On a barrel deep in the cave.
  • Brodir Grove – On a wooden chest.
  • Broken Tusk Mine – Outside the mine, on a chest nearby the tower.
  • Caerellius House – In the first room, besides some pots on a rock shelf.
  • Fort Frostmoth – In the building on the left, on a shelf on the left side.
  • Frossel – Opposite to the Riekling Hut, right beside the thorn trap.
  • Glacial Cave – Outside, by the entrance.
  • Glover Mallory ’s House – On the table by the entrance.
  • Haknir’s Shoal – In one of the tents.
  • Horker Island – Northeast shore of the island, beside a ship broken in half.
  • Hrodulf’s House – In the cabinet.
  • Moesring Pass – On the table.
  • Morvayn Manor – On the upper floor.
  • Northern Maiden – Under the Northern Maiden in the Raven Rock port (under water!).
  • Northshore Landing – Inside the mud hut, on a shelf.
  • Ramshackle Trading Post – On a chest left of the building.
  • Raven Rock Mine (Chest 1) – Found on the table in the first room.
  • Raven Rock Mine (Chest 2) - To the right of the steel gate which can be opened using Crescius’ key (The Final Descent).
  • Raven Rock Temple – In the ancestors tomb, in the ash.
  • The Bulwark – On the table at the end of the room, on the right.
  • The Retching Netch – Behind the bar.
  • Wreck of the Strident Squall – On a shelf in the warehouse.

Unmarked Map Locations

  • The island with the Ninrooth plantation – To the north of Frossel.
  • Rieklings Island – To the north of Haknir’s Shoal, in the guard tower.
  • Usha’s camp – Behind the wooden gate to the north of Ashfallow Citadel (a stream leads there).
  • Bandit camp – Southwest of Asfallow Citadel and southeast of Ramshackle Trading Post.
  • Dunmer camp – East of Vahlok’s Tomb.
  • Southeast of the Water Stone – On a ridge beside barrels and chests (it’s a trap)!
  • Shrine of Zenithar, northwest of Frostmoon Crag – By the Moesring Pass you need to turn left (down the hill) and look for around the shrine.
  • Bandit camp – On a cliff southwest of Hrothmund’s Barrow.
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