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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Personal Steward

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to get a Personal Steward and what they offer for you and your homestead.

A personal steward can help you build a wonderful homestead!

How to Get a Personal Steward

To have access to a personal steward, you’ll first need to build a Small House on the plot of land. Then, when you bring a follower (a housecarl can also become a steward) onto the homestead building site, they’ll either automatically ask to be your steward, or you can ask them directly. When they’re your steward they’ll remain at the lot and walk around “overseeing” the homestead.

You can ask any follower to become your Steward.

Buying Building Materials

Once you have a Personal Steward you can ask them to purchase you materials for the construction of your home. Below, you’ll find the prices and the type of materials on offer:

Materials Cost (Gold)
20 Sawn Logs 200
20 Quarried Stone 100
20 Clay 20

Once purchased, they’ll appear instantaneously in the chest next to the carpenter’s bench on your lot.

Home Improvements

Once of the most fun things about the Personal Steward offers is home improvements. With building materials and room furnishings, you can do all of those without a Steward, but the home improvements listed below are only available from a Steward.

  • Hire a bard for 1500 gold.
  • Hire a carriage driver for 500 gold.
  • Buy a horse for 1000 gold (if you have built the exterior Stable)
  • Buy a cow for 200 gold (if you have built the exterior Animal Pen)
  • Buy chickens (up to 3) for 25 gold (if you have built the exterior Animal Pen)

(1 of 2) Your steward can buy you livestock

Your steward can buy you livestock (left), and a horse too! (right)

Furnishing a Room

Furnishing your homestead can be quite the task! There are lots of furniture items, display pieces and decorations, which means you’ll need loads of materials, especially iron and wood. You can ask your Steward to furnish a room for you, but you need to be aware that furnishing your house in this way will take a long time. It isn’t instaneous and everytime you come back to your house you might see a couple of extra furnishings added. They will eventually buy all furnishings, which is great for those more expensive items and obscure decorations, but it does take ages.

The Steward can buy furnishings for your house but it’ll take a while!

The downside is that you can’t decide which items to make and which ones you don’t want in your house this way. Plus, you’re missing out on the fun of making them all yourself and getting XP for smithing a ton of iron fittings, nails etc.

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