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Kill the Ash Spawn Attacking Captain Veleth

Make your way out of Raven Rock (up and to your right if you’re stepping off the boat), when you reach the beach you should see someone being attacked by a gang of Ash Spawn . Stab these strong creatures in the back to keep this fight as unfair as possible.

Once you’ve helped kill the Ash Spawn, speak to the man being attacked and he’ll reveal himself to be Captain Veleth . He’s actually invincible, so don’t worry if you’ve seen him being attacked before, he can’t die.

Speak to Captain Veleth

Speak with the Captain and he’ll unlock the next part of the mission. You need to find our why his troops have dissapeared, so go to the body of the fallen Dunmer Guard (as noted above) and search his corpse for a note titled ‘Declaration of War’ . Take this back to the Captain to complete this objective nice and quickly.

Kill General Falx Carius

You’ll need to to to the South end of the map and just up north from the beach is Fort Frostmoth . You’ll need to be really cautious when approaching the Fort as there’s a number of very lethal Ash Spawn luriking around the nearby tower and beach who’ll rush you down if you don’t pick them off first (some of which will use long-range destruction magic on you, and that hurts… alot).

Once you’ve picked off all the Ash Spawn leading into the Fort, hunt for the door that can be opened without a key. Constantly be on your lookout now to react to the numerous Ash Spawn threats you’re going to encounter inside the Fort.

There’ an East Empire Trading Company chest in here too with one of the pendants required for a seperate side-quest (but you’ll need really good lock picking skills or simply save by the lock and reload your save as needed).

Once you reach the fork in the path, head right (as the left path just leads to minor loot and a few more Ash Spawn to deal with). Press on until you reach the room with the multiple doors, head to the one covered in the spider’s web first and hack the web to get through the door.

if you have a pickaxe on you then you can mine for precious minerals in here (once you’ve taken care of the multiple Albino Spiders ). A bit further up you should come across a Master-level locked door. Save in front of it and keep going until you crack it as there’s quite a bit of useful potions etc tucked away in here.

Soon you’ll enter a room with coffins in it, so approach the coffin in the center of the room and loot it for the Fort Frostmoth Key . This unlocks a nearby door which leads to your target; General Carius .

He’s wielding a rather powerful hammer so you need to approach the fight with caution (and he’s accompanied by three Ash Spawns as well)! If you’re going in for close-range combat, then if you’ve at a decent level blocking can help with a swift counter to his face. Use the scenery to recharge health if you need to back out of the fight at any time. Once they’re all dead, loot everything in the room before heading back to speak to Captain Veleth .

Return to Captain Veleth

Fast travel back to Raven Rock and have a look around the main square for the Captain. Speak to him and you’ll recieve an amount of gold that depends on your current in-game level.

**Level** **Amount of Gold**
1-29 1500
30-39 2500
40-49 5000
50-59 7500
60+ 10000

You can speak to the Captain again for another side mission ‘Locate the Raven Rock Stash’ (if you’re up for it).

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